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March 17 - 18, 2009

3-18 - Ludington lay-up - Danny Hecko
2-Pere-Marquette-41.jpg (75368 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41
1-Badger-Spartan.jpg (57454 bytes)
Badger and Spartan


3-18- Historical Perspectives 
- Don Boone
Cwood-Shipyard-1973.jpg (149833 bytes)
Collingwood Shipyards 1973
Cwood-Shipyard-15-03-09.jpg (90234 bytes)
Shipyard site March 2009 starting condos.
3-18 - Rotting Ice - NOAA
3-16-09-1700.jpg (328877 bytes)
March 16, rain, warmer weather and winds have cleared Lake St. Clair and most of Lake Erie
3-15-09-1600.jpg (186668 bytes)
March 15
3-4-09-1600.jpg (362328 bytes)
March 4 note the coverage on the lower lakes and Superior was close to 100% coverage.

3-18 - Public Gallery Updated

3-17 - Goderich Season Opener and Sarnia
- John McCreery
3-Pride-3-15-09-jm.jpg (130226 bytes)
The tug Pride powering away from her dock to resume her ice breaking duty at Goderich.
4-Pride-3-15-09-jm.jpg (81165 bytes)
Running through the over-night freeze with owner Willy on deck.
5-Pride-3-15-09-jm.jpg (129062 bytes)
Breaking ice alongside the salt dock in anticipation of the arrival of Canadian Olympic.
6-Pride-3-15-09-jm.jpg (147031 bytes)
Back to shore.
7-CanOlympic-3-15-09-jm.jpg (110894 bytes)
Canadian Olympic backing in to start a new season with Griffon and Pride in the background.
8-Pride-3-15-09-jm.jpg (86830 bytes)
Pride in the icy harbour.
9-CanOllympic-3-15-09-jm.jpg (87016 bytes)
Olympic safely at the dock Pride headed home.
10-Front-Tad-3-15-09-jm.jpg (88792 bytes)
Frontenac and Tadoussac still steadfast at their lay up berths. Hear that Tadoussac may remain here until May.
1-Griffon-3-14-09-jm.jpg (86424 bytes)
Griffon up at Sarnia bound for Goderich
2-Griffon-3-14-09-jm.jpg (58551 bytes)
Except for shore ice the river is essentially ice free.

3-17 - Mackinaw locks through 
- Capt Charlie Lampman
1-mackinaw-3-16-09-cl.jpg (135303 bytes)
Mackinaw upbound under the bridges.
2-Mackinaw-3-16-09-cl.jpg (126067 bytes)
Approaching our position.
3-Mackinaw-3-16-09-cl.jpg (133893 bytes)
Almost abeam.
4-Mackinaw-3-16-09-cl.jpg (118324 bytes)
Stern shot as she approaches the tie-up wall at S.W. Pier.

3-17 - Mackinaw breaks ice in Whitefish Bay, Mich.
- Petty Officer 3rd Class George Degener
mackinaw3-16-09-uscg1.jpg (102393 bytes) mackinaw3-16-09-uscg.jpg (106793 bytes) mackinaw3-16-09-uscg3.jpg (55419 bytes) mackinaw3-16-09-uscg-2.jpg (84418 bytes)  

3-17 - Escanaba Opener 
- Dick Lund
01-GLT-03-16-09-dl.jpg (70738 bytes)
 Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. VanEnkevort loading taconite pellets at the Ore Dock.
02-GLT-03-16-09-dl.jpg (72394 bytes)
03-JHT-03-16-09-dl.jpg (80837 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson/Joseph H. Thompson, Jr. still in lay-up at C. Reiss (north) dock.

3-17 - Mapleglen, ex Lake Michigan in Montreal
- René Beauchamp
Mapleglen-120309RBMTL.jpg (90744 bytes)
Note original name Federal Maas welded under the current name Mapleglen. Note also the name plate with the previous name Lake Michigan.

3-17 - Tug Michigan and barge Great Lakes  arrive in Traverse City Mich.
- Elliot Salyer and Danny Hecko
1-GreatLakes.jpg (48703 bytes) 2-GreatLakes.jpg (44783 bytes) 3-GreatLakes.jpg (150336 bytes) 4-GreatLakes.jpg (46816 bytes)  

3-17- Historical Perspectives 
- Ray Hillary Series of photos taken on the St Clair River at the southern tip of Stag Island in 1971.
1-beeghly-1971-rch.jpg (94363 bytes)
Charles Beeghly August 1971
2-Dyks-Mise-1971-rch.jpg (64070 bytes)
John Dykstra and Ralph Misener. August 1971
3-Dyks-Mise-1971-rch.jpg (42444 bytes) 4-JBoland-1971-rch.jpg (68749 bytes)
John J Boland
5-Jodery-1971-rch.jpg (93827 bytes)
Roy A  Jodrey - Sept 1971.  Cunningham's Fisherman's Wharf  now the River Crab is behind the Roy Jodery self unloader.              

3-17- Historical Perspectives 
- Ron Beaupre

3-17- Historical Perspectives 
- Don Boone
1-emford-rb.jpg (127962 bytes)
Presque Isle likely taken during the Houghton blockade of Sept. 1899. She is now E M Ford.
  paisley.jpg (127391 bytes)
Robert J. Paisley F.W.E. Sarnia Ont. 1967

3-17- South Shore launch anniversary
- Sean Whelan

Moored at the base of Navy Pier in Odgen Slip, the M/V South Shore celebrates her 64th birthday March 17. Now owned by Shoreline Cruises, she is in long term lay-up and serving as a storage vessel for the many vessels operated by the company. Built for the Miller Boat Line of Middle Bass Island Ohio, she carried 6 cars and 270 passengers. In 1973, she was sold to America's "Emerald Isle" and made the 32 mile trip, along with her new sister, the "Beaver Islander", countless times. When the new Emerald Isle II was delivered, she made her final run on Labor Day of 1997. Having been launched on Saint Patrick's Day 1945, good luck will continue to follow her as she continues a well deserved retirement.

1-SouthShore-3-16-07-sw.jpg (25128 bytes)
The South Shore awaits another trip while being the first ferry to  use the new ramp on the renovated Charlevoix dock. (Sean Whelan)
2-SouthShore-3-17-07-sw.jpg (63463 bytes)
Enroute to Middle Bass Island in her first year of operation. Her removable bridge to the forward deck was not added until 1946. (William Market)
3-SouthShore-3-17-09-jk.jpg (38094 bytes)
Resting comfortably in Chicago. (Justin Krimes)
4-SouthShore-3-17-09-jk.jpg (46066 bytes)
The Shoreline vessels "Marilyn" and "Voyageur" are rafted from her. The "Voyageur" is formerly also a former carferry from Washington Island Wisconsin. (Justin Krimes)
StPaddysParade189.jpg (33743 bytes)
Although somewhat hidden, the Beaver Island Boat Company stack logo, the shamrock, remains on her funnel. (Justin Krimes)

3-17 - Public Gallery Updated
Kenora0001.jpg (95350 bytes)        

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