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March 1 - 5 2009

3-5 - Historical Perspectives - Carferry Viking taken at Manitowoc in February 1968 - Dick Sheehy
Viking-2-9-68-rjs.jpg (89487 bytes)
Viking's Mustache

3-4 - Historical Perspectives -
B.F. Affleck Duluth 1985 waiting for scrap - Duane Holsen
bfaffleck.jpg (94996 bytes)        

3-4 - Historical Perspectives -
William G. Mather launch - Don Boone
mather.jpg (91535 bytes)
 Built Ecorse, Mich. 1905.  One of the first Lake boats built with 60 foot beam.

3-3 - Menominee & Marinette Lay-up March 1 - Danny Hecko
1-KK-Fleet.jpg (60046 bytes)
K&K Fleet
2-Donner.jpg (64554 bytes)
William H. Donner

3-3 - Algonova in Toledo Feb. 26-
Bob Vincent
1-Algonova1-26-09-bv.jpg (49928 bytes)
Algonova coming into Toledo by coal dock
2-Algonova1-16-09.jpg (44584 bytes)
Getting a little help from a Great Lakes Tug.

3-3 - Historical Perspectives - Ann Arbor Car Ferry -
John Frankhouse
Pictures-001003.jpg (54037 bytes)
Picture is labeled Green Bay, if you can confirm which carferry this is please post to the Information Search page.

3-2 - Sarnia Lay-up -
Matt Miner
woodcres-2-28-09-mm.jpg (41738 bytes)
Algowood & Peter R. Cresswell in the North Slip
eriemart-2-28-09-mm.jpg (49983 bytes)
Atlantic Erie & Paul J. Martin in the North Slip
waybow-2-28-09-mm.jpg (42797 bytes)
Algoway at the Sydney Smith dock with unloader work
waystern-2-28-09-mm.jpg (52408 bytes) waysar-2-28-09-mm.jpg (43355 bytes)
Algoway & Alogsar at the Sidney Smith dock
cuyerie-2-28-09-mm.jpg (53601 bytes)
Cuyahoga, Paul J. Martin, Atlantic Erie
missojib-2-28-09-mm.jpg (48515 bytes)
Mississagi & Ojibway at the Gov't Dock
griffon-2-28-09-mm.jpg (43813 bytes)
Griffon departing and heading downbound
manitowoc-2-28-09-mm.jpg (44059 bytes)
Manitowoc & Cuyahoga at Cargil
bramble-2-28-09-mm.jpg (57799 bytes)
Bramble at the Seaway Terminal in Port Huron

3-2 - Sturgeon Bay Lay Up -
- Danny Hecko
1-Buffalo-Drydock.jpg (85926 bytes)
Buffalo in Drydock
2-AmCentury-Buffalo.jpg (89320 bytes)
American Century and Buffalo
3-Clarke-Sykes.jpg (106338 bytes)
Onboard the Philip R. Clarke looking at the Wilfred Sykes
4-Block.jpg (68642 bytes)
Pilothouse of the Joseph L. Block
5-View.jpg (142083 bytes)
View of Bay Ship from the Pilothouse of the Joseph L. Block
6-Sykes-Clarke.jpg (104984 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes and Philip R. Clarke from the Joseph L. Block
7-SamLaud.jpg (91953 bytes)
Sam Laud from the deck of the Arthur M. Anderson

3-2 - Federal Leda departing Sorel-Tracy
for Contrecoeur with the help of the tugs André H. and Duga on Sunday. - René Beauchamp
IMG_3959_1.jpg (92850 bytes)        

3-2 - Historical Perspectives - Edward Y. Townsend -
Tom Manse Photos
Townsend-Carbide-Doc31C51C.jpg (74938 bytes)
Tied up at the Carbide Dock in Sault Ste. Marie Nov. 30, 1966 awaiting inspection the day after her sistership Daniel J. Morell sank in Lake Huron. The hull was found to be cracked and she was laid up a few days later in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
TownsendEdward-Scrap31C516.jpg (56440 bytes)
Edward Y. Townsend towed by tug Salvage Monarch through the Rock Cut in September 1968 headed for scrapping in Spain. She sank in the Atlantic Ocean a few weeks later.

3-2 - Historical Perspectives -
Don Boone
Tug Red Crown
- Wade Streeter Collection

Mystery Ship - René Beauchamp
walker.jpg (74688 bytes)
S.S. Perry G. Walker on June 9, 1909 was approaching Canadian lock lower tie up wall below lock gates the Assiniboia was entering the upper gate and the Crescent City was following her into lock to lock down together the Walker got a wrong engine movement and crashed into lower Gates smashing them open. The Assiniboia surged down with a wall of water and Crescent City behind her they brushed past the Walker and  down the river no one was hurt but Crescent City had to go to drydock after  unloading in Conneaut Ohio (Photo is from old postcard)
  Red-Crown.jpg (120789 bytes)
Working in Detroit back in the 1950's
  IMG_1935.jpg (121599 bytes)
If you can identity the ship at Ogdensburg and illustrated on an old postcard. Please answer on the Information Search page.

3-2 - Nindawayma in the Old Port of Montreal, 2007 -
François Auger
Nindawayma07-02-02-009-1.jpg (105329 bytes) Nindawayma07-02-02001-1.jpg (115570 bytes) Nindawayma07-02-02-002-1.jpg (128217 bytes) Nindawayma2007-02-02-003-1.jpg (134833 bytes) Nindawayma07-02-02-004-1.jpg (133459 bytes)

3-2 - Henry Ford II Malcolm McLaren Chief Engineer Photos -
Paul McLaren
Below are photos from my grandfather's time as Chief Engineer on the Henry Ford II. 
Henry-Ford-II.jpg (102293 bytes) Henry-Ford-II-stack.jpg (35556 bytes) Henry-Ford-II-Engine-crew--.jpg (119102 bytes) David-McLaren.jpg (92235 bytes)
David McLaren is his youngest son
David-McLaren-c.jpg (93649 bytes)
EdnaDavid-Malcolm-McLaren.jpg (81828 bytes)
Edna was his wife
JohnDavidMalcolm-McLaren.jpg (54687 bytes)
John was his oldest son
Malcolm-McLaren-b.jpg (64229 bytes)
Malcolm McLaren photo I believe he is in his USCG uniform.  Malcolm was a Lt. in the US Navy during WW I and in the USCG reserve after that. 
Benson-Ford.jpg (90992 bytes)
Benson Ford

3-1 - Historic views of Alabaster loading rig on Lake Huron - Don Geske
Idy-Cards-006.jpg (70854 bytes)
Neil Thornton Photo Post Card, 1940
Idy-Cards-007.jpg (87381 bytes)
Idy-Cards-008.jpg (106794 bytes)
United States Gypsum, 1954

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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