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March 23 - 24 , 2009

3-24  - Sarnia Lay-up - John McCreery
1-Smokestacks-3-14-09-jm.jpg (119175 bytes)
2-JoshII-3-14-09-jm.jpg (108848 bytes)
Josh II
3-Menasha-3-14-09-jm.jpg (73531 bytes)
Night view of Menasha, Mississagi and Ojibway
4-Miss-Ojib-3-14-09-jm.jpg (56197 bytes)
Mississagi and Ojibway
5-Evalina-Menasha-3-14-09-j.jpg (70415 bytes)
Evalina and Menasha
6-Algoway-3-15-09-jm.jpg (135328 bytes)
7-Sandramary-CarlM-3-15-09-.jpg (128885 bytes)
Tugs Sandra Mary and Carl M
8-Algowood-Cresswell-3-15-0.jpg (127091 bytes)
Stern view of Algowood and Peter R Cresswell in the north slip

3-24  - St. Patrick's Day on the Cuyahoga River
- Al Leonard
glt-3-17-09-al.jpg (143453 bytes)
Great Lakes Towing Fleet in Cleveland
handy-3-17-09-al.jpg (89615 bytes)
Great Lakes Towing's new tug Handy One
handyone-3-17-09-al.jpg (96243 bytes)
Undergoing prop replacement
jfrancis-3-17-09-al.jpg (75708 bytes)
George Gradel Company tug John Francis assisting Great Lakes Construction crews at the Cargill Dock
ggc-03-17-09-al.jpg (93783 bytes)
George Gradel Company dredging the Cargill Salt Dock in preparation for the start of shipping

3-24  - South Chicago March 22 - Tom Milton
Champlain-Innovation-3-22-0.jpg (56492 bytes)
Champlain-Innovation was stopped under the Chicago Skyway bridge Sunday evening. A barge had come adrift from a dock and was sideways in the Calumet River blocking the ship's progress.

3-24  - Toronto
- Gerry O.
1---Shipsands-3-20-09---go.jpg (94594 bytes)
Shipsands out for the first time.
2---William---3-20-09---go.jpg (175371 bytes)
Tug William at work.
3--Bermingham-3-20-09---go.jpg (131478 bytes)
Bermingham Construction Co. equipment at John Street slip.
4---Diver-III-&-barge-Y-&-F.jpg (187692 bytes)
Diver III (behind the barge Y & F No. 1.)

3-24  - Canadian Provider engine room October 2008
- John Lander
cndproviderenroom-(1).jpg (130116 bytes)
High & low pressure steam turbines. (looking forward from stern)
cndproviderenroom-(2).jpg (124816 bytes)
Control panel which has the throttle valves.
cndproviderenroom.jpg (60657 bytes)
Steam turbines looking aft.

3-24  - Historical Perspectives - July 1978 sailing beside the Huron Cut in southern Lake Huron - Ray Hillary
1-ConsPow-07-78-rch.jpg (49720 bytes)
Consumers Power
3-gsloan-07-78-rch.jpg (69538 bytes)
George Sloan
4-sloa-bol-07-78-rch.jpg (59386 bytes)
Sloan and Boland
2-gsloan-07-78-rch.jpg (63554 bytes)  

3-24  - Historical Perspectives
- between 1975 and 1984 at what is now Cathcart Park, along the Canadian side of the St. Clair River. Dave Noordhoff
1-Pontiac-75-84-dn.jpg (90979 bytes)
Pontiac (Cleveland-Cliffs)
2-Simcoe-75-84-dn.jpg (101541 bytes)
Simcoe (Canadian Steamship Lines)
3-HallCo-75-84-dn.jpg (79855 bytes)
Hall Corporation freighter
4-WCFord-75-84-dn.jpg (107769 bytes)
William Clay Ford (Ford Motor Company)
5-CanCentury-75-84-dn.jpg (119830 bytes)
Canadian Century (Upper Lakes Shipping)
1-SeawayTrader-79-84-dn.jpg (60538 bytes)
Seaway Trader
2-Glenada-79-84-dn.jpg (53448 bytes)
4-ASLships-79-84-dn.jpg (78546 bytes)
Two unknown Algoma Central Steamship Lines vessels, with a third unidentified vessel behind
3-Algoway-79-84-dn.jpg (69443 bytes)

