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April 10 - 11, 2009


4-11 - Welland Canal Traffic - Paul Beesley

1-zeus-4-7-09-pb.jpg (82743 bytes)
Zeus upbound in the Welland canal for Chicago.
2-zeus-4-7-09-pb.jpg (77274 bytes)
 Zeus upbound in the Welland canal for Chicago.
3-asea-4-7-09-pb.jpg (63856 bytes)
Algosea above Lock 7.
4-stool-4-7-09-pb.jpg (64594 bytes)
Tim S Dool above Lock 2.
5-stool-4-7-09-pb.jpg (74477 bytes)
  Ice on the Dool after coming off Lake Ontario.
6-cape-4-8-09-pb.jpg (73368 bytes)
Algocape down at the Homer bridge.
7-cape-4-8-09-pb.jpg (72444 bytes)
 Algocape down at the Homer bridge.
8-dredge-4-8-09-pb.jpg (78200 bytes)
Dredging below Lock 1.  This work has been going on for some time.
9-dredge-4-8-09-pb.jpg (100024 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife is used to move the barges around.
10-dredge-4-8-09-pb.jpg (81163 bytes)
Another scoop of bottom junk for barge Big 549.  There have been some vehicles recovered.
11-dredge-4-8-09-pb.jpg (69363 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife, spud barge with dredge crane, spoils barge Big 549 and Montrealais (in for seaway inspection of damage caused in the canal.)

4-11 - Welland Canal Traffic
- Bob Dowson

1.Fedsche-04-10-09-bd.jpg (90723 bytes)
Federal Schelede upbound at Lock 2
2.Fedsche-04-10-09-bd.jpg (97151 bytes)
Federal Schedele Stern view
3.algonova-04-10-09-bd.jpg (107753 bytes)
Algonova tied up at Port Colborne

4-11 - Sorel-Tracy - René Beauchamp

IMG_4150.jpg (93049 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes laid up at Sorel-Tracy
IMG_4149.jpg (90176 bytes) IMG_4153.jpg (102454 bytes)
McNallys dredge John Holden at the former Marine Industries shipyard.
IMG_4152.jpg (92081 bytes)
The floating theatre L'Escale being converted to be equipped with spas at the former Marine Industries shipyard. It will be eventually towed to the Old Port of Montreal according to reports.

4-11 - Cuyahoga returns to Cleveland
- Allen Seremak

1-Cuyahoga-4-8-09-as.jpg (112234 bytes)
Cuyahoga arrives in Cleveland 4-8, assisted by the tug Iowa.
2-Cuyahoga-4-8-09-as.jpg (99856 bytes)
Cuyahoga makes its way down the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland.

4-11 - Amelia Desgagnes in Marinette
- Dick Lund

1-AD-04-10-09-dl.jpg (100818 bytes)
Amelia Desgagnes approaches the craneship William H. Donner alongside which they will tie up
2-AD-04-10-09-dl.jpg (89558 bytes)
Bow view as they tie up
3-AD-04-10-09-dl.jpg (109937 bytes)
4-AD-04-10-09-dl.jpg (73822 bytes)
Unloading in the afternoon
5-AD-04-10-09-dl.jpg (92770 bytes)
A load of pig iron is dropped to the dock from a crane aboard the William H. Donner

4-11 - Straits of Mackinac
- Robert McGreevy

Blough-&-Speer-(3).jpg (141999 bytes)
Rodger Blough & Edger B. Speer passing under the Mackinac Bridge.
Ranger-III.jpg (131297 bytes)
Ranger III Taken Straits of Mackinac.
L&L-Fish.jpg (176900 bytes)
L&L fish taken Mackinac Island Michigan. Robert McGreevy
LCM6-2.jpg (142351 bytes)
LCM 6 Operated by Mackinac Island State Park.

4-11 - Historical Perspective
- Jerry Masson

4-11 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone

IMG_0146_1.jpg (52213 bytes)
USCG Northwind at the Soo with cutter Naugatuck - no date.
  barges.jpg (71187 bytes)
Barges at an unknown location, circa 1964. Possibly being Scrapped?

4-11 - Historical Perspectives
- Duane Holsen

Joshua-A-Hatfield.jpg (94087 bytes)
Retired Joshua A. Hatfield blown aground by storm 1986 Minnesota Point, Duluth.
Kinsman-Independent.jpg (112728 bytes)
Kinsman Independent retired Duluth 1985

4-10 - Algonova arriving in Port Colborne
- Paul Beesley

1-nova-4-9-09-pb.jpg (76649 bytes)
Molly M 1 hauling the Algonova stern first through the ice inside Port Colborne harbor.
2-nova-4-9-09-pb.jpg (89024 bytes)
Another view of the tow with the Vac just visible at the bow of the tanker.
3-nova-4-9-09-pb.jpg (96817 bytes)
Vac slowing down the tow.  The ice was not under pressure and did not present much of an impediment to movement.
4-nova-4-9-09-pb.jpg (110287 bytes)
Molly M 1 heading for the dock on the east side of the canal.
5-nova-4-9-09-pb.jpg (113641 bytes)
 Almost there.
6-nova-4-9-09-pb1.jpg (117068 bytes)
Seahound holding the Algonova on the dock while she is tied up.
7-nova-4-9-09-pb.jpg (116992 bytes)
The tanker is nearly secured while the Molly M 1 heads downbound for Hamilton through Bridge 21.
8-nova-4-9-09-pb.jpg (124309 bytes)
Vac finished with this job and heading back to Port Dover.  The crew are coiling the towline on top of the superstructure.

4-10 - Sturgeon Bay activity - Dick Lund

1-SB-04-09-09-dl.jpg (76957 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson moved alongside fleetmate, Philip R. Clarke
2-SB-04-09-09-dl.jpg (86010 bytes)
Another fleetmate, Cason J. Callaway, has smoke coming from its stack
3-SB-04-09-09-dl.jpg (110939 bytes)
St. Mary's Challenger (dry-docked but not painted) alongside the American Century
4-SB-04-09-09-dl.jpg (65295 bytes)
A contrast in sizes
5-SB-04-09-09-dl.jpg (66308 bytes)
Another view of the American Century
6-SB-04-09-09-dl.jpg (76126 bytes)
Petrochem Supplier has been moved into the graving dock
7-SB-04-09-09-dl.jpg (91411 bytes)
Stern view of the Petrochem Supplier
8-SB-04-09-09-dl.jpg (62851 bytes)
Sam Laud rafted outside the Pathfinder (with tug, Dorothy Ann in the notch)

4-10 - Lee A. Tregurtha in Marquette - Lee Rowe

LATregurthaLR04090903.jpg (28340 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha getting a dusty load of ore.
LATregurthaLR04090912.jpg (19916 bytes)
 Backing away from the dock.
LATregurthaLR04090923.jpg (32900 bytes)
Leaving past the harbor light.

4-10 - St. Joseph and South Haven - Jim Lindholm

Inovation-backing-out-4-8-0.jpg (70457 bytes)
Innovation backing out of the St. Joseph River on April 8.
Matt-Allen-at-South-Haven-4.jpg (149554 bytes)
The King Company tug Matt Allen docked in South Haven, Mich. April 8.

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