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April 1 , 2009


4-1 - Seaway Opening at the St. Lambert Lock  -  Rene Beauchamp

Spruceglen-osway3-09.jpg (37313 bytes)
Spruceglen in the St. Lambert lock about to be raised and 50th Anniversary cake.
Seaway-270309(A)RBMTL.jpg (74478 bytes) Spruceglen-osway3-09-(12).jpg (73777 bytes) Spruceglen-osway3-09-(11).jpg (69249 bytes) Spruceglen-osway3-09-(10).jpg (62282 bytes)
Spruceglen-osway3-09-(9).jpg (67919 bytes) Spruceglen-osway3-09-(7).jpg (71974 bytes) Spruceglen-osway3-09-(6).jpg (108834 bytes)
Sequences showing the Spruceglen about to break the blue ribbon, breaking it and seconds after with confetti.
Spruceglen-osway3-09-(4).jpg (145691 bytes) Spruceglen-osway3-09-(3).jpg (106780 bytes)
Spruceglen-osway3-09-(2).jpg (119153 bytes) Spruceglen-osway3-09-(1).jpg (112029 bytes) IMG_4108.jpg (55683 bytes) IMG_4110.jpg (46158 bytes)  

4-1 - Seaway Opening
 - Kent Malo

Spruceglen3-31-09-km-b.jpg (106531 bytes)
Spruceglen entering St Lambert lock.
Spruceglen3-31-09-km-a.jpg (77403 bytes)
Spruceglen breaking the blue ribbon in St Lambert lock
Spruceglen3-31-09-km-c.jpg (104280 bytes)
From left to right, Mr. Richard J. Corfe, president St. Lawrence Seaway Managemant Corporation, Mr. Collister Johnson Jr. Administrator St Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, Mr. Gerald Carter, President Canada Steamship Lines. Captain Mark Dillon,  Chief Eng., Christian Pelletier, "Spruceglen" River pilot Mr Tremblay, Senator W.  David Angus, Q. C. Mr. Lawrence Pathy, President and CEO, Fednav Limited
Spruceglen3-31-09-km-d.jpg (70467 bytes)
Captain Mark Dillon Spruceglen with the pilot at the right of the photo.

4-1 - Welland Canal Opening Day
-   Bill Bird

1-McMullanPeckford-3-31-09-.jpg (72991 bytes)
All smiles after St. Catharines mayor Brian McMullan presents top hat to Captain Austin Peckford of Montrealais.
2-Peckford-3-31-09-bb.jpg (80695 bytes)
Another pose for Captain Peckford.  He received an earlier topper in the 90s while master of Canadian Olympic
3-Montrealais-3-31-09-bb-a.jpg (54050 bytes)
Montrealais clear of Lock 3
4-Montrealais-3-31-09-bb-b.jpg (68162 bytes)
Stern view
5-Algoeast-3-31-09-bb.jpg (60803 bytes)
Algoeast first downbounder in canal.  Forced to wait above Lock 7 because only west side of flights were operating.
6-Algocape-3-31-09-bb-a.jpg (58725 bytes)
Algocape-clear of Lock One
7-Algocape-3-31-09-bb-b.jpg (57821 bytes)
Stern view
8-Algocape-3-31-09-bb-c.jpg (74646 bytes)
Algocape about to enter Lock 2    

4-1 - Welland Canal Opening Day
-  Alex Howard

Montrealais-3.31.2009-ah-a.jpg (117315 bytes)
Montrealais ready to depart lock 3
Montrealais-3.31.2009-ah-b-.jpg (73803 bytes)
profile of bow
Montrealais-3.31.2009-ah-c.jpg (109981 bytes)
Capt. poses for pics
Montralais-3.31.2009-ah-d.jpg (59810 bytes)
Montrealais blowing off steam
Montrealais-3.31.2009-ah-e.jpg (80097 bytes)
Capt. posing for boatnerds
Algoeast-3.31.2009-ah.jpg (141349 bytes)
Algoeast waits above lock 7 as first downbound

4-1 - Hamilton, Ont.
-  John McCreery

1-WyattM-Provider-3-31-09-j.jpg (115398 bytes)
Wyatt M with a line to the bow of the Canadian Provider at pier 25.
2-Can-Provider-3-31-09-jm.jpg (94173 bytes)
Canadian Provider being moved to pier 26 by tugs Wyatt M and Molly M I.
3-Provider-Progress-3-31-09.jpg (110375 bytes)
The Provider being moved from her position in front of the Canadian progress to dockside astern of that vessel.
4-Wyatt-Molly-3-31-09-jm.jpg (109028 bytes)
The Mckeil tugs departing Hamilton immediately after securing the Provider at pier 26.

4-1 - Port Huron Tuesday
-  Bruce Hurd

100_8076.jpg (54089 bytes)
Kaministaqua upbound passing Port Huron around 3:30 p.m.
100_8079.jpg (67532 bytes) 100_8070.jpg (80069 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin backing down the St Clair River heading to Imperial Oil after leaving Sarnia's North Slip.

4-1 - Joseph Frantz stuck in the Independence Bridge, September 1986  - Todd Shorkey

Torrential rain the first part of September 1986 pushed water levels to near record heights. The flood stage on the Saginaw river is 17 feet, but on September 15, it crested over 7 feet higher at 24.16 feet. The water was still high and the currents in the river still very strong when the Joseph H. Frantz attempted to transit the Independence Bridge, just downriver from the Bay City Wirt Stone Dock. The currents took the Frantz and wedged her between the spans where she sat, unable to get free. Numerous attempts to move the Joseph H. Frantz were unsuccessful.

Finally, the tug Malcolm and the tug Barbara Ann, both from Malcolm Marine, Inc. based out of St. Clair, MI, arrived on location and were finally able to free the Joseph H. Frantz after being stuck for three days.

1-frantz-3-31-09-ts-a.jpg (85338 bytes)
Frantz stuck between the spans of the Independence Bridge
3-frantz-3-31-09-ts-c.jpg (81815 bytes)
View towards the bow and the Bay City Wirt Dock
2-frantz-3-31-09-ts-b.jpg (97340 bytes)
Head on view
4-frantz-3-31-09-ts-d.jpg (80545 bytes)
View towards the stern

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