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March 19 - 21 , 2009

3-21 - Montreal, Qc. - Kent Malo
Sauniere03-20-09-km-b.jpg (137167 bytes)
Sauniere at shed 3 Port of Montreal allegedly going to India for scrapping, rafted to the Algoisle and Tim S Dool.
Sauniere03-20-09-km.jpg (93565 bytes)      

3-21 - Wintery scenes - Port of Montreal
- Rene Beauchamp
(1)PortdeMtl-120309(A)RBMTL.jpg (90172 bytes)
Sauniere wintering since March 2nd and rafted to Algoisle. The other laker is Tim S. Dool.
(2)PortdeMtl120309(B)RBMTL.jpg (66637 bytes)
Cedarglen at the Mark Drouin pier and the Maltese flag, Polish owned ro-ro vessel Zeran at section B1 waiting for cargo since March 3 Her ETD is April 25, destination not disclosed.

3-21 - Ice conditions off Buffalo Harbor  
- Brian W.
1-Lake-Erie-Ice-3-20-2009-B.jpg (115646 bytes)
This view is from the 26th floor atop Buffalo City Hall looking West showing the heavy lake ice stretching as far as the eye can see. Familiar landmarks in this shot include the observation tower at the Erie Basin and the Buffalo Main Light at the Coast Guard Base.
2-Lake-Erie-Ice-3-20-2009-B.jpg (114097 bytes)
This shot looks to the South West showing the Outer Harbor and Buffalo River to be clear of ice, while just on the other side of the breakwall, thick pressure ridges and heavy windrowed ice can be seen.
3-Lake-Erie-Ice-3-20-2009-B.jpg (78919 bytes)
Here we see a telephoto view of the South Entrance looking down towards the Bethlehem Slip in Lackawanna and the windmills near the Gateway Terminal.


3-21- Historical Perspectives 
- Don Boone

liquidlassie.jpg (75494 bytes)
Liquilassie under way
         circa. 1965?   

3-20 - Escanaba, Mich.
- Lee Rowe
JLBlockLR03190907.jpg (84575 bytes)
Joseph L Block at the dock.
GLTraderLR03190906.jpg (60218 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader/Joyce VanEnkevort arriving.
BlockTraderLR03190902.jpg (51493 bytes)
Block meeting the Great Lakes Trader/Joyce VanEnkevort
JLBlockLR03190915.jpg (45988 bytes)
Block departing past the harbor light.
AmMarinerLR03190907.jpg (72184 bytes)
American Mariner arriving.
AmMarinerLR03190913.jpg (57491 bytes)
Passing a fishing shanty
AmMarinerLR03190928.jpg (39858 bytes)
Passing the Harbor Light
BargeEskyLR031909.jpg (90101 bytes)
Barge 102 between the ore dock and the boat yard.

3-20 - Goderich, Ont.
- Dale Baechler
1-Can.-Olympic-3-19-09-db.jpg (103562 bytes)
Canadian Olympic at Sifto Salt
2-CCG-helicopter-on-beach-3.jpg (110821 bytes)
CCG helicopter on the Main Beach
3-Samuel-Risley-3-19-09-db.jpg (30035 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley with helicopter on the breakwall
4-Can.-Olympic-3-19-09-db.jpg (71099 bytes)
Olympic leaving, Risley leading.

3-20- Historical Perspectives 
- Don Boone

constitution-at-fairport-19.jpg (16268 bytes)
Barge Constitution Tied up Fairport, Ohio - 1966

3-20 - Public Gallery Updated

3-19 - Port Colborne lay-up - Jim Winsor
1-jnorris-3-14-09-jw.jpg (105506 bytes)
James Norris
2-jnorris-3-14-09-jw.jpg (101662 bytes)
Stern view
4-ctransport-3-14-09-jw.jpg (88155 bytes)
Canadian Transport
3-ctransport-3-14-09-jw.jpg (69343 bytes)
Stern view
5-csllauretien-3-14-09-jw.jpg (107790 bytes)
CSL Lauretien
7-csllauretien-3-14-09-jw.jpg (96453 bytes)
Stern view
8-csllaurentien-3-14-09-jw.jpg (89664 bytes)
CSL Lauretien cort nozzel
13-csllauretien-3-14-09-jw.jpg (94676 bytes) 11-cslassiniboine-3-14-09-j.jpg (110539 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine
14-cslassinibione-3-14-09-j.jpg (94114 bytes)
12-jbaird-3-14-09-jw.jpg (75655 bytes)
John B. Aird
10-colympic-3-14-09-jw.jpg (73311 bytes)
Canadian Olympic
9-calumet-3-14-09-jw.jpg (77167 bytes)
Calumet scrapping

3-19 - Sturgeon Bay
- Scott Best
1-jlb-03-18-09-sb.jpg (96777 bytes)
Joe Block heads out the Sturgeon Bay ship canal.
2-johnselvick-03-18-09-sb.jpg (117773 bytes)
The John M Selvick follows the block down the ship canal.
3-jlb-03-18-09-sb.jpg (69527 bytes)
Stern view of the tight quarters in the ship canal (Note dog watching from the shore)
4-jlb-03-18-09-sb.jpg (83785 bytes)
Block clears the ship canal past the lighthouse onto Lake MI.
5-acentury-03-18-09-sb.jpg (114832 bytes)
Stern close up of American Century freshly painted.
6-acentury-03-18-09-sb.jpg (116391 bytes)
Full view in the graving dock.
7-acentury-03-18-09-sb.jpg (79760 bytes)
View from across the channel.

3-19 - Lake St. Clair
- USCG Hollyhock

canadianolympic.jpg (69745 bytes)
Canadian Olympic passing on Monday as the crew was commissioning LSC buoy 24

3-19 - Sorel-Tracy and Montreal
- René Beauchamp

Sorel-Tracy-Port-100309RBMT.jpg (83733 bytes)
Kathryn Spirit at Sorel-Tracy on March 10. Three days later, she departed her wintering dock for Newfoundland to load cargo destined to Montreal. In the backgound at left is the general cargo ship Transhawk loading steel plates.
Oakglen0309RBMTL.jpg (94308 bytes)
Two images of Oakglen, ex Lake Ontario taken on March 12 in Montreal.
OakglenexLkOntario309RBMTL.jpg (88900 bytes)
Note the nameboard not changed yet at that time. Not renamed yet, except in documents, are sister ships Lake Erie and Lake Superior. Both have Majuro painted on the stern. To be renamed Richelieu and Saguenay respectively.

3-19- Historical Perspectives 
- Don Boone

helen-hindman-1967.jpg (69307 bytes)
Helen Hindman and Barge Swederope Upbound at Detour 1967.
swederope-1967.jpg (62087 bytes)      

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