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April 2 , 2009


4-3 - Duluth activity  Wednesday and Thursday - Travis Chadwick

1-ryerson-4-1-09-tc.jpg (105347 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson backing out of Fraser Shipyard assisted by G-tug North Carolina with St. Clair behind.
2-ryerson-4-1-09-tc.jpg (66156 bytes)
Stern view with G-tug Kentucky pulling.
3-ryerson-4-2-09-tc.jpg (81984 bytes)
Waiting for first load of the season.
4-mccarthy-4-2-09-tc.jpg (60248 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. departing Duluth with her first load of the season.

4-3 - Duluth Ice Wednesday
  - Michael Lackore 

latregurtha-04-01-09-ml.jpg (64607 bytes)
Alpena departed Duluth after a brief wait inside the harbor only to make it about as far as the Lee A. Tregurtha did before coming to a halt against a 2 foot thick ridge of wind blown packed ice.  The Alder managed to break itself free and proceeded to cut a track closer to shore which can be see in the foreground. 
alder-04-01-09-ml.jpg (91705 bytes)
Alder was successful at breaking a new track closer to shore and reached the open water.
alpena-04-01-09-ml.jpg (70838 bytes)
The Alpena was able to back into her own track after the Alder went by.


4-3 - Welland Canal
  - Paul Beesley

The first 3 days on the Welland Canal have not been busy, although the first ‘Salty’ has already passed upbound. 1-mont-3-31-09-pb.jpg (62695 bytes)
Montrealais leaving lock 3 after Top-Hat ceremony on March 31.
2-ctrans-4-02-09-pb.jpg (93284 bytes)
Canadian Transport below lock 1 on April
3-fsag-4-02-09-pb.jpg (82125 bytes)
Federal Saguenay, 1st Salty of the year, upbound at the Glendale bridge,
April 2.
4-fsag-4-02-09-pb.jpg (84225 bytes)
Federal Saguenay approaching the flight locks, April 2.
5-sal-4-02-09-pb.jpg (108864 bytes)
Salvor and Lambert Spirit leaving lock 2 upbound, April 2. Notice that the barge has been painted black this season.

6-salv-4-02-09-pb.jpg (64690 bytes)
Salvor above lock 2, April 2.

4-3 - Hamilton, Ont. season opener  - John McCreery

1-Fed-Schelde-4-2-09-jm.jpg (99433 bytes)
Federal Schelde at pier 14. First Saltie of the season
2-HamEn-Schelde-4-2-09-jm.jpg (94002 bytes)
Hamilton Energy backing into the slip
3-Pineglen-HamEn-4-2-09-jm.jpg (71801 bytes)
The Energy alongside to fuel the Pineglen
4-Pineglen-Energy-4-2-09-jm.jpg (113267 bytes)
Another view of pier 14
5-CanTransport-4-2-09-jm.jpg (128746 bytes)
Canadian Transport entering through the Burlington Ship Canal
6-CanTransport-4-2-09-jm.jpg (116699 bytes)
Close up under the bridge
7-CanTransport-4-2-09-jm.jpg (91342 bytes)
Stern view on her way to Dofasco with Toledo Coal. Her next port will be Sandusky Ohio
8-DiamondStar-4-2-09-jm.jpg (96426 bytes)
Diamond Star sandwiched between the Algosoo and Henry Jackman.

4-3 - Brockville to Iroquois Ontario 4-01 -
Dave Bessant

1-Spruceglen-04-01-09-WDB.j.jpg (73078 bytes)
Gulls waiting for the first vessel of the season, Spruceglen at Blockhouse Island Brockville.
2-Spruceglen-04-01-09-WDB.j.jpg (71134 bytes)
Photographers waiting too for Spruceglen at Blockhouse.
3--LagunaD-04-01-09-WDB.jpg.jpg (77956 bytes)
Laguna D upbound at Blockhouse with Murray Blanchard photographing too (in red).
4-LagunaD-04-01-09-WDB.jpg.jpg (96637 bytes)
Close up of Laguna D at Blockhouse.
5-LagunaD-04-01-09-WDB.jpg.jpg (77733 bytes)
Laguna D stern view, entering the Islands by St Lawrence Park and the Brockville Cemeteries.
6-Algoeast-04-01-09-WDB.jpg.jpg (78815 bytes)
Algoeast downbound passing Morristown NY at the Three Sisters Islands.
7-FederalSaguenay-Algoeast-.jpg (138272 bytes)
Federal Saguenay passing in front of Algoeast, at Maitland.
8-FederalSaguenay-04-01-09-.jpg (78349 bytes)
Federal Saguenay westbound at Maitland.
9-FederalSaguenay-04-01-09-.jpg (120831 bytes)
Federal Saguenay in the rain. (78784 bytes)
Algoeast heading under the Thousand Islands International Bridge at Johnstown.
11-BoomQueen-04-01-09-WDB.j.jpg (95186 bytes)
Ontario Hydro's Boom Queen alongside the Galop Canal near Cardinal.
12-EdithGauthier-04-01-09-W.jpg (155483 bytes)
 The Edith Gauthier at Iroquois tied up. (126752 bytes)
Algoeast entering the Iroquois Locks.
14-LockmastershouseIroquois.jpg (158145 bytes)
Lockmaster's House at Iroquois.
15-IroquoisLockinfo-04-01-0.jpg (154013 bytes)
Iroquois Lock Information, rehung after falling down last year, a bit in need of repair. (95139 bytes)
Algoeast heading out at last under the raised bridge (94370 bytes)
Algoeast stern view

