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April 12 , 2009


4-12 - Alpena in Green Bay - Matt Ludvigson

1-Alpena-4-11-09-ml.jpg (101931 bytes)
The Alpena gets ready to depart from LaFarge in Green Bay, WI
2-Alpena-4-11-09-ml.jpg (92774 bytes)
Next to the storage vessel S.T. Crapo
3-Alpena-4-11-09-ml.jpg (93675 bytes)
Alpena underway in the Fox River, Green Bay, WI
4-Alpena-4-11-09-ml.jpg (90582 bytes)
Selvick tugs sit tight as the Alpena moves past
5-Alpena-4-11-09-ml.jpg (126776 bytes)
Alpena blows a steamy salute
6-Alpena-4-11-09-ml.jpg (134541 bytes)
Alpena navigates one of the final bends in the Fox River on the way to the bay

4-12 - Edward L. Ryerson coming into Duluth on Friday
- Travis Chadwick

1-ryerson-4-11-09-tc.jpg (95153 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson coming under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.
2-ryerson-4-11-09-tc.jpg (70050 bytes)
Starboard side panoramic view.



4-12 - John B. Aird Saturday on the Calumet River.
- Steve Bauer

1-Aird-4-11-09-sb.jpg (87796 bytes)
John B. Aird unloading salt at Morton Salt at 100th St.
2-Aird-4-11-09-sb.jpg (93614 bytes)
Crew members removed the stern mooring line and the G Tug Colorado is standing by ready to assist the John B. Aird away from the dock and up the Calumet River.
3-Aird-4-11-09-sb.jpg (83228 bytes)
Crew member watching the passage through 100th St. Bridge.
4-Aird-4-11-09-sb.jpg (118846 bytes)
Approaching the NS bridge, with the 95th St. bridge also open well in advance of the move.
5-Aird-4-11-09-sb.jpg (103900 bytes)
Backing under EJE (now CN) bridge 710 en route to Lake Michigan.

4-12 - Hamilton
- Bill BIrd

1-Montrealais-4-11-09-bb-a.jpg (124901 bytes)
Montrealais in Burlington canal.
2-Montrealais-4-11-09-bb-b1.jpg (82993 bytes)
Closeup of patch on port side that was there for the season opener, the only difference from a shot taken the day the canal opened shows some writing on the patch today.  It wasn't there on the 31st. 
3-Montrealais-04-11-09-bb-c.jpg (66520 bytes)
Stern shot-13 hours to Cape Vincent.
4-MaritimeTrader-04-11-09-b.jpg (114989 bytes)
Maritime Trader at Agrico dock getting ready to load
5-CanadianProvider-04-11-09.jpg (70553 bytes)
Canadian Provider had been at Agrico dock, moved to Pier 22 for balance of her layup    

4-12 - Welland Canal
- Eric Holmes

1-Enterprise-4-11-09-eh.jpg (79053 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise under Bridge 4 downbound.
2-Enterprise-4-11-09-eh.jpg (63464 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise stern view.

4-12 - Straits of Mackinac
- Robert McGreevy

Edward-L-Ryerson.jpg (58306 bytes)
Edward-L-Ryerson-(3).jpg (117497 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson passing between Round and Mackinac Island.
H-Lee-White.jpg (84917 bytes)
H. Lee White
Cuyahcga.jpg (108128 bytes)
Cuyahoga passing through the straits of Mackinac
Spenser-F-Baird-(1).jpg (104636 bytes)
Spencer F. Baird in Cheboygan.

4-12 - Goderich
- Dale Baechler

2-Leitch-04-11-09-db.jpg (45378 bytes)
John D. Leitch backing in and on the Sifto Salt dock
3-Leitch-04-11-09-db.jpg (80900 bytes)      

4-12 - St Lawrence Seaway's south shore canal at Kahnawake
- Kent Malo

Federal-Fuji-4-10-09-km-d.jpg (76957 bytes)
Bow view of the Nassau Flagged Federal Fuji, up bound for Hamilton, Ont.
Federal-Fuji-4-10-09-km-b.jpg (78920 bytes)
View of the accommodations and wheelhouse
Federal-Fuji-4-10-09-km-c.jpg (78578 bytes)
Stern view

4-12 - Lee A. Tregurtha passing Port Huron
- Dawn C. Roberts

1-LAT-4-10-09-dcr.jpg (71266 bytes)
Off Port Sanilac
2-LAT-4-10-09-dcr.jpg (81986 bytes)
Under the Bluewater Bridges
3-LAT-4-10-09-dcr.jpg (130347 bytes)
Making the big turn and saluting the Huron Lightship
4-LAT-4-10-09-dcr.jpg (89773 bytes)
Possible “scars” from 9-hours trapped in Lake Superior ice (Duluth) on April 1st.

4-12 - Detroit River Amherstburg Channel - Dave Cozens

6-Federal-Schelde-4,11,09-D.jpg (66420 bytes)
Federal Schelde
P4110023.jpg (80191 bytes) 4-J-W-Shelley-4,11,09-DC.jpg (63197 bytes)
J W Shelley
5-J-W-Shelley-4,11,09-DC.jpg (66720 bytes) 1-Cape-Hurd,4,11,09-DC.jpg (77521 bytes)
CCG Cape Hurd
2-John-Leitch-4,11,09-DC.jpg (78309 bytes)
John Leitch
3-John-Leitch-4,11,09-DC.jpg (65232 bytes)      

4-12 - Friday at Brockville
- Dave Bessant

1-Katanni-04-10-09-WDB.jpg (142531 bytes)
Tug Katanni out on a pleasure cruise in Brockville, Blockhouse Island
2-Frontenac-04-10-09-WDB.jpg (91313 bytes)
Frontenac Downbound at Blockhouse Island
3-Frontenac-04-10-09-WDB.jpg (81521 bytes)
Frontenac  in front of Three Sisters
4-MaritimeTrader-04-10-09-W.jpg (71440 bytes)
Maritime Trader upbound
5-MaritimeTrader-04-10-09-W.jpg (54005 bytes)
Maritime Trader entering the islands

4-12 - Port Canaveral, Florida
- Jim Hoogsteen

1-CSL-Metis-10-3-09-jh.jpg.jpg (67412 bytes)
 CSL Metis leaving Pt. Canaveral, Florida on Mar 10, 2009 after unloading aggregates.
2-CSL-Metis-10-3-09-jh.jpg.jpg (69480 bytes)
CSL Metis stern view (84548 bytes)
On Mar 15, 2009 the lakes built Brownsville and barge unloaded bunker fuel in Port Canaveral, Florida. (74593 bytes)
Brownsville close up

4-12 - Historical Perspective
- Jupiter tanker exposition in Bay City Sept. 16, 1990 - Todd Shorkey

I had been a career firefighter for only about four months. I was sitting at my station, having a cup of coffee at the end of my 24 hour duty shift when a call came in for a "boat" fire. as soon as we pulled out of our station, we knew it was more than a boat fire. Arriving at the scene at Total Petroleum, we saw the tanker Jupiter ablaze, with flames shooting into the air. I began to wonder what I was getting myself into with my new career a firefighter.

These photos are from my collection and were taken from the dock at Total and from a USCG Helo during a flight with one of our firefighters to overview the scene. Details of the accident
1-jupiter-4-10-09-ts-a.jpg (87997 bytes)
From the dock at Total Petroleum
2-jupiter-4-10-09-ts-b.jpg (53463 bytes)
Aerial overviews
3-jupiter-4-10-09-ts-c.jpg (82558 bytes) 4-jupiter-4-10-09-ts-d.jpg (71164 bytes)
The aftermath

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