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March 14 - 16, 2009


3-16 - Goderich Season Opener  - Wayne Brown
1-Pride3-15-09wb.jpg (128601 bytes)
Tug Pride clearing the channel
2-Griff-Pride3-15-09wb.jpg (120505 bytes)
Griffon and Pride at harbor entrance.
3-Cdn.Olmyp3-15-09wb.jpg (91267 bytes)
Canadian Olympic arriving under the loader at Sifto.
4-Cdn.Olmyp3-15-09wb.jpg (84064 bytes)  

3-16 - Alpena in Alpena, Mich. 
- Ben & Chanda McClain
Alpena3-15-09-021.jpg (59979 bytes)
Alpena coming in
Alpena3-15-09-023.jpg (45556 bytes)
another view
Alpena3-15-09-028.jpg (49084 bytes)
Alpena3-15-09-029.jpg (56812 bytes)

3-16 - Algoma Central Ships wintering in Owen Sound
- Dave Carr
Algoships-1-15-Mar-09.jpg (72600 bytes)
Algomarine, Algosteel and Agawa Canyon (furthest away) wintering in Owen Sound
Algoships-2-15-Mar-09.jpg (71077 bytes) Algoships-3-15-Mar-09.jpg (70002 bytes) Algomarine-Chi-2-15-Mar-09.jpg (47875 bytes)
Ontario Northland ferry Chi-Cheemaun in Owen Sound, ON  harbor

3-16 - Sarnia Lay-up 
- Danny Hecko
1-Algoway.jpg (76440 bytes)
3-Mississagi-Ojibway.jpg (83683 bytes)
Mississagi and Ojibway
2-Martin-Huron.jpg (89035 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin and Atlantic Huron

3-16 - Aerial views of Sarnia Lay-up 
- Frank Frisk
1-Sarnia-ff-3-14-09.jpg (106197 bytes) 2-Sarnia-ff-3-14-09.jpg (110494 bytes) 3-Sarnia-ff-3-14-09.jpg (101426 bytes) Hollyhock-ff-3-14-09.jpg (93988 bytes)  

3-16 - Paul H. Townsend laid-up in Muskegon
- Herman Phillips
IMG_1362.jpg (73686 bytes)
Paul H, Townsend at the West Michigan Mark Dock.
IMG_1356.jpg (73226 bytes)
Fresh coat of paint.
IMG_0963.jpg (81726 bytes)
How she looked last year.
IMG_1366.jpg (79923 bytes)
Former WWII Landing Ship, Tank vessel. Now a museum.

3-16 - Malcom Marine raising the tug Gotham on Black River
- Frank Switlicki
1-Gotham-3-13-09-fjs.jpg (94138 bytes)
The tug Manitou positioning a barge to begin raising the tug Gotham on the St Clair river, Picture taken from the 10th street bridge.
2-Gotham-3-13-09-fjs.jpg (144526 bytes)
Workers begin pumping water out of the tug Gotham, Picture taken from the Water street boat ramp.
3-Gotham-3-13-09-fjs.jpg (164285 bytes)
The tug Gotham begins to float as the water is pumped out, Picture taken from the Water street boat ramp.
4-Gotham-3-13-09-fjs.jpg (85605 bytes)
The tug Gotham begins to float as the water is pumped out, Picture taken from the Water street boat ramp.
5-Gotham-3-13-09-fjs.jpg (146842 bytes)
With a crane keeping the tug Gotham afloat, a diver gets into the water to inspect hull of the tug. Picture taken from the Water street boat ramp.

3-16 - Historical Perspectives 
- Tom Stewart
Kenora0001.jpg (95350 bytes)
Kenora at the C.N. Sheds Port Arthur, Ontario. Date unknown by Donald S. Lamke
Weyburn0001.jpg (61149 bytes)
Weyburn - at the C. N. Sheds - Date Unknown - Port Arthur, Ontario - Photo by Donald S. Lamke
Stadacona_(2)0001.jpg (56424 bytes)
Stadacona (2) - at the Soo Line Ore Dock - During 1946 - Ashland, Wisconsin - Photo by Donald Jensen
Saguenay_(2)0001.jpg (66440 bytes)
Saguenay (2) - at the Port Arthur Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (PASCOL) during her conversion to a self-unloader - During 1972 - Thunder Bay,Ontario - by Donald S. Lamke
Lethbridge20001.jpg (64925 bytes)
Lethbridge - at the Paterson Elevator - circa 1956 - Fort William, Ontario - Photo by Donald S. Lamke
Quetico0001.jpg (63621 bytes)
Quetico - Date, Location & Photographer Unknown
Metis0001.jpg (88835 bytes)
Metis (as a Motor Vessel) in lay-up at Elevator Bay, Kingston, Ontario. August 06, 1987 -  by Tom Stewart

3-16 - Public Gallery Updated
Kenora0001.jpg (95350 bytes)
New Mystery Ship Gallery in the Shipping Album, the names have been removed, can you ID the freighter?

