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March 30 - 31 , 2009

3-31 - First arrival and departure for Duluth/ Superior for the 2009 season - Travis Chadwick
1-alpena-3-30-09-tc.jpg (49103 bytes)
Alpena coming through the remaining ice toward the Duluth ship canal.
2-alpena-3-30-09-tc.jpg (107933 bytes)
Bow view heading under the Aerial Lift Bridge.  
3-jbarker-3-30-09-tc.jpg (52562 bytes)
James R. Barker making the turn at Port Terminal with Alpena and J.B. Ford in background.
4-jbarker-3-30-09-tc.jpg (69213 bytes)
James R. Barker exiting the Duluth ship canal. 
5-jbarker-3-30-09-tc.jpg (66271 bytes)
Stern view- note the patch below and aft of her name.

3-31 - USCGC Thunder Bay passing through the Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-thunbay-3-30-09-pb.jpg (129820 bytes)
Thunder Bay leaving Lock 2.
2-thunbay-3-30-09-pb.jpg (68785 bytes)
Thunder Bay below the Homer Bridge on her way to Lock 3.
3-thunbay-3-30-09-pb.jpg (73937 bytes)
Thunder Bay approaching the flight locks, 4 west is open and waiting.

3-31 - Historical Perspectives -
east side of the Huron Cut Aug 1979. Ray Hillary                                          
1-Norris-1979-rch.jpg (50158 bytes)
James Norris
2-Norris-1979-rch.jpg (59875 bytes) 3-Angus-1979-rch.jpg (41806 bytes)
R. Bruce Angus
4-Angus-1979-rch.jpg (44465 bytes)  

3-30 - Port Huron - Sarnia Traffic -
Gordy Garris
1-Algowood-3-29-09-gg.jpg (70959 bytes)
Algowood rafted to Peter R. Cresswell in North Slip
2-Pjmartin-3-29-09-gg.jpg (69277 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin in North Slip
3-Manitowoc-3-29-09-gg.jpg (113899 bytes)
Manitowoc rafted to Manistee
4-Manistee-3-29-09-gg.jpg (66854 bytes)
Manistee at Cargill dock
5-Missagi-3-29-09-gg.jpg (81496 bytes)
Mississagi at Government dock
6-Saginaw-3-29-09-gg.jpg (66460 bytes)
Saginaw with Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin in background
7-Saginaw-3-29-09-gg.jpg (103161 bytes)
Saginaw, Manitowoc and Manistee at Cargill dock
8-Algoway-3-29-09-gg.jpg (108949 bytes)
Algoway at Sydney E. Smith dock (Note: Boom cables are not attached)
9-Joycel-3-29-09-gg.jpg (51332 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkevort/ Great Lakes Trader coming off Lake Huron
10-Joycel-3-29-09-gg.jpg (57435 bytes)
Passing under Blue Water Bridges
11-Can-Olympic-3-29-09-gg.jpg (65056 bytes)
Canadian Olympic upbound
12-Can-Olympic-3-29-09-gg.jpg (72223 bytes)
Passing Joyce L./GLT near Stag Island

3-30 - South Chicago Sunday -
Steve Bauer
3-CTC1-03-29-09-sb.jpg (60246 bytes)
The CTC1, which has been used as a storage barge at St. Marys Cement on Lake Calumet, has been moved to a new location behind the warehouses off of 130th St.
4-CTC1-03-29-09-sb.jpg (81369 bytes)
Closeup of bow, pilot house, and unloading boom.
1_AtlHur-03-29-09-sb.jpg (63422 bytes)
On a morning that is more fitting of January instead of the end of March, the Atlantic Huron loads at the KCBX south dock after unloading salt across the Calumet River the day before.
2-AtlHur-03-29-09-sb.jpg (74225 bytes)
View from starboard side.


3-30 - Great Lakes Trader downbound at Port Huron - Edward Schuyler
1.Tug-J.-GLT-3-29-09-ES-JPG.jpg (71412 bytes)
 loaded taconite in Marquette MI.
2.Tug-J.-GLT-3-29-09-ES-JPG.jpg (51082 bytes)
Close up of Tug  Joyce L VanEnkevort.
3.-Tug-J.-GLT-3-29-09-ES-JP.jpg (57140 bytes)
Headed to Toledo, Ohio.

3-30 - John M Selvick & St Marys Challenger -
Brad Busse
1-Jmselvick-3-27-09-BB-004.jpg (43126 bytes)
John M Selvick towing the St Marys Challenger through the Sturgeon Bay canal.
2-Jmselvick-3-27-09-BB-006.jpg (106270 bytes)
John M
3-Jmselvick-3-27-09-BB-011.jpg (61221 bytes)
John M coming through the highway bridge in Sturgeon Bay.
4-Jmselvick-3-27-09-BB-013.jpg (95173 bytes)
John M. Selvick - St. Marys Challenger - Jimmy L of Selvick Marine Towing on the rear.


3-30 - Ojibway Salute Video

Salute passing St. Joseph Island



3-30 - Canadian Olympic passing Windsor -
Adrian Platts
1-CanadianOlympic-3-29-09-A.jpg (56202 bytes)
Winds were high and water levels seemed low Sunday morning.

3-30 - Historical Perspectives -
Don Boone
s-s-midland-prince-p.-e.jpg (86768 bytes)
Midland Prince - written on back "compliments of Point Edward Elevator Co. Point Edward Ontario [no Date]"  Photo given to me years ago by Widow of local Ships Supplier Midland Prince was converted to Self unloader in 1929.

3-30 - Mackinaw working Spring Break out -
mackinawwhitefish.jpg (102274 bytes) mackinawbuoye.jpg (128650 bytes)
Crewmembers patiently wait as the ship pulls alongside so they can secure lines to the marker before pulling it onboard.
mackinawbuoyg.jpg (120845 bytes)
The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw tends to a winter buoy channel marker that was pushed off station by thick ice along the shipping lane. The buoy deck supervisor watches as the chain from one of the markers is hauled onboard.
mackinawbuoyf.jpg (101067 bytes)
Crewmembers work quickly and as a team to secure a line to the marker so it can be pulled onboard.
mackinawbuoyd.jpg (112208 bytes)
Crewmembers work together as a team to secure extra winter channel markers to the deck of the Mackinaw.
mackinawbuoyc.jpg (92128 bytes) mackinawbuoyb.jpg (85176 bytes) mackinawbuoy.jpg (97660 bytes)    

3-30 - Red River flood relief -
redriverConvoy.jpg (97708 bytes)
Coast Guard Station St. Clair Shores airboat crew prepares to deploy to a staging area in West Fargo, N.D. with a convoy of several Coast Guard and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service trailerable airboat March 28
Bar1cgviredriver.jpg (94396 bytes)
Chief Greg Zerfass, executive petty officer of Small Boat Station Marblehead, Ohio, conducts an informal situation brief, March 25 in North Dakota.
cgredriver.jpg (98231 bytes)
Machinery Technician 3rd Class Dan Fraley of Coast Guard Station Sault Ste. Marie offloads the faithful friend of an Oxbow, N.D. woman, as both the dog and its owner required rescue from their flooded home along the Red River, Thursday, March 26
CGHH-65traversecityRed_Rive.jpg (37980 bytes)
An HH-65 Dolphin helicopter, from Coast Guard Air Stations Traverse City, Mich., flies over the Red River March 28

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