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February  27- 28, 2009

2-28 - Sault Ste. Marie Lay-Up Scenes - Alex and Max Mager
3-EMFord-2-28-09-AM.jpg (83292 bytes)
E.M. Ford in Sault Ste. Marie, ON
5-EMFord-2-28-09-AM.jpg (76208 bytes)
Another view
4-EMFord-2-28-09-AM.jpg (203815 bytes)
Bow close-up
2-EMFord-2-28-09-AM.jpg (129462 bytes) 1-Yank-2-28-09-AM.jpg (54744 bytes)

2-28 - Layup at Escanaba, Mich. 
- Feb 27 - Danny Hecko
1-Joseph-H.-Thompson1.jpg (39379 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson
2-Joseph-H.-Thompson-Jr..jpg (54620 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson Jr.
3-GreatLakesTrader.jpg (131093 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader
4-Joyce-L.-VanEnkevort.jpg (74904 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkevort

2-28 - St. Clair River ferries - February 16 - Tom Hynes
01-Algonac-21609-th.jpg (80679 bytes)
City of Algonac approaches the slip in Algonac.
02-Islander-21609-th.jpg (101281 bytes)
Islander, the Russell Island ferry, hauled out at Sans Souci.
03-Islander-21609-th.jpg (101236 bytes)
Bow view of Islander.
04-tug-21609-th.jpg (102278 bytes)
Tug Canadian Mist at Champion's Auto Ferry dock, Harsens Island.
05-North-21609-th.jpg (111654 bytes)
North Channel deck view, Harsens Island.
06-North-21609-th.jpg (115310 bytes)
North Channel docked at Harsens Island.
07-Middle-21609-th.jpg (106082 bytes)
Middle Channel approaching Harsens Island.
08-Middle-21609-th.jpg (81575 bytes)
Middle Channel approaching mainland.
09-South-2-16-09-th.jpg (82060 bytes)
South Channel undergoing maintenance, Harsens Island.
10-South-21609-th.jpg (82343 bytes)
South Channel hoisted out, Harsens Island.
11-Daldean-21609-th.jpg (77414 bytes)
Daldean approaching Marine City.
12-Daldean-216-09th.jpg (62839 bytes)
Daldean docking at Marine City.
13-Daldean-21609-th.jpg (85310 bytes)
Daldean's pilot house.
14-Daldean-21609-th.jpg (68447 bytes)
Daldean bow or stern view.
15-Daldean-216-09-th.jpg (79571 bytes)
Daldean cabin side.

2-28 - Historical Perspective - Don Geske

2-28 - Historical Perspective -
Don Boone
wellandcanal.jpg (124921 bytes)
Can you ID the ship that is downbound in Lock #4  This card was posted on the 25th but with the downbound ship cut off. How many cards are in this series? If you know the answers please post to the
Search Page.
  steam-engine-that-drove-dry.jpg (71810 bytes)
 Photo of  Steam Engine that drove
the Pump [1901-02] to empty Drydocks at
Collingwood Shipyards  the pump itself
is buried under Shipyard Development.

2-27 - Sturgeon Bay Lay-up -
Chris Mazzella - On Friday 2-20-09 the freshly painted barge Pathfinder was pulled out of the drydock at Bayship building by the tugs Jimmy L. at the stern and John M. Selvick at the bow.
1-PRClarke-2-20-09-cm.jpg (87023 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke
2-Sykes-2-20-09-cm.jpg (77223 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes
3-CMBeeghly-2-20-09-cm.jpg (106644 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly being converted to a diesel.
5-Beeghlyengine-2-20-09-cm.jpg (51885 bytes)
The new engines for the Beeghly?
4-CJCallaway-2-20-09-cm.jpg (145749 bytes)
Stern of the Cason J. Callaway
7-pathfiner-2-20-09-cm.jpg (57801 bytes)
Barge Pathfinder pulled out of dry dock sporting her new paint.
8-Pathfinder-2-20-09-cm.jpg (75076 bytes)
Pathfinder being tied up along side of the Joseph L. Block
6-SBFleet-2-20-09-cm.jpg (38740 bytes)
Sturgeon Bay lay up fleet. Left to right; Barge Pathfinder, American Century, Paul R. Tregurtha, Mesabi Miner, Buffalo, Tug Dorothy Ann, Cason J. Callaway, John Sherwin, Charles M. Beeghly, Arthur M. Anderson, Joseph L. Block, accommodation block of the Sam Laud in front of the Block's boom, Wilfred Sykes hidden by the Anderson, and the Philip R. Clarke.

2-27 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone
Titanic-Casualties.jpg (131771 bytes)
1990 visit to the Fairview Cemetery in Halifax where 121 casualties from Titanic sinking are buried there. More in other Cemeteries in Halifax.

2-26 - Selvick Marine Towing's Carla Anne Selvick - has been laid up at the K&K Warehousing Pear St Warehouse Dock on the Fox River for over a year. - Scott Best
1-CAS-02-24-09-sb.jpg (75095 bytes)
Carla Anne Selvick laid up along the icy Fox River at the K&K Pearl St Dock in Green Bay.

2-26 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone
Imp-London-Soo-river1971.jpg (44728 bytes)
 S.S. Imperial London Soo River 1970's

2-26 - Welland Canal Guard Gate final days -
Al Howard
Guard-gate-final-days.jpg (138064 bytes)
Guard gate final days
Drained-section-looking-tow.jpg (130274 bytes)
Drained section looking toward wharf 6
Drained-section-above-lock-.jpg (78090 bytes)
Drained section above lock 7 at sunset

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