4-3 - Welland Canal opening day  - Phil Nash 

1-Montrealais-3-31-09-pn.jpg (100515 bytes)
Montrealais departs Lock 3 with the flags blowing in the wind.
2-SeawayFlag-3-31-09-pn.jpg (49902 bytes)
St. Lawrence Seaway 50th Anniversary Flag.
3-Griffon-3-31-09-pn.jpg (33018 bytes)
CCGS Griffon below Lock 8 waiting in ice for the Montrealais to depart.
4-Montrealais-3-31-09-pn.jpg (41087 bytes)
Montrealais clear of Lock 8.
5-Montrealais-3-31-09-pn.jpg (31586 bytes)
Bow of the Montrealais in ice.
6-Peckford-3-31-09-pn.jpg (15993 bytes)
A wave from Captain Austin Peckford of the Montrealais, Thanks Capt.!
7-Montrealais-3-31-09-pn.jpg (33554 bytes)
Stern of the Montrealais having no problems with the ice.
8-Montrealais-3-31-09-pn.jpg (27862 bytes)
Montrealais outbound Port Colborne, Ontario passing the USCGC Thunder Bay  and the John B. Aird.
9-Algoport-3-31-09-pn.jpg (27967 bytes)
Algoport at Wharf 10.
10-Algoport-3-31-09-pn.jpg (22016 bytes)
11-Algoport-3-31-09-pn.jpg (29308 bytes)
Work continues on board the Algoport.
12-CharlieE-3-31-09-pn.jpg (39455 bytes)
Tug Charlie E in Port Colborne.
13-ThunderBay-3-31-09-pn.jpg (25191 bytes)
USCGC Thunder Bay in Port Colborne.
14-ThunderBay-3-31-09-pn.jpg (17193 bytes)
Name plate.
15-ThunderBay-3-31-09-pn.jpg (21061 bytes)
Campaign Award on USCGC Thunder Bay.
16-PortCol-3-31-09-pn.jpg (39052 bytes)
CCGS Griffon squeezes by the USCGC Thunder Bay and John B. Aird.
17-JBAird-3-31-09-pn.jpg (25540 bytes)
Prop on the John B. Aird.
18-Griffon-3-31-09-pn.jpg (25414 bytes)
Crew on the CCGS Griffon preparing to dock in Port Colborne.
 19-Griffon-3-31-09-pn.jpg (22509 bytes)
Night shot of CCGS Griffon in Port Colborne.
20-IMS-3-31-09-pn.jpg (18939 bytes)
International Marine Salvage dock in Port Colborne.

4-3 - Port Huron  - Violet M. Bostwick

IMG_0189.jpg (97729 bytes) IMG_0195.jpg (57051 bytes) IMG_0062.jpg (105662 bytes) IMG_0063.jpg (106866 bytes) IMG_0066.jpg (115595 bytes)

4-3 - Historical Perspectives
  - Birchglen scrap tow from the water works Sarnia-Point Edward, 1982 - Ray Hillary

1-Birch-tow-1982-rch.jpg (74603 bytes) 2-Birch-tow-1982-rch.jpg (64170 bytes) 3-Birch-tow-1982-rch.jpg (88235 bytes) 4-Birch-tow-1982-rch.jpg (107008 bytes) 5-Birch-tow-1982-rch.jpg (69988 bytes)

4-3 - Historical Perspective
  - Don Geske 

74.jpg (56660 bytes)
Port Colborne scene from the Post Card Collection of Don Geske

4-2 - Marquette upper harbor activity  - Rod Burdick

Toledo docks first coal boat -
Canadian Transport loading for Hamilton - Bob Vincent

2_jrb_4_1_09_rb.jpg (121561 bytes)
James R. Barker unloading coal
1_jlvglt_4_1_09_rb.jpg (86070 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkevort and barge Great Lakes Trader arriving
  1-CTransport,3-31-09-bv.jpg (88786 bytes)
Backing under the coal machine
2-CTransport,3-31-09-bv.jpg (76332 bytes)
Forward view

4-2 - First boats of the season to pass Brockville - Murray Blancher

1-Spruceglen-01-04-09-mb-.jpg (68646 bytes)
Spruceglen upbound the first boat of the season to pass Brockville
2-Spruceglen-01-04-09-mb-.jpg (58804 bytes) 3-Laguna-D-01=04-09-mb-.jpg (91891 bytes)
Laguna D upbound
4-Laguna-D-01-04-09-mb-.jpg (67469 bytes) 5-Kathrin-Sipirit-01=04=09-.jpg (66130 bytes)
Kathrin Spirit upbound at Brockville
6-Kathrin-Spirit-01-04-09-m.jpg (96241 bytes)        

4-2 - St. Lawrence Seaway South shore canal
- Kent Malo

Jerry-G-Laprairie4-01-09-km.jpg (22969 bytes)
Jerry G with the La Prairie in tow, up bound at the Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands St Lawrence Seaway South shore canal, destination Hamilton
Jerry-G4-01-09-km.jpg (30973 bytes)
Bow view of the Jerry G
CCGSTracy4-01-09-km.jpg (39430 bytes)
CCGS Tracy up bound at the Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands St Lawrence Seaway South shore canal, doing buoy tending.
CCGSTracy4-01-09-km-a.jpg (34173 bytes)
Stern view

4-2 - Lee A. Tregurtha stuck off Duluth

503572193_fc2TU-S.jpg (7751 bytes)        

4-2 - Port Huron
  - Edward Schuyler

1.Montrealais--4-1-09-ES-JP.jpg (36995 bytes)
Montrealais upbound on her first trip of the season
2.-Montrealais--4-1-09-ES-J.jpg (40694 bytes)
Close up of the bow.
3.-Montrealais--4-1-09-ES-J.jpg (60687 bytes)
Wide view.
4.-.Montrealais--4-1-09-ES-.jpg (52407 bytes)
Under the Blue Water Bridge, heading for Thunder Bay.

4-2- Public Gallery Updated

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