3-15 - Atlantic Superior in Halifax 
- Mac Mackay
1-AtlanticSuperior-3-14-09-.jpg (73551 bytes)
Atlantic Superior (registered in Nassau, Bahamas) arriving in Halifax to load gypsum, passes the Novadock floating drydock where fleetmate Atlantic Erie is in refit.

3-15 - Mackinaw Icebreaking - Lt. Cmdr. Justin Kimura 
mackinawundermackbrdg3-09.jpg (75901 bytes)
View of the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw's bridge from the forecastle as it passes underneath the Mackinac Bridge in support of operation Spring Breakout.
mackinawb3-09.jpg (58904 bytes) mackinawc3-09.jpg (58038 bytes) mackinawe3-09.jpg (61002 bytes) mackinawd3-09.jpg (59175 bytes)

3-15 - Historical Perspectives  Don Boone
ben-e--tate.-toledo1966..jpg (42216 bytes)
Ben E Tate Heading for Toledo Ohio 1966
be-tate.jpg (51675 bytes)
I was on the Midland Prince, we and Ben E Tate were both heading for Toledo I forget who won.
ben-e-tate-scrapyard-1969.jpg (81409 bytes)
 Ben E. Tate at Scrapyard, Rameys Bend port Colborne.

3-14 - Saginaw River Photos 
Todd Shorkey
1-luedtke-3-13-09-ts-a.jpg (155063 bytes)
Luedtke Dredge Lucille T
2-luedtke-3-13-09-ts-b.jpg (132960 bytes)
Tug Kurt Luedtke and Derrick Boat 16
3-busch-3-13-09-ts-a.jpg (66832 bytes)
Tug Gregory J. Busch and tug Joanne
4-busch-3-13-09-ts-b.jpg (130947 bytes)
Tug Barbara Merry Busch , ex Statesboro
5-marie-3-13-09-ts-a.jpg (110486 bytes)
Tug Jill Marie
6-marie-3-13-09-ts-b.jpg (101174 bytes)
Stern view
7-mohawk-3-13-09-ts.jpg (94581 bytes)
Tug Mohawk
8-arthurj-3-13-09-ts.jpg (94072 bytes)
MCM Dredge Arthur J
9-bcbl-3-13-09-ts.jpg (64567 bytes)
Bay City Boat Lines Islander, West Shore, and Princess Wenonah
10-hiawatha-3-13-09-ts.jpg (81621 bytes)

3-14 - Pictures from Montreal  March 12, 2009 by Michel St-Denis
01-Sedna4-090312msd.jpg (109573 bytes)
The Sedna IV.
02-Sedna4-090312msd.jpg (132544 bytes) 03-Cnd-Prospector-090312msd.jpg (113753 bytes)
The Canadian Prospector
07-McClearys-Spirit-090312m.jpg (98618 bytes)
The McClearys-Spirit
05-Halifax-090312msd.jpg (80083 bytes)
06-Halifax-090312msd.jpg (118029 bytes)
The Halifax (can see her former name: Frankliffe Hall)
04-Halifax-090312msd.jpg (101434 bytes) 08-Birchglen-090312msd.jpg (104585 bytes)
The Birchglen
10-Birchglen-090312msd.jpg (92041 bytes) 11-Birchglen-090312msd.jpg (97738 bytes)

3-14 - Historical Perspectives  Don Boone
maida.jpg (98378 bytes)
Maida at Port Colborne scrap yard Jan.1970. Photo by Dick McCollam

3-14 - Fish Tug -  Gerry O.
A.-A.-Purvis.jpg (141101 bytes)
A. A. Purvis [C.832448] was built in Toledo, OH,  in 1957.  It is listed in the Transport Canada web site with builder unknown, and no previous name. It was registered in Canada in April 2008. Can anyone identify this fish tug and it's builder?
please answer on the
Information Search page.

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