3-24  - Historical Perspectives -
March 27, 1988 - Whitefish Bay. - Capt. A. Gindroz
1-ALGOGULF-27-03-88-AMG.jpg (88493 bytes)
Algogulf stuck hard in the ice awaiting ice breaker assistance.
2-MACKINAW-27-03-88-AMG.jpg (75533 bytes)
Here comes the "Mighy Mac".
3-MACKINAW-27-03-88-AMG.jpg (81868 bytes)
Mackinaw was always a welcome and formidable sight.
4-MACKINAW-27-03-88-AMG.jpg (85283 bytes)
Coming close alongside to relieve the ice pressure.
5-MACKINAW-27-03-88-AMG.jpg (78093 bytes)
Full power at the business end. Within a few minutes we were freed and underway.

3-24  - Historical Perspective
- Don Boone
oakglen-from-arr.-chicheema.jpg (63572 bytes)
Oakglen in Owen Sound Spring 1999 photo taken from Chi Chicheeman  arriving from 25th anniversary trip to Collingwood.

3-24 - Public Gallery Updated

3-23  - Toronto
- Gerry O.
1-SBR-3-20-09-go.jpg (56737 bytes)
  Stephen B. Roman returning to port on first trip.
2--Kenteau-3-20-09-go.jpg (101998 bytes)
Kenteau and the salvage fleet
3-Patricia-D.-3-20-09-go.jpg (128890 bytes)
Patricia D. 1 with the M. R. Kane and Rock Prince.
4-Almost-afloat.-3-2-09-go.jpg (160535 bytes)
Derelict sailboat almost afloat
5-Afloat.-3-20-09-go.jpg (128163 bytes)
Derelict afloat.

3-23  - Montreal
- René Beauchamp

3-23  - Owen Sound 
- Bonnie Van Horne
(1)-PortdeMtl-200309(A)RBMT.jpg (49598 bytes)
 Nanticoke in Montreal on March 20 and being refitted to carry salt. Lots of equipment alongside. On "paper", she was renamed Salarium but her new name was not painted on yet. In the background, Algoma Spirit unloading sugar at Sutherland Pier. (2) 
(2)PortdeMtl-200309(B)RBMTL.jpg (60258 bytes)
Closer view
of Algoma Spirit.
  DSCF0894.jpg (84077 bytes) DSCF0895.jpg (61535 bytes)

3-23  - Spring refits at Halifax
- Mac Mackay

3-23  - Mackinaw - Dan Harris
1-Aerie-3-21-09-mm.jpg (68928 bytes)
 Atlantic Erie in the Novadock and Algoscotia in the Scotiadock II at Halifax shipyard. Both are sporting new paint jobs.
2-aerie-3-21-09-mm.jpg (164454 bytes)
Atlantic Erie's new draft marks should ensure super accurate loading once she returns to service.
  SD530191.jpg (80291 bytes)
 Mackinaw after locking up at the Soo March 16.
SD530203.jpg (91593 bytes)

3-23  - Spring break out  aboard Mackinaw
3368816368_f446d68b98_b.jpg (109675 bytes)
 Mackinaw transits Soo locks to begin Spring Breakout
3368815012_3839d12b1c_b.jpg (54284 bytes) 3368819560_ffc0b2a454_b.jpg (81784 bytes)
Crewmen the take a well-earned break astern while underway aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw amid Spring Breakout operations near Whitefish Point in Lake Superior.
3367993657_9fdbc5a900_b.jpg (97997 bytes)
 Electrician's Mates First Class Erik Johnson (left) and Robert Bythewood perform maintenance on an aft deck crane while underway in Whitefish Bay aboard U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw.

3-23 - Historical Perspectives 
- Don Boone

denton-frank-r.jpg (40705 bytes)
Frank R. Denton at Toledo Ohio 1966
Pumping out Ballast- Bumboat Alongside

3-23 - Tug strikes bridge in Mississippi 

090320-G-0000X-005_001.jpg (81818 bytes)
A towing vessel pushing eight barges sits outside the channel of Black Bay.
090320-G-0000X-002.jpg (101596 bytes)
The tug collided with the Popps Ferry Bridge in Biloxi, Miss., Friday, March 20, 2009.
090320-G-0000X-003.jpg (90177 bytes)
150-foot section of the bridge collapsed into the bay.

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