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March 25 - 27 , 2009

3-27 - St. Marys Challenger arrive Sturgeon Bay -  Blake D. Kishler
1-Challenger-3-26-09-bk.jpg (121445 bytes)
 Tug John M. Selvick and the St. Marys Challenger approaching the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal.
2-Challenger-3-26-09-bk.jpg (74193 bytes)
Tug Jimmy L. keeping the stern in line for the canal.
3-Challenger-3-26-09-bk.jpg (83148 bytes)
Tow in the canal.
4-Challenger-3-26-09-bk.jpg (65379 bytes)
Approaching the Oregon St. bridge.
5-Challenger-3-26-09-bk.jpg (61397 bytes)
Challenger being swung into position at Bay Shipbuilding, dwarfed by the Mesabi Miner and Paul R. Tregurtha.

3-27 - Soo  Traffic -
 Herm Klein
1-JL-3-26-09-HK.jpg (72333 bytes)
Joyce L VanEnkevort / Great lakes Trader up at Mission Point
2-KB-3-26-09-HK.jpg (68808 bytes)
Katmai Bay down in Soo Harbor
3-OJ-3-26-09-HK.jpg (95470 bytes)
Ojibway up above the locks

3-27 - James Norris at Port Colborne
and Hamilton - John M
1-JNorris-3-21-09-jm.jpg (113944 bytes)
James Norris stern view showing prop work
2-JNorris-3-21-09-jm.jpg (105633 bytes)
View of rig used for handling prop blades
3-JNorris-3-21-09-jm.jpg (123155 bytes)
View of bare prop hub
1-Algosoo-3-21-09-jm.jpg (101658 bytes)
Algosoo at Hamilton, new generator installation hole welded shut.
1-Ltien-3-21-09-jm.jpg (76367 bytes)
 CSL Laurentine in Port Colborne. Prop blade bolt locking method

3-27  - Historical Perspectives -
 Don Boone
t-p-phelan.jpg (48413 bytes)
S.S. T.P. Phelan [CSL] at Montreal on back written D. Montgomery 1920 he was an old time Collingwood Captain boat had interesting history

3-26 - Soo opening day traffic -
 Herm Klein
1-MK-3-25-09-HK.jpg (84455 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw down at Mission Point 
2-KB-3-25-09-HK.jpg (96245 bytes)
Katami Bay up at Mission
3--ASR-3-25-09-HK.jpg (85524 bytes)
Algosar up at Mission

3-26 - Algosar Opens Locks -  first ship through the Soo Locks on March 25, 2009 -  Jim Carrick
1Algosar03-25-09jc.jpg (114391 bytes)
Bound for Thunder Bay, Ont.
2Algosar03-25-09jc.jpg (116053 bytes)
She passed through at 4:30 p.m.

3-26 - Maine based U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Thunder Bay arriving in Montreal -  René Beauchamp
Thunder-Bay-250309(C)RBMTL.jpg (107426 bytes) Thunder-Bay-250309(A)RBMTL.jpg (72497 bytes)      

3-26 - Owen Sound  -  Jonathan Coote
IMG_6230.jpg (165578 bytes)
Risley left at 11:30 a.m.
IMG_6248.jpg (113455 bytes)
Algomarine Sounded horn at 11:50 a.m. and left at noon.
IMG_6261.jpg (116223 bytes) IMG_6262.jpg (87651 bytes)
Agawa Canyon and Algosteel remain in layup in the harbor for now. Agawa Canyon sails on April 1 and Algosteel sails on April 17.

3-26 - Lake Superior break out aboard the USCG Alder -  USCG
aldericebreaking.jpg (100983 bytes) aldereagle.jpg (140466 bytes)
alderice.jpg (56278 bytes)
Heavy ice

3-26 - Historical Perspectives - Ray Hillary
1-GMCarl-1979-rch.jpg (72813 bytes)
George M. Carl taken in the Huron Cut
2-GMCarl-1979-rch.jpg (113495 bytes)
Lake Huron summer of 1979
3-GMCral-1979-rch.jpg (67036 bytes) 1976-Aug.,-Sir-Denys-Lowson.jpg (49651 bytes)
Sir Denys Lawson Aug. 1976
1977-July-Dykstra-to-Rouge-.jpg (65566 bytes)
Dykstra to Rouge July 1977

3-24 - Public Gallery Updated

New albums in the Shipping, Regional, Transportation and Video galleries.
Mystery Ships
Mystery Ship Gallery, do you Know Your Ships?

3-25  - Mission Point -  On Monday about 3 p.m. three Coast Guard cutters passed within about thirty minutes - Herm Klein
1-BB-3-23-09-HK.jpg (130766 bytes)
 Biscayne Bay up at Mission Point
2-sr-3-23-09-HK.jpg (94643 bytes)
Samuel Risley down at Mission
3-MB-3-23-09-HK.jpg (96208 bytes)
Mobile Bay up at Mission

3-25  - Port of Montreal -
 Kent Malo
Oakglen3-24-09-km.jpg (86837 bytes)
Oakglen sec 56 South
Redhead3-24-09-km.jpg (86863 bytes)
Redhead sec B1 shifted to sec 42
AlgomaSpirit3-24-09-km.jpg (79455 bytes)
Algoma Spirit unloading sugar at sec 46
Algontario3-24-09-km.jpg (86656 bytes)
Algontario sec 29
Aivik3-24-09-km.jpg (97159 bytes)
Aivik sec 28 Port of  Montreal
KathrynSpirit3-24-09-km.jpg (96557 bytes)
Kathryn Spirit sec 36
WilliamJMoore3-24-09-km.jpg (80853 bytes)
William J Moore sec M5
Zeran3-24-09-km.jpg (70411 bytes)
OOCLBelgium3-24-09-km.jpg (112624 bytes)
OOCL Belgium sec 61

3-25  - Historical Perspectives -
 Capt. A. Gindroz
1-ALGOSEA-05-77-AMG.jpg (86604 bytes)
Sauniere as the Algosea in May 1977 transiting the St. Mary's River. She is rumored to be headed for scrap this year.
1-NORTHERN-VENTURE-08-72-AM.jpg (53285 bytes)
Northern Venture August 1972 - Inbound Port Weller Piers. She was mated with the stern of Cabot in 1983 and became Canadian Explorer.
3-THOMAS-F-PATTON-14-08-80-.jpg (58950 bytes)
Thomas F. Patton August 14, 1980 - Welland Canal.  Heading to Bombay (Mumbai), India for scrapping.

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