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February 16 - 20, 2009

2-20 - Edward L Ryerson upbound approaching the Soo Locks, August 2008 - Dean DeVuono
Edward-L-Ryerson-1.jpg (95226 bytes) Edward-L-Ryerson-2.jpg (113955 bytes) Edward-L-Ryerson-3.jpg (85211 bytes) Edward-L-Ryerson-4.jpg (112489 bytes) Edward-L-Ryerson-5.jpg (103772 bytes)
Edward-L-Ryerson-6.jpg (111316 bytes) Edward-L-Ryerson-7.jpg (146810 bytes) Edward-L-Ryerson-8.jpg (89718 bytes)    

2-20 - Historical Perspective -
Don Boone
kingston.jpg (64387 bytes)
 Fitout 1966 in Kingston Ont. From Left Grainmotor,  Battleford, Glenelg and Midland Prince (Where picture was taken from)

2-19 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone
germanic-after-fire-1917.jpg (95456 bytes)
The loss of Germanic by fire March 30, 1917
2-18 - Samuel Risley escorting Algoeast across Lake St. Clair - Ron Piskor
1-risale-2-17-09-rp.jpg (55918 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley leads Algoeast  through ice covered Lake St. Clair.
2-ris-2-17-09-rp.jpg (56619 bytes)
Risley enters the mouth of the Detroit River.
3-ale-2-17-09-rp.jpg (54691 bytes)
Algoeast exits the lake ice and follows the Risley down river.


2-18 - Montreal Lay-up
- Kent Malo
ThreeCSL02-17-09-km.jpg (87736 bytes)
Three former FedNav vessels waiting for a name change under the CSL flag, seen here at Sec 56 South.
Canadianprospectoer2-17-09-.jpg (91854 bytes)
Canadian Prospector in Winter lay-up section 28 Port of Montreal.
GordonCLeitch2-17-09-km.jpg (126277 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch having work done over the Winter Layup at sec M 3, Bickerdike basin.

2-18 - Historical Perspective -
Don Boone
Germanic-1902.jpg (91989 bytes)
S.S. Germanic 1902

2-17 - Erie Lay-up - Feb. 12 - Brian Peterson
2-Blough-2-12-09-bp.jpg (75534 bytes)
Security Notice
3-Blough-2-12-09-bp.jpg (132187 bytes)
Roger Blough
1-Blough-2-12-09-bp.jpg (78172 bytes) 4-John-2-12-09-bp.jpg (81276 bytes)
J.S. St.John

2-17 - New Canfornav vessel Brant Sorel-Tracy -
René Beauchamp
Brant-020209RBMTL.jpg (73732 bytes)
On her maiden trip at section 19 on February 2 unloading some steel products. From there, she went up the river to Montreal to unload the rest of the cargo,  then proceeded to section 54 to load grain.
Brant is a sister to Blacky which transited the Seaway last year.



2-17 - Historical Perspective -
Don Boone
germanic-1899...jpg (49542 bytes)
S.S. Germanic 1899.  The last wooden boat built at Collingwood Shipyards.

2-16 - Cuyahoga’s last delivery for the season - Ron Piskor
1-cuy-2-15-09-rp.jpg (105966 bytes)
Looking up the starboard mooring line.
2-cuy-2-15-09-rp.jpg (198290 bytes)
With unloading boom still swung, the Cuyahoga has just completed its cargo delivery of the season.
3-cuy-2-15-09-rp.jpg (83748 bytes)
The last cargo was salt to Morton's on the Rouge River.
4-cuy-2-15-09-rp.jpg (78182 bytes)
The crew has just lowered the maintenance boat in preparation to cast off.
5-mboat-2-15-09-rp.jpg (103797 bytes)
The Cuyahoga's maintenance boat.
6-cuy-2-15-09-rp.jpg (141718 bytes)
Backing out the Rouge River.
7-cuycr-2-15-09-rp.jpg (80219 bytes)
A crew member calls out port clearances over the radio while negotiating the tight confines of the Short-Cut drawbridge.
8-cuysc-2-15-09-rp.jpg (122996 bytes)
The bow clears the Short-Cut.
9-cuy-2-15-09-rp.jpg (83519 bytes)
Cuyahoga at anchorage above Fighting Island awaiting an icebreaker escort to Sarnia for lay-up and the end of a long season.

2-16 - Sturgeon Bay, Wisc. Lay-up -
Lee Rowe
SBLayUpLR02140902.jpg (57231 bytes) SBLayUpLR02140931.jpg (71523 bytes) SBLayUpLR02140904.jpg (73713 bytes)    

2-16 - Former Fednav vessels now owned by CSL. Lake Ontario has been renamed Oakglen -
René Beauchamp
PortdeMtl140209(C)RBMTL.jpg (84340 bytes) PortdeMtl140209(A)RBMTL.jpg (67485 bytes) PortdeMtl140209(B)RBMTL.jpg (81759 bytes)    

2-116- Port McNicoll elevator September, 2007 -
Viktor Kaczkowski
1-PtMcNicoll-09-01-07-vk.jpg (114099 bytes)        

2-11 - Historical Perspective - The L.A. McCorquedale, back in service after her sinking as the Ralph Budd, as shown last week. -
Marc Vander Meulen
LA_McCorquedale_Meier.jpg (67309 bytes)
Date, location and photographer unknown. Slide from the Skip Meier collection.

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