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April 16 - 17 , 2009


4-17 - Ryerson enters Hamilton - John McCreery

1-Ryerson-4-16-09-jm.jpg (69344 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson approaching the Burlington Piers
2-Ryerson-4-16-09-jm.jpg (74934 bytes)
Bow view with Ship Fans on the pier
3-Ryerson-4-16-09-jm.jpg (56202 bytes)
Steam Cloud Accompanies the Traditional Salute to the Bridge master
4-Ryerson-4-16-09-jm.jpg (55529 bytes)
Deck Crew Prepares for docking
5-Ryerson-4-16-09-jm.jpg (136548 bytes)
Stern view as she slides under the bridges
6-Ryerson-4-16-09-jm.jpg (84228 bytes)
Crossing the Harbor
7-Ryerson-4-16-09-jm.jpg (88490 bytes)
Arrival at the Dofasco Dock

4-17 - Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

1-RyersonLeitcha-4-16-09-bb.jpg (74297 bytes)
Ryerson departing Lock 7 this morning with Gordon C Leitch waiting in Lock 6.
2-GCLeitch-4-16-09-bb.jpg (67152 bytes)
Leitch upbound approaching Bridge  11
3-Ryerson-4-16-09-bb.jpg (65942 bytes)
Ryerson clear of the flights
4-CanProgress-4-16-09-bb.jpg (61097 bytes)
Canadian Progress upbound approaching Bridge 5
5-MartinCuyahogaNorris4-16-.jpg (70640 bytes)
 A bit crowded at Lock 8.  Cuyahoga has departed lock with Rt Hon Paul J Martin waiting at tieup wall and James Norris secured at the stone dock.
6-CanLeader-4-16-09-bb.jpg (65484 bytes)
Canadian Leader entering Port Colborne harbor
7-Quebecois-4-16-09-bb.jpg (61322 bytes)
Quebecois clear of Lock 8

4-17 - Marinette, Wisc.
- Melissa Desgagnes departs in high winds Wednesday - Dick Lund

1-MD-04-15-09-dl.jpg (89436 bytes)
The Melissa Desgagnes tries to turn around about 11 a.m. into a stiff wind and gets this far
2-MD-04-15-09-dl.jpg (39005 bytes)
The flags on her mast tell the story - wind pushing directly against her starboard side, so they tie up
3-MD-04-15-09-dl.jpg (107401 bytes)
Around 2 p.m., the Selvick tug, Jacquelyn Nicole, arrives to assist
4-MD-04-15-09-dl.jpg (82462 bytes)
The tug tucked its bow between the Melissa Desgagnes and the craneship, William H. Donner
5-MD-04-15-09-dl.jpg (67634 bytes)
and proceeded to push the bow of the ship all the way around
6-MD-04-15-09-dl.jpg (74373 bytes)
The Melissa Desgagnes is turned around and ready to go just 10-minutes after the tug began its work
7-MD-04-15-09-dl.jpg (67982 bytes)
Ship and tug depart the inner harbor of the Menominee River
8-MD-04-15-09-dl.jpg (62974 bytes)
Approaching Menominee North Pier Lighthouse and heading for their next port of call

4-17 - Menominee, Mich.
- Dick Lund

1-JLK-04-15-09-dl.jpg (74253 bytes)
The Victory pushes the James L. Kuber away from the KK Integrated Logistics dock around 6 p.m. Wed. as the Ogden Street Bridge opens for them in the distance
2-JLK-04-15-09-dl.jpg (82836 bytes)
Out in the middle of the Menominee River
3-JLK-04-15-09-dl.jpg (89491 bytes)
Passing fleetmate, Viking I, heading for the open bridge
4-JLK-04-15-09-dl.jpg (71440 bytes)
Heading through the bridge
5-JLK-04-15-09-dl.jpg (65443 bytes)
Coming out of the inner harbor
6-JLK-04-15-09-dl.jpg (72696 bytes)
Heading for Menominee North Pier Lighthouse
7-JLK-04-15-09-dl.jpg (74332 bytes)
Past the lighthouse and on their way on their first trip of the 2009-2010 shipping season

