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April 14 - 15, 2009


4-15 - Maumee at Stoneport - Ben & Chanda McClain

Mame4-14-09-01.jpg (79626 bytes)
Bow view
Mame4-14-09-02.jpg (91780 bytes)
Loading rig going up
Mame4-14-09-03.jpg (109524 bytes)
Steam from the winches
Mame4-14-09-04.jpg (88756 bytes)
Pulling away from the dock
Mame4-14-09-05.jpg (82798 bytes)
Another view
Mame4-14-09-06.jpg (58209 bytes)
Heading down Lake Huron

4-15 - Calumet entered the Black River in Lorain, Ohio
to deliver a small load of stone to Terminal Ready Mi  - Al Leonard 

2-charlesberry-4-13-09-al.jpg (160502 bytes)
Bascule bridge begins to open in advance of Calumet
1-control-4-13-09-al.jpg (72926 bytes)
Vintage control panel in the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge
3-calumet-4-13-09-al.jpg (76375 bytes)
Calumet pour on power and gets lined up to pass through the bascule bridge
4-calumet-4-13-09-al.jpg (132586 bytes)
Bow of the Calumet under the bascule span
5-calumet-4-13-09-al.jpg (108979 bytes)
Half way through
6-calumet-4-13-09-al.jpg (103052 bytes)
Close-up of rudder draft marks
7-calumet-4-13-09-al.jpg (88512 bytes)
Calumet continues up river to Terminal Ready Mix

4-15 - Melissa Desgagnes in Marinette
- Dick Lund

1---MD-04-14-09-dl.jpg (112393 bytes)
Melissa Desgagnes is tying up alongside the craneship, William H. Donner, around 1:45 p.m. Tuesday.
2---MD-04-14-09-dl.jpg (94129 bytes)
A crane aboard the Donner lifts a load of pig iron from the hold.
3---MD-04-14-09-dl.jpg (81394 bytes)
...and drops it to the dock below.
4---LJK-04-14-09-dl.jpg (71398 bytes)
The Lewis J. Kuber is ballasted down (but the tug, Olive L. Moore, is not yet in the notch as they ready the tug/barge for departure (possibly later this week)
5---JLK-04-14-09-dl.jpg (78860 bytes)
The James L. Kuber is also ballasted down (the tug, Victory, remained in the notch all winter
6---JLK-04-14-09-dl.jpg (94497 bytes)
Dockside stern view of the Victory/James L. Kuber, which is also set for departure this week

4-15 - Welland Canal Photos
- Paul Beesley

1-rsp-4-13-09-pb.jpg (96182 bytes)
Robert S Pierson approaching Lock 2 through Gull’s Gate.
2-rsp-4-13-09-pb.jpg (109065 bytes)
Pierson in Lock 2 with the water level down about half way.
3-uscg-4-13-09-pb.jpg (81313 bytes)
  USCGC Thunder Bay one her way toward home – down below Lock 2.
4-limn-4-14-09-pb.jpg (61851 bytes)
CCGS Limnos upbound above Lock 1.
5-fron-4-14-09-pb.jpg (74547 bytes)
Frontenac upbound above Lock 2.
6-fron-4-14-09-pb.jpg (70044 bytes)
 Frontenac flying the Safety Award flag for 2008.
7-fron-4-14-09-pb.jpg (91693 bytes)
Frontenac approaching the Homer bridge.

4-15 - Canadian Enterprise was towed back to Hamilton
- Eric Holmes

1-Enterprise-04-14-09-eh.jpg (44477 bytes)
Tuesday morning the Canadian Enterprise was towed back to Hamilton from Port Weller by the McKeil tugs Wyatt M and Molly M.
2-Enterprise-04-14-09-eh.jpg (60067 bytes)
Due to the high ne winds they decided to anchor 2 miles east of the Burlington Piers on the north shore until Wednesday when the winds are expected to decrease.


4-15 - Historical perspectives
- The Robert C Stanley passing Sarnia in her last sailing year. We went into a deep recession then and the era of the Silver Stackers cam to an end. Ray Hillary

1-rstanley-1981-rch.jpg (36406 bytes) 2-rstanley-1981-rch.jpg (28815 bytes) 3-rstanley-1981-rch.jpg (39031 bytes)    

4-15 - Frontenac and Harry Coulby retired Superior WI, 1986
- Duane Holsen

Frontenac-coulby.jpg (104598 bytes)        

4-14 - Welland Canal Photos
- Paul Beesley

1-jws-4-10-09-pb.jpg (85466 bytes)
J W Shelley upbound at Port Weller shipyard.
2-wood-4-10-09-pb.jpg (69628 bytes)
Algowood heading down toward Lock 1.
3-pers-4-10-09-pb.jpg (74552 bytes)
 Persenk up between Locks 2 & 3 on another cold, blustery spring day.
4-schel-4-10-09-pb.jpg (101286 bytes)
Federal Schelde upbound toward Lock 2.
5-schel-4-10-09-pb.jpg (84289 bytes)
 Federal Schelde with rudder over and prop spinning making her approach to Lock 2.
6-melis-4-10-09-pb.jpg (100750 bytes)
 Melissa Desgagnes after leaving Lock 3 on her way up.
7-melis-4-10-09-pb.jpg (118461 bytes)
 Melissa Desgagnes under Bridge 5 just below the Flight Locks.

4-14 - Shipping at Hamilton and Clarkson -
- John McCreery

1-Laguna-D-4-11-09-jm.jpg (92460 bytes)
Laguna D at Clarkson
2-Sjard-4-11-09-jm.jpg (56652 bytes)
Sjard Unloading at pier 12N
3-Sjard-4-11-09-jm-1.jpg (130687 bytes)
Stern View
4-Michipicoten-4-11-09-jm.jpg (68498 bytes)
Michipicoten last of the lay up fleet at pier 11
5-Canadian-Transfer-4-11-09.jpg (56336 bytes)
Canadian Transfer moved from Eastport to pier 8 at the extreme west end of the harbor
6-Can-Transfer-4-11-09-jm.jpg (83529 bytes)
Stern view of the Canadian Transfer

4-14 - Paul R. Tregurtha arriving at Marquette's Upper Harbor
- Rod Burdick

1_prt_4_13_09_rb.jpg (86959 bytes)
Backing toward the ore dock
2_prt_4_13_09_rb.jpg (152306 bytes)
Close up

4-14 - Brockville Traffic
- Murray Blancher

1-Maritime-Trader-&-Sjard-1.jpg (59953 bytes)
Maritime Trader & Sjard downbound at Crossover Island
2-Maritime-Trader-13-04-09-.jpg (91421 bytes)
Maritime Trader down at Brockville
3-Sjard-13-04-09-MB-.jpg (91626 bytes)
Sjard down at Brockville
4-Sjard-13-04-09-MB-.jpg (81520 bytes) 5-Maritime-Trader-Sjard-Son.jpg (65914 bytes)
Sjard passing Maritime Trader down, Songa Diamond upbound at Brockville
6-Songa-Diamond-13-04-09-MB.jpg (80403 bytes)
Songa Diamond up at Brockville
7-Songa-Diamond-13-04-09-MB.jpg (79866 bytes) 8-Songa-Diamond-13-04-09-MB.jpg (87481 bytes)    

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