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April 6 - 7, 2009


4-7 - Canadian Transport entering the Mosely Channel in front of Cedar point to load coal in Sandusky - Bob Smalling

1-ctransport-4-4-09-rts.jpg.jpg (55837 bytes)
Canadian Transport approaches the Cedar point pier-head light.
2-ctranport-4-4-09-rts.jpg.jpg (74329 bytes)
Abreast of Cedar Point.
3-ctransport-4-4-09-rts.jpg.jpg (77547 bytes)
Wide shot of Cedar Point and the Canadian Transport.

4-7 - Brockville - Dave Bessant

1-Diamond-Star-04-05-09-WDB.jpg (118180 bytes)
Diamond Star eastbound Sunday evening.
2-Diamond-Star-04-05-09-WDB.jpg (83402 bytes)
Rigel Shipping (owned by the Royal Bank of Canada.)
3-Diamond-Star-04-05-09-WDB.jpg (90033 bytes) 2-AtlanticErie-04-06-09-WDB.jpg (103432 bytes)
Atlantic Erie passing in front of Blockhouse Island, Brockville Ontario
1-AtlanticErie-04-06-09-WDB.jpg (90586 bytes)
Atlantic Erie coming out of the mist westbound at Morristown NY
4-AlgoSea-04-06-09-WDB.jpg (83007 bytes)
Algosea caught from the Brockville Museum in front of the BYC, westbound (upbound)

4-7 - St. Lawrence Seaway South shore canal - Kent Malo

Tim-S-Dool-6-04-09-km1.jpg (78753 bytes)
Bow view of the Tim S Dool upbound for Thunder Bay at the Kahnawaken Reserve Monday.
Tim-S-Dool-6=04=09-km-c.jpg (60548 bytes)
Accommodations and wheelhouse of the Tim S Dool
Algontario-6-04-09-km-c1.jpg (87557 bytes)
Bow view of the Algontario seen at Kahnawaken Reserve Monday after leaving layup at Montreal.
Agontario-6-04-09-km1.jpg (60281 bytes)
Algontario's accommodations and wheelhouse
Algontario-6-04-09-km-b1.jpg (67959 bytes)
Algontario port side view of her stern

4-7 - USCGC Alder docked at Cheboygan at the Old Memorial Moor (USCGC Mackinaw's home moor - Dianne Donati

USCGC-Alder-3-4-6-09-dd.jpg (99175 bytes) USCGC-Alder-2-4-6-09-dd.jpg (65659 bytes) USCGC-Alder-1-4-6-09-dd.jpg (35248 bytes)    

4-7 - James R. Barker unloading coal in Marquette - Rod Burdick

Dann Marine Towing's Zeus . - Ron Beaupre

2_jrb_4_1_09_rb.jpg (89608 bytes)   1-zeus-06-04-09-rb-002.jpg (86232 bytes)
Heading up river past Mariatown for Chicago

4-7 - Algosteel at Owen Sound April 3 - Ken Goslett

 Spirit of Rochester -  Richard Cooper

1Algosteel-04032009.jpg (71562 bytes)   1-Spirit-of-Rochester-4-04-.jpg (89954 bytes)
Cruise ship moored on the Genesee River Rochester, NY, in need of refurbishing before the 2009 season begins.

4-6 - Welland Canal Traffic
- John McCreery

1-CanLeader-4-4-09-jm.jpg (65949 bytes)
Canadian Leader waiting off Hamilton for entrance to the Welland Canal, probably waiting for the wind to abate.
2-CanLeader-4-4-09-jm.jpg (113078 bytes)
Leader departing lock 1 on her first trip of the season and bound for Thunder Bay
3-CanLeader-4-4-09-jm.jpg (78624 bytes)
Stern view of Canadian Leader
4-RobtSPierson-4-4-09-jm.jpg (73244 bytes)
Robert S Pierson above lock 7
5-Kaministiqua-4-4-09-jm.jpg (93531 bytes)
Kaministiqua down bound from lock 2 with Algoeast waiting on the wall
6-Algoeast-4-4-09-jm.jpg (108039 bytes)
Algoeast preparing to cast off
7-Kaministiqua-4-4-09-jm.jpg (74064 bytes)
Bow view of Kaministiqua on the approach to lock 1
8-Sea-Eagle-II-4-4-09-jm.jpg (118671 bytes)
Sea Eagle II and St Marys Cement II

4-6 - Innovation with tug Samuel de Champlain
inbound in Muskegon Channel with Cement on Saturday morning. - Don Geske

Innovation-4-4-09-DGb.jpg (113633 bytes)
 This is the first ship this season to enter Muskegon.
Innvoation-4-4-09-DGc.jpg (106769 bytes) Innvoation-4-4-09-DG-d.jpg (110177 bytes) Innovation-4-4-09-DG-e.jpg (107955 bytes)
Paul Townsend in background.
Innovation-4-4-09-DG.jpg (143264 bytes)
Innovation docked and connection to the unloading equipment.

4-6 - Maumee taking on salt at the Morton dock in Fairport Harbor Sunday - Bob Hunter

Maumee-4-5-09-rh.jpg (79350 bytes) Maumee-4-5-09-rh-1.jpg (81635 bytes)      

4-6 - Laid up vessels at Toledo April 2
   - Roger LeLievre

AmFortitude4209rl.jpg (26060 bytes)
American Fortitude waits for a fit out that may not come this season.
AmInteg4209rl.jpg (39819 bytes)
American Integrity with anchors still down.
AmRepublic4209rl.jpg (58319 bytes)
American Republic laid up near the shipyard.
AmValorIntegrity4209rl.jpg (44035 bytes)
Bows of American Valor and American Integrity
BolandJohnJ.4209rl.jpg (51793 bytes)
John J. Boland is ahead of the American Republic.
CorneliusAmFortitude4209rl.jpg (45038 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius and American Fortitude
PereMarquette10-4209rl.jpg (50239 bytes)
Carfloat Pere Marquette 10 in the Frog Pond.
WhiteValor4209rl.jpg (41341 bytes)
H. Lee White and American Valor at the coal dock.

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