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February 21 - 25, 2009

2-25 - Toledo Lay-up
4AValor,HLWhite-2-23-09-bv.jpg (92167 bytes)
American Valor and H Lee White

5-HLWhite,AValor,2-23-09-bv.jpg (53101 bytes)
H Lee White and American Valor bows
3-ACourage,A3-ACourage,AInt.jpg (94612 bytes)
American Courage and American Integrity
2-lakeerienessie,2-18-09-bv.jpg (64150 bytes)
In the early morning Lake Erie Nessie was spotted by the coal dock in Toledo
1-lakeerienessie,2-18-09-bv.jpg (139988 bytes)
Lake Erie Nessie swimming  among the drift wood.

2-25 - Barge Great Lakes and tug Michigan in Traverse City -
Dan Hecko
2-GreatLakesMichigan.jpg (45172 bytes) 1-GreatLakesMichigan.jpg (74128 bytes)      

2-25 - Old pictures of the Welland Canal - 1942 -
Al Howard
Homer-bridge-1942.jpg (53878 bytes)
Homer bridge
Guard-gate-1942.jpg (109760 bytes)
Guard gate
Lock-4---1942.jpg (97598 bytes)
Lock 4
Main-St.-bridge-in-Welland-.jpg (71831 bytes)
Main St. Bridge in Welland
Gleneagles-enters-lock-4---.jpg (182188 bytes)
Gleneagles enters Lock 4
Gleneagles-raised-in-lock-4.jpg (105967 bytes)
Gleneagles raised in Lock 4
Lock-7---1942.jpg (90155 bytes)
Lock 7

2-24 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone
gleneagles-collision-2.jpg (55069 bytes)
Gleneagles after being rear ended. If you know the details of this accident please post to the Search board.

2-23 - Algosea in the Scotiadock II floating drydock at Halifax shipyard, sporting her new paint job -
Mac Mackay
1-algosea-2-23-09-mm.jpg (97908 bytes)
The drydock is the former General Georges P. Vanier, built by Canadian Vickers in 1964 and purchased by Halifax Shipyards in 1998. It arrived in Halifax in tow of Atlantic Cedar (now Reliance) and Atlantic Oak (i)

2-23 - Search & Rescue off Belle Isle Sunday afternoon -
Adrian Platts
1-Rescue-2-22-09-AP.jpg (29688 bytes)
Detroit CG rescue helicopter drops a marker into the Detroit River over where the truck is located.
2-Rescue-2-22-09-AP.jpg (36829 bytes)
DPD, DFD and specialist teams at the scene
3-Rescue-2-22-09-AP.jpg (31046 bytes)
The CG rescue helicopter stays on station monitoring the truck's position
4-Rescue-2-22-09-AP.jpg (47105 bytes)
A barge with two divers on board heads to the position of the truck to tow it back to shore.

2-23 - Historical Perspective -
Don Boone
John-B.-Richards-Sarnia-194.jpg (112880 bytes)
John B. Richards at Sarnia 1949, loading and unloading same time.

2-22 - Heritage Marine's tug Edward H in Duluth -
Pat Ojard
IMG_6740.jpg (93336 bytes)
The former tug Forney was purchased in October of 2007.
IMG_6757.jpg (111042 bytes)
It was repainted and renamed to honor my Grandfather who worked the Edna G for 35 years.
IMG_6750.jpg (82801 bytes) IMG_3725.jpg (63328 bytes)
The tug is used in Duluth Superior harbor for ship assist and ice breaking operations.
tug300.jpg (11355 bytes)

2-22 - Samuel Risley tied up in Windsor -
Adrian Platts
1-SRisley-2-21-09-AP.jpg (95755 bytes)
Samuel Risley was tied up in Windsor Saturday morning.
2-22 - Historical Perspective - Stanley Niedermeier.
SenecaMackinacIsland6-1954s.jpg (80807 bytes)
Tug Seneca docked at Mackinac Island June, 1954.

2-22 - Historical Perspective -
Don Boone
Edward-Y.-Townsend.jpg (58042 bytes)
Edward Y. Townsend Condemned at Canadian Soo 1967.

2-21 - Lay-up at Great Lakes Maritime Academy - Danny Hecko
1-State.jpg (56355 bytes)
State of Michigan
4-Northwestern.jpg (49687 bytes)
3-Utility.jpg (55696 bytes)
41' Utility Boat
2-Anchor.jpg (53564 bytes)
Anchor Bay

2-21 - Port McNicoll and Vancouver -
Viktor Kaczkowski
1-McKellar-07-00-82-vk.jpg (84104 bytes)
John O. McKellar July 1982 Port McNicoll.
2-Lac-Ste.-Anne-09-00-82-vk.jpg (71497 bytes)
Lac Ste. Anne September 1982 Port McNicoll.
3-John-EF-Misener-04-04-86-.jpg (89861 bytes)
John E. F. Misener April 1986 Port McNicoll having laid up since Dec. 1983, she would never run again.
4-Algocape-02-09-87-vk.jpg (69022 bytes)
Carol Lake/Algocape February 1987 Port McNicoll. Acquired by Algoma in April 1986, over the '86-'87 winter she was renamed and her funnel repainted as seen here.
5-Lake-Winnipeg-10-21-78-vk.jpg (85899 bytes)
Lake Winnipeg October 1978 Port McNicoll laid up during one of the many strikes that plagued the 1970's.
6-Montcliffe-Hall-04-04-86-.jpg (77292 bytes)
Montcliffe Hall April 1986 Port McNicoll
7-George-M-Carl-07-00-82-vk.jpg (87971 bytes)
George M Carl July 1982 Port McNicoll
8-Algocen-12-00-82-vk.jpg (62646 bytes)
Algocen (2) December 1982
9-Atlantic-Erie-05-00-88-vk.jpg (86781 bytes)
Atlantic Erie May 1988 Vancouver an unusual call into Vancouver for repairs to her boom

2-21 - Historical Perspective -
Don Boone
city-of-st.ignace.jpg (65374 bytes)
City of St Ignace at Port Stanley 1926

2-21 - Historical Perspective - Cartiercliffe Hall arriving at Thunder Bay, Ontario after her cabin fire on June 5, 1979
- Tom Stewart
Cartiercliffe_Hall_fire_001.jpg (117617 bytes)
From the Thunder Bay, ON newspaper Chronicle-Journal - June 07, 1979 - J. P. Fraser photo.
Cartiercliffe_Hall_fire_002.jpg (94382 bytes)
Another photo by the C-J photographer J. P. Fraser.
Cartiercliffe_Hall_fire_003.jpg (293056 bytes) Cartiercliffe_Hall_-_rebuil.jpg (107799 bytes)
At the Richardson's Elevator - Thunder Bay, Ontario.   May, 2 1983 - Tom Stewart.
Cartiercliffe_Hall_-_origin.jpg (73578 bytes)
July 9, 1978 J. Heintz photo from the Jimmy Sprunt Collection.

2-21 - S.S. United States in Philadelphia
United-States-2005.jpg (31690 bytes)        

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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