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April 13 , 2009


4-13 - Twin Port Sunday - Glenn Blaszkiewicz

1-Ryerson-4-12-09-GHB.jpg (80354 bytes)
American Victory, Kaye E. Barker and the St. Clair.
2-Ryrson-4-12-09-GHB.jpg (100132 bytes)
Ryerson going from Fraser Shipyard in Superior and finally ending up at the CN DM&IR dock in Duluth.
3-Ryerson-4-12-09-GHB.jpg (120422 bytes) 4-Ryerson-4-12-09-GHB.jpg (97535 bytes) 5-Ryerson-4-12-09-GHB.jpg (127407 bytes)
At the CN DM&IR dock in Duluth.
1-Speer-4-12-09-GHB.jpg (114096 bytes)
 Speer entering Duluth Sunday evening about 6 p.m. and passing the outbound Paul R. Tregurtha.
2-Speer-4-12-09-GHB.jpg (86877 bytes) 1-P.Tregurtha-4-12-09-GHB.jpg (88157 bytes)    

4-13 - Salarium upbound for Montreal near Trois-Riviers on Easter Day
- Rene Beauchamp

Salarium-120409RBMTL.jpg (59432 bytes)
 Loaded with salt from the Magdalen Islands.
Salarium-new-stack-120409RB.jpg (66406 bytes)
Note new funnel markings.

4-13 - Weekend traffic at Marinette, Wisc.
- Scott Best

1-ameliad-04-11-09-sb.jpg (94130 bytes)
Amelia Desgagnes Saturday begins what seems like a normal turn in the harbor (note her stern is about even with the stern on the 500 foot long Donner at this point)
2-ameliad-04-11-09-sb.jpg (81979 bytes)
Using lots of engine to try and keep her stern off the Ogden Street Bridge Dolphins, (her stern is now in front of the Donner's bow)
3-ameliad-04-11-09-sb.jpg (72358 bytes)
Worked her way back to about mid-ships on the Donner after some tense moments to get away from the bridge.
4-ameliad-04-11-09-sb.jpg (78598 bytes)
Still trying to get turned in the harbor, note how far up river she is now from the Donner where she first attempted turning.
5-ameliad-04-11-09-sb.jpg (87771 bytes)
Finally turned around and turning up the power while departing through the piers.
1-capthj-04-12-09-sb.jpg (74833 bytes)
Sunday backing in stern first past the North Pier Lighthouse.
2-capthj-04-12-09-sb.jpg (45315 bytes)
Backing up river to Fuel & Dock.
3-capthj-04-12-09-sb.jpg (58927 bytes)
Just about ready to swing the boom out and start unloading.

4-13 - Welland Canal Sunday
- Bill Bird

1-CSLLaurentien-4-12-09-bb-.jpg (113788 bytes)
CSL Laurentien passing under Bridge 11 at Allanburg.
2-CSLLaurentien4-12-09-b.jpg (85965 bytes)
Galley staff well prepared.  45 minutes before the mid-day meal, cook has time to make call on cellphone.
3-Kaministiqua-4-12-09-a.jpg (66061 bytes)
Kaministiqua approaching old Bridge 10 in Thorold.
4-Roman-4-12-09-bb.jpg (65065 bytes)
Stephen B Roman clear of Lock 7
1-Norris-4-12-09-bb-a.jpg (102460 bytes)
James Norris-tied at Stone Dock
2-Norris-4-12-09-bb-b.jpg (117024 bytes)
Work still being done on propeller blades which have been removed.
3-Norris-4-12-09-bb-c.jpg (88171 bytes)
Dryer on dock at Norris stern with instructions to clean filter and for use on street clothes only.
4-JaneAnn-4-12-09-bb.jpg (87980 bytes)
Jane Ann 4 also at Stone Dock.  Shore crews on board on Easter Sunday meaning she'll be sailing again soon.
5-SarahSpencer-4-12-09-bb.jpg (111152 bytes)
barge Sarah Spencer awaiting Jane Ann 4 at Robin Hood elevator across from Stone Dock.  Recently moved from Thorold.
6-MarinelinkExplorer-4-12-0.jpg (77768 bytes)
Heavy lift ship Marinelink Explorer at Stone Dock

4-13 - Port Colborne and Port Weller
- Paul Beesley

1-norr-4-9-09-pb.jpg (74233 bytes)
 James Norris in layup.  Mollie M 1 downbound after assisting the Algonova in Port Colborne.
2-jane-4-9-09-pb.jpg (72622 bytes)
Jane Anne IV in layup.  Contractors are on board preparing her for sailing.  Her barge is secured on the other side of the canal.
3-link-4-9-09-pb.jpg (74873 bytes)
Marinelink Explorer in layup.  Molly M 1 passing by.
4-fish-4-9-09-pb.jpg (102923 bytes)
Last year 2 trawlers were towed up the Seaway to IMS in Port Colborne for scrapping.  Their upper works are gone but their stern ramps are still intact.
1-ccg-4-10-09-pb.jpg (84713 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Search & Rescue (SAR) base Port Weller early in the morning.  Cutter Cape Storm can be seen at the dock.
2-lite-4-10-09-pb.jpg (138547 bytes)
 Federal Schelde anchored in Port Weller anchorage.  In the foreground is a mobile radar unit that is sometimes set up in this location.
3-veren-4-10-09-pb.jpg (61701 bytes)
  Doc Morin rafted to the Verendrye.  Barge Big 503 is also visible in the background.

4-13 - John G. Munson on the St. Clair River Sunday
- Ron Piskor

1-jgm-4-12-09-rp.jpg (61554 bytes)
Early evening Easter Sunday the John G. Munson passing Recor Point downbound.
2-jgm-4-12-09-rp.jpg (94627 bytes)
Approaching Marine City.
3-jgm-4-12-09-rp.jpg (90054 bytes)
Bow photo.
4-jgm-4-12-09-rp.jpg (93967 bytes)
The Marine City to Sombra carferry crosses in front of the Munsonís bow.

4-13 - Point Edward/Sarnia action
- Marc Dease

1-pine-4-07-09-md.jpg (70231 bytes)
Pineglen loads at the elevator in Sarnia.
2-miss-4-07-09-md.jpg (78450 bytes)
Mississagi and Manistee rafted together at the government dock in Sarnia.
3-oji-4-08-09-a-md.jpg (65215 bytes)
 Ojibway in the north slip at Point Edward for unspecified repairs.
4-oji-4-08-09-b-md.jpg (65138 bytes)
Ojibway departs the north slip later in the day.

4-13 - Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon
- Ron Beaupre

1-griffon-10-04-09-rb.jpg (57126 bytes)
CCGS Griffon has just landed at the Universal Terminals dock between Iroquois and Morrisburg.
2-griffon-10-04-09-rb.jpg (54865 bytes)
CCGS Griffon with her deck load of buoys.

4-13 - Herbert C. Jackson in Marquette on her first trip of the season - Rod Burdick
- Rod Burdick

1_hcj_4_11_09_rb.jpg (116234 bytes)
Bow view, loading ore
2_hcj_4_11_09_rb.jpg (87053 bytes)
Full view

4-13 - Algowood down bound at Maitland On.
- Murray Blancher

1-Algowood--12-04-09-MB.jpg (68444 bytes) 2-algowood-12-04-09-MB-.jpg (70422 bytes)      


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