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February 11 - 15, 2009

2-15 - Mackinaw Back in Cheboygan - Danny Hecko
1-Mackinaw.jpg (85477 bytes)
Mackinaw Back in Cheboygan
2-Mackinaw-Champion.jpg (96561 bytes)
Mackinaw and tug Champion
3-Mackinaw--Durocher.jpg (118401 bytes)
Mackinaw and Durocher tugs

2-14 - Cuyahoga unloading salt at Morton facility on the Rouge River -
Ron Piskor
1-wyom-2-12-09-rp.jpg (136574 bytes)
G Tug Wyoming shoves against the Cuyahoga's port side to position it for unloading.
2-cuy-2-12-09-rp.jpg (86411 bytes)
Cuyahoga swings out its boom while holding position in front of the Fort Street drawbridge.
3-cuybm-2-12-09-rp.jpg (64344 bytes)
4-cuybm-2-12-09-rp.jpg (82558 bytes)
Unloading with Morton's famous logo in the background, when it rains it pours
5-cuy-12-09-rp.jpg (57954 bytes)
Unloading starboard view.
6-cuy-2-12-09-rp.jpg (64652 bytes)
Bow view.
7-cuy-2-12-09-rp.jpg (66662 bytes)
Bow view off the Fort Street bridge.

2-14 - Hollyhock Escorts the Everlast downbound past St. Clair, Mich. -
Daniel Vernier
HOLLYHOCK-1.jpg (74914 bytes) NORMAN-McLEOD-1.jpg (55266 bytes)      

2-14 - Historical Perspective - Mancox and Manzzutti at Soo 1968 -
Don Boone
Mancox---Manzzutti-at-Soo--.jpg (43147 bytes)        

2-13 - Historical Perspective -
Brent Michaels & Jon Paul Michaels- The 381 foot 4671 ton Steamer Ralph Budd owned by the Great Lakes Transit Co. of Buffalo, NY departed Duluth on the night of May 14, 1929 loaded with a mixed cargo of grain, flour, shingles, and refrigerated goods. Under the command of Capt Dugland McLoud of Buffalo the Ralph Budd encountered a fierce spring storm off Keweenaw Point and at about 10:30 p.m. on May 15th grounded on Saltese Point near Eagle Harbor. The crew of 31 were rescued by the Eagle Harbor Coast Guard the next day. The ship was finally salvaged by Tom Reid of Sarnia Ontario, rebuilt as a bulk freighter and continued to sail for Upper Lakes until the end of the 1963 season as L. A. Mc Corquodale. An interesting side note is that the Ralph Budd was/ is referred to as the Butter Boat Wreck due to the vast amount of butter that floated ashore.
1.ralphbudd-05-16-29-jpm-a.jpg (34079 bytes) 2.ralphbudd-05-19-29-jpm-b.jpg (36777 bytes) 3.ralphbudd-05-16-29-jpm-c.jpg (46373 bytes) 4.ralphbudd-05-16-29-jpm-d.jpg (35738 bytes) 5.ralphbudd-05-16-29-jpm-e.jpg (34497 bytes)

2-12 - Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay conducts ice breaking operations along the Grand River -
USCG, Petty Officer Third Class Jacob Haslem
neahbayb-2-11-09-uscg.jpg (76396 bytes) neahbay-2-11-09-uscg.jpg (80820 bytes) neahbay-d2-11-09-uscg.jpg (76716 bytes) neahbayc-2-11-09-uscg.jpg (69866 bytes) Video of the Neah Bay
in action

2-12 - Historical Perspective - Agawa helped across Collingwood Harbor to Shipyard Drydock, February 1929 -
Don Boone
Agawa-Feb.-1929-Cwood-harbo.jpg (60146 bytes)        

2-12 - Historical Perspective - Pictures from a Dutch book. -
Chris Rombouts
Lemoyne-cr.jpg (132627 bytes)
Lemoyne in Welland Canal From a Dutch book that was probably meant for Dutch immigrants that went to Canada.
QuebecBridge-cr.jpg (109163 bytes)

2-11 - Montreal Lay-up in January -
Laurent Coté
1-Halifax-12-01-09-LC.jpg.jpg (80870 bytes)
Halifax in Old-Port
2-Halifax-12-01-09-LC.jpg.jpg (132343 bytes)
Halifax stern
3-Spirit-12-01-09-LC.jpg.jpg (91348 bytes)
McLeary's Sprit to the right of Halifax
4-Birchglen-12-01-09-LC.jpg.jpg (80906 bytes)
5-Birchglen-12-01-09-LC.jpg.jpg (82531 bytes)
6-Birchglen-12-01-09-LC.jpg.jpg (106286 bytes) 8-Halifax-12-01-09-LC.jpg.jpg (143024 bytes)
Halifax bow
9-Spirit-Birch-12-01-09-LC..jpg (96594 bytes)
McLeary's spirit and Birchglen (118974 bytes)
Tim S. Dool and Algoisle
11-Isle-12-01-09-LC.jpg.jpg (129747 bytes)
12-Dool-12-01-09-LC.jpg.jpg (115230 bytes) 13-Halif-Birch-12-01-09-LC..jpg (137164 bytes)
Halifax and Birchglen (203879 bytes)
Dool and Isle together (179391 bytes)
Halifax's unloader taken from 5' away in Old-Montreal
17-Dool-12-01-09-LC.jpg.jpg (110387 bytes)
Tim S. Dool
19-BirchSpirit-12-01-09-LC..jpg (125837 bytes)
Bow of Birchglen and stern of Spirit

2-11 - Mackinaw upbound at St. Clair, Mich. Feb. 2 -
Daniel Vernier
MACKINAW6.jpg (83478 bytes)        

2-11 - Historical Perspective - Lay-up at Midland, Ont. -
Viktor Kaczkowski
2-Manitoba-12-26-83-vk.jpg (50477 bytes)
Lake Manitoba and A. S. Glossbrenner wintering at Tiffin. Dec. 31, 1983
4-scottmisener-08-00-82-vk.jpg (33023 bytes)
Scott Misener (3) at Tiffin elevator Aug. 24,1982.
3-Meldrum-12-24-82-vk.jpg (35259 bytes)
Meldrum Bay the only ship wintering at Tiffin over the 1982-1983 winter. Dec. 24, 1982
5-senator-05-00-84-vk.jpg (31773 bytes)
Senator of Canada at the CSL elevator May 19, 1984.

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