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April 4 - 5, 2009


4-5 - Welland Canal Friday   - Paul Beesley

1-algop-4-03-09-pb.jpg (76028 bytes)
Algoport making the wall above lock 3.
2-algop-4-03-09-pb.jpg (36970 bytes)
Downbound approaching the Homer bridge.
3-algop-4-03-09-pb.jpg (57599 bytes)
Passing under the ‘High Bridge’.
4-algop-4-03-09-pb.jpg (95488 bytes)
Bow resting against the concrete across from the shipyard.
5-algop-4-03-09-pb.jpg (61350 bytes)
   With Molly M 1 on the bow as the Wyatt M slowly turns her into position.
6-algop-4-03-09-pb.jpg (49433 bytes)
  Wyatt M working aft.
7-algop-4-03-09-pb.jpg (71407 bytes)
Backing into the shipyard using tugs and lines.  Engines have been shut down.
8-algop-4-03-09-pb.jpg (57718 bytes)
Sliding into the dock.

9-iryda-4-03-09-pb.jpg (30801 bytes)
Iryda approaching the Homer bridge out of the fog.

10-iryda-4-03-09-pb.jpg (42422 bytes)
Iryda making the wall below Lock 3.

4-5 - Great Lakes Trader loading ore in Marquette
- Rod Burdick

1_glt_4_1_09_rb.jpg (138626 bytes)
Loading ore

4-5 - Ryerson passing Port Huron Saturday night
   - Edward Schuyler

1.-E.L.Ryerson-4-4-09-ES-JP.jpg (43245 bytes) 2.-E.L.Ryerson-4-4-09-ES-JP.jpg (55721 bytes)      

4-5 - Detroit River at Amherstburg
   - Dave Cozens

3,-Bristol-Bay,-02-04-09,-D.jpg (90792 bytes)
Bristol Bay departing Canadian Coast Guard Base, Amherstburg
2,buoys,-01-04-09,-DC.jpg (80358 bytes)
Big buoys, note size compared to 4 x 4 pickup truck
1,-buoys,-01-04-09,-DC.jpg (76967 bytes)
The buoys are all fired up.

4-5 - Historical Perspectives
  - Don Boone

scott-misener2.jpg (125554 bytes)
Photo was a gift by the Late Captain George Johnston who was Commodore of the Misener Fleet.

4-4 - Sturgeon Bay departures   - Chris Wesendorf

PTregurtha-4-02-09-cjw1.jpg (67680 bytes)
Tregurtha entering the Michigan Street Bridge heading towards Lake Michigan.
PTregurtha-4-02-09-cjw2.jpg (58900 bytes)
Tregurtha coming thru the Michigan Street Bridge.
PTregurtha-3-02-09-cjw3.jpg (53302 bytes)
Tregurtha with the bow thru the Oregon Street Bridge and the stern in the Michigan Street Bridge.
PTRegurtha-3-02-09-cjw4.jpg (66609 bytes)
Tregurtha heading through the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal to Lake Michigan.
Miner-4-02-09-cjw1.jpg (64460 bytes)
This fishing boat actually pulled in front of the Miner to take a picture, it really is that close.
Miner-4-02-09-cjw7.jpg (65928 bytes)
Miner-4-02-09-cjw2.jpg (72741 bytes)
Miner with its bow in the Oregon Street Bridge and the stern in the Michigan Street Bridge.
Miner-4-02-09-cjw3.jpg (82973 bytes)
The Miner in the Sturgeon Bay ship canal.
Miner-4-02-09-cjw6.jpg (73831 bytes)
Another small boat decides to hold the side of the canal while the Miner was going through the narrow part of the canal.
Miner-4-02-09-cjw5.jpg (79876 bytes)
The bow watch was waving his arms and yelling and the boat operator finally understood the Miner's 105' width. 
Miner-4-02-09-cjw4.jpg (80186 bytes)
Miner heading out onto Lake Michigan bound for Superior and a load of coal.

4-4 - Montreal
   - Nanticoke under the new name Salarium - René Beauchamp

Salarium-020409RBMTL.jpg (61718 bytes)
On Thursday, Nanticoke getting ready for another season under the new name Salarium

4-4 - Canadian Transfer in Hamilton April 2
- Alex Frakking

canadian_transfer_screen.jpg (68066 bytes)        

4-4 - Alconon partially submerged in St. Joseph, Mich.
  - USCG

Alcononsunk.jpg (36233 bytes) Alconon2.jpg (37474 bytes)      

4-4 - Historical Perspectives
  - Duane T Holsen

Fairless-Watson.jpg (80708 bytes)
Benjamin F. Fairless and Ralph H Watson retired Duluth 1986

4-4- Public Gallery Updated

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