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March 28 - 29 , 2009

3-29 - Sturgeon Bay Lay-up - Dick Lund
1-SB-03-27-09-dl.jpg (95159 bytes)
Newly re-painted American Century out of the graving dock on March 27
2-SB-03-27-09-dl.jpg (56814 bytes)
A view of the American Century from across the bay
3-SB-03-27-09-dl.jpg (85487 bytes)
St. Mary's Challenger 4 - St. Mary's Challenger rafted to Buffalo
4-SB-03-27-09-dl.jpg (74848 bytes)
5-SB-03-27-09-dl.jpg (67508 bytes)
6-SB-03-27-09-dl.jpg (74463 bytes)
Close-up of the stern of the St. Mary's Challenger
7-SB-03-27-09-dl.jpg (37397 bytes)
The mystery line on the bow of the Charles M. Beeghly - "Interlake Steamship Co."
8-SB-03-27-09-dl.jpg (79828 bytes)
Newly re-painted Pathfinder has standard Interlake lettering

3-29 - Atlantic Huron arrives with Salt for South Chicago  - Calumet River at 100th St. -
Steve Bauer
1-AtlHur-3-28-09-sb.jpg (130429 bytes)
Atlantic Huron inbound clearing the Five Bridges area with the help of the G tugs
2-AtlHur-3-28-09-sb.jpg (139684 bytes)
Massachusetts at 100th St bridge.
3-AtlHur-3-28-09-sb.jpg (108158 bytes)
Tug Colorado assisting at the stern.
4-AtlHur-3-28-09-sb.jpg (104112 bytes)
Arriving at the Morton Salt dock.
5-AtlHur-3-28-09-sb.jpg (97523 bytes)
Colorado assisting crew members in tying down the stern at the dock.

3-29 - Hamilton lay-up-
John McCreery
1-Mont-Provider-3-27-09-jm.jpg (72961 bytes)
Montrealais and Canadian Provider at Eastport
2-Pineglen-3-27-09-jm.jpg (61334 bytes)
3-Spence-PStandard-3-27-09-.jpg (198660 bytes)
John Spence and Pacific Standard
4-Quebecois-3-27-09-jm.jpg (116641 bytes)
5-Michip-Pierson-3-27-09-jm.jpg (130309 bytes)
Michipicoten still boarded up
6-WyattM-Algosoo-3-27-09-jm.jpg (132407 bytes)
Wyatt M and Algosoo at pier 10
7-MollyMI-3-27-09-jm.jpg (102239 bytes)
Molly M approaching the Burlington piers
8-Wyatt-M-3-27-09-jm.jpg (110735 bytes)
Wyatt M following
9-Molly-Wyatt-3-27-09-jm.jpg (79552 bytes)
The two Mckeil tugs entering Lake Ontario and bound for Toronto

3-29 - Nanticoke on Friday in the process of changing name to Salarium in Montreal -
Rene Beauchamp
Nanticoke-Salarium-270309RB.jpg (65232 bytes)
Note the port of registry of Toronto is being painted out also.
Nanticoke-270309RBMTL.jpg (55895 bytes)

3-28  - Great Lakes Trader opens Marquette on March 27
1_jlvglt_3_27_09_rb.jpg (139093 bytes)
At the ore dock. Rod Burdick
2_jlvglt_3_27_09_rb.jpg (124572 bytes)
Loading chutes down. Rod Burdick
  JVEGLTraderLR03270902.jpg (81739 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader / Joyce VanEnkevort bow view, first boat of the season at Marquette. Lee Rowe
JVEGLTraderLR03270905.jpg (91891 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader wide view at the dock. Lee Rowe

3-28  - Cuyahoga downbound on her fit out trip for the 2009 Season -
M. Koprowicz
1-Cuyahoga-3-27-09-mk.jpg (66112 bytes)
 Windmill Point, entering the Detroit River.
2-Cuyahoga-3-27-09-mk.jpg (58817 bytes)      

3-28  - Pelee Islander
makes her first trip of the season to Pelee Island Friday morning - Erich Zuschlag
peleeislandez-03-27-09.jpg (51473 bytes)        

3-28  - Canadian Coast Guard Ice breaker Pierre Radisson
upbound in the South shore canal at Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands - Kent Malo
PierreRadisson3-26-09-km.jpg (83908 bytes)
Pierre Radisson went as far as lake St Louis and returned to Cote Ste Catherine for the night.
PierreRadisson3-26-09-km-a.jpg (114397 bytes)
Stern view

3-28  - Sault Ste. Marie 1995 - Justin Olsen
3-cornelius-3-27-09-JO.jpg (70335 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius in Inland Steel colors (95559 bytes)
Columbia Star
2-middletown-3-27-09-JO.jpg (84730 bytes)

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