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April 8 - 9 , 2009


4-9 - Calumet River Traffic - Steve Bauer

1-AmerMar-4-8-09-sb.jpg (45161 bytes)
Boat and buds.  American Mariner anchored in Calumet Harbor awaiting the departure of the Spruceglen.
2-Spruce-4-8-09-sb.jpg (115178 bytes)
Spruceglen and G Tug Massachusetts passing through the "Five Bridges" area.
3-Spruce-4-8-09-sb.jpg (92672 bytes)
Bow clearing the 95th St. bridge and lining up for the 92nd St bridge.
4-Spruce-4-8-09-sb.jpg (90893 bytes)
Monitoring the clearance through 95th St.
5-Spruce-4-8-09-sb.jpg (123643 bytes)
Passing under 92nd St bridge en route to the lake.

4-9 - Ryerson at Windmill Pointe - Alex and Max Mager

1-Ryerson-4-8-09-AM.jpg (82526 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson on her first upbound voyage of the season
2-Ryerson-4-8-09-AM.jpg (91635 bytes)
First steam salute
3-Ryerson-4-8-09-AM.jpg (42178 bytes)
Into the moonlight
4-GullIsle-4-8-09-AM.jpg (132430 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard ship Gull Isle passes in the darkness

4-9 - Maumee in Lorain on Wednesday, opened the shipping season with a load of stone for the Jonick Dock.  - Jim Bobel

1-Maumee-4-8-09-jcb.jpg (63982 bytes)
The Wheelhouse begins to pass the Lorain light house to enter the inner harbor.
2-Maumee-4-8-09-jcb.jpg (118242 bytes)
The whole ship passing the Lorain light house entering the inner harbor.
3-Maumee-4-8-09-jcb.jpg (72532 bytes)
Preparing to unload at the Jonick Dock in the Black River in Lorain

4-9 - Wilfred Sykes left layup and headed to Escanaba to take on a load of ore - Lee Rowe

WSykesLR04080934.jpg (69498 bytes)
Strong winds had her approaching the dock very slowly to avoid being pushed against the dock.
WSykesLR04080939.jpg (81687 bytes)
At the dock

4-9 - Saginaw leaving Owen Sound harbor - Kelly Thompson

IMAG0011.jpg (120335 bytes) IMAG0012.jpg (85234 bytes)      

4-9 - Cross Over Island - Murray Blancher

1-J-W-Shelley-08-04-09-MB-.jpg (78243 bytes)
JW Shelley at a distance upbound west of Crossover Island
2-Medemborg-08-04-09-MB-.jpg (88803 bytes)
Medemborg upbound at crossover island

4-9 - Sarah Desgagnes passing the IJmuiden Locks in the Netherlands on April 6 - Jan van der Doe

SARAHDESGAGNESIJmuiden5.jpg (63746 bytes) SARAHDESGAGNESIJmuiden-7.jpg (37612 bytes) SARAHDESGAGNESIJmuidenlocks.jpg (52240 bytes)    

4-8 - Welland Canal -Paul Beesley

1-clipper-4-5-09-pb.jpg (75868 bytes)
Clipper Leader passing Port Weller shipyard.  In the background McKeil's tugs Molly M 1 and Wyatt M downbound.
2-rsp-4-4-09-pb.jpg (74011 bytes)
Robert S Pierson upbound.
3-east-4-4-09-pb.jpg (76820 bytes)
 Algoeast upbound toward lock 2.
4-kam-4-4-09-pb.jpg (63626 bytes)
 Kaministiqua downbound from lock 2.
5-pine-4-5-09-pb.jpg (66845 bytes)
 Pineglen upbound.
6-prc-4-5-09-pb.jpg (70486 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell down from lock 2.
7-prc-4-5-09-pb.jpg (79687 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell down from lock 2.
8-elr-4-6-09-pb.jpg (53903 bytes)
 Edward L Ryerson on her first trip of the year.
9-ctran-4-6-09-pb.jpg (62021 bytes)
Canadian Transport after leaving lock 2.
10-eleh-4-6-09-pb.jpg (61549 bytes)
Edgar Lehmann upbound toward lock 2.
11-eleh-4-6-09-pb.jpg (57484 bytes)
Edgar Lehmann upbound toward lock 2

4-8 - South Chicago
- Spruceglen and the Algomarine on the Calumet River - Steve Bauer

1-Spruce-4-7-09-sb.jpg (96866 bytes)
Spruceglen in Calumet Harbor with G tugs Colorado and Massachusetts for assistance ready to proceed down the Calumet River for KCBX.
2-Spruce-4-7-09-sb.jpg (109613 bytes)
Under the EJE bridge 710 approaching 92nd St.
3-Spruce-4-7-09-sb.jpg (145891 bytes)
Deckhand removing ice off of hatch area.
4-Spruce-4-7-09-sb.jpg (182285 bytes)
Stopped at the NS bridge just clear of 95th St. Bow thruster running and Massachusetts pulling on bow to keep a strong wind from blowing the bow towards the marina dock just out of sight on left.
5-Spruce-4-7-09-sb.jpg (90912 bytes)
Getting ready to tie up to KCBX south dock with help from the Massachusetts and Colorado.
6-Algomrn-4-7-09-sb.jpg (94531 bytes)
Algomarine passing under EJE bridge while Selvick tug Krista S. passes by on the starboard side.
7-Algomrn-4-7-09-sb.jpg (91846 bytes)
Deckhands removing hatch clamps. The Algomarine was due in Sunday, but was delayed by a storm system that passed through Sunday and into Monday.
8-Algomrn-4-7-09-sb.jpg (92524 bytes)
Passing under 95th St bridge.
9-Algomrn-4-7-09-sb.jpg (93499 bytes)
Arriving at the Morton Salt dock at 100th St., with the Spruceglen getting ready to start loading at KCBX.
10-Algomrn-4-7-09-ab.jpg (83491 bytes)
It did not take long for the unloading to begin. 

4-8 - Brockville on Tuesday
- Dave Bessant

1-RobinsonBay-07-06-09-WDB.jpg (61232 bytes)
Two tugs from the St Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation. First Robinson Bay Eastbound.
2-RobinsonBay-07-06-09-WDB.jpg (76534 bytes)
Robinson Bay
3-RobinsonBay-07-06-09-WDB.jpg (85304 bytes)
Robinson Bay close up
5-Performance-07-06-09-WDB.jpg (73946 bytes)
Performance following the Robinson Bay
6-Performance-07-06-09-WDB.jpg (67394 bytes)
Performance close up
7-RtHonPaulJMartin-07-06-09.jpg (122514 bytes)
Canada Steamships Rt Hon Paul J Martin eastbound in the snow

4-8 - Mesabi Miner arrived in Marquette with coal on a very windy Tuesday
- Lee Rowe

MesMinerLR04070934.jpg (69530 bytes)
Mesabi Miner arriving past the break wall.
MesMinerLR04070937.jpg (72833 bytes)
Inside the harbor.

4-8 - Historical Perspectives
  - Grounded Socrates Minnesota Point, Duluth 1986 - Duane T Holsen

Sacrates.jpg (104234 bytes)        

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