4-17 - Toledo and Lorain
- Mike Nicholls

REBECCAKANDRIEb06041609mn.jpg (45968 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn towing Karen Andrie to the Ironhead Shipyard in Toledo.
CALUMETb15041609mn.jpg (41875 bytes)
Calumet unloading at the Jonick Dock in Lorain.
CALUMETUPPERCANADAb24041609.jpg (48359 bytes) UPPERCANADAb09041609mn.jpg (43447 bytes)
Upper Canada from the Lofton Henderson Memorial Bridge in Lorain.

4-16 - Duluth Wednesday - Travis Chadwick

1-iharbor-4-15-09-tc.jpg (79522 bytes)
Indiana Harbor undergoing repairs.
2-edwardh-4-15-09-tc.jpg (68609 bytes)
Tug Edward H heading back to her dock after pulling saltie Sabrina from CHS grain elevator.   
3-sabrina-4-15-09-tc.jpg (67273 bytes)
Sabrina departing Duluth.
4-cedarglen4-15-09tc.jpg (40353 bytes)
Cedarglen at Peavey elevator.

4-16 - Brockville Traffic
- Murray Blancher

1-Gordon-C-Leitch-&-Rt.-Hon.jpg (109857 bytes)
Leitch & Martin upbound at Brockville
2-Gordon-C-Leitch-14-04-09-.jpg (106660 bytes)
Leitch up at Brockville
3-Gordon-C-Leitch-14-04-09-.jpg (52694 bytes) 4-Rt.Hon.Paul-J-Martin-14-0.jpg (124151 bytes)
Martin up at Brockville
5-Rt.Hon.Paul-J.-Martin-14-.jpg (96976 bytes)
6-Rt.Hon.Paul-J.Martin-14-0.jpg (108776 bytes)        

4-16 - Saginaw unloading in Manitowoc
- Charlie Nelson

Saginaw-5.jpg (104103 bytes) Saginaw-6.jpg (85358 bytes) Saginaw-15.jpg (111664 bytes)
Work done on her on the stern.

4-16 - Hamilton
- Eric Holmes

1-Sbroman-04-15-09-eh.jpg (66884 bytes)
Stephen B Roman entering the Burlington Ship Canal
2-Sbroman-04-15-09-eh.jpg (128937 bytes)
Stephen B Roman under the Burlington Skyway
3-Sbroman-04-15-09-eh.jpg (61115 bytes)
 Stephen B Roman entering Hamilton Harbor

4-16 - Toronto Drydock
- Gerry O.

1--Toronto-Drydock---go..jpg (79966 bytes)
The tug Commodore Straits is undergoing its 5 year inspection on Toronto Drydock.
2-shaft-work--g.o.jpg (130027 bytes) 4--Deck-work---g.o..jpg (108957 bytes) 3---Tight-squeze---g.o.jpg (162675 bytes)

4-16 - Rouge River
- Mike Nicholls

4-16 - News Cliffs Mining sign at Marquette's Upper Harbor
- Rod Burdick

MUNSONJOHNGb02041409mn.jpg (42211 bytes)
John G Munson inbound the Rouge River in route to the Carmeuse Dick with a load of coal.
  1_mqtsign_4_11_09_rb.jpg (176630 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson at the ore dock

4-16 - Barge passing through the Portage Shipping Canal Wednesday 
- Danielle Adams

1-barge-4-15-09-da.jpg (19543 bytes)
Passing the Kessner Waterfront Park.
2-barge-4-15-09-da.jpg (20210 bytes)      

4-16 - Note in a bottle -
Dave Doucette

1northernV.jpg (169956 bytes)
In 1976 I was working cleaning up an oil spill from a ship in the St Lawrence near Cornwall Ont. I found a bottle with a note and dollar in it that I still have. The note reads "finder have a beer on me Orv. Elliott   SS Northern Venture" I would like to know when and where the bottle was tossed in the Great Lakes. If you can provide details please
post to the search page

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