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April 18 - 19, 2009


4-19 - Pictures from Port Huron Friday and Saturday - Roger LeLievre

Sabrina-41709rl.jpg (59870 bytes)
Satie Sabrina downbound.
NormanMcLeod-41709rl.jpg (47921 bytes)
Norman McLeod and tug Everlast headed into Lake Huron.
Everlast41709rl.jpg (61321 bytes)
Manistee-41809rl.jpg (74118 bytes)
Manistee under the Bluewater Bridge
Algoeast41809rl.jpg (53109 bytes)
Algoeast pumped out and in layup at Sarnia
Mississagi41809rl.jpg (54955 bytes)
Mississagi departs winter layup a Sarnia.
Mississagi41809-2rl.jpg (62650 bytes)

Mississagi41809-3rl.jpg (62223 bytes)

RyersonEL41809rl.jpg (48370 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson upbound at St. Clair
Ryerson41809-2rl.jpg (53751 bytes)

4-19 - Saginaw River Traffic
- Todd Shorkey

3-manitowoc-4-18-09-ts-a.jpg (47730 bytes)
Manitowoc upbound at the Airport Turning Basin
4-manitowoc-4-18-09-ts-b.jpg (46628 bytes)
Manitowoc another view
5-manitowoc-4-18-09-ts-c.jpg (44608 bytes)
Stern view
1-hollyhock-4-18-09-ts-a.jpg (76384 bytes)
 US Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock at the Dow dock
2-hollyhock-4-18-09-ts-b.jpg (72091 bytes)
Stern view

4-19 - Sturgeon Bay and Green Bay
- Scott Best

1-EHGott-04-18-09-sb.jpg (93329 bytes)
Gott nearing BayShip with Jimmy L standing off the stern.
2-EHGott-04-18-09-sb.jpg (84761 bytes)
Gott making the sharp turn to berth 15.
3-EHGott-04-18-09-sb.jpg (98361 bytes)
Just about all tied up at shipyard.
1-centurytugs-04-18-09-sb.jpg (75352 bytes)
Selvick tugs move and hold the Century and Challenger while the Gott ties up.
1-susanl-04-18-09-sb.jpg (122049 bytes)
Susan L pulls away from the Selvick tug dock to assist at BayShip.
1-jnicole-04-18-09-sb.jpg (147252 bytes)
Jacquelyn Nicole joins the tug parade over to Bayship.
1-JGMunson-04-17-09-sb.jpg (153673 bytes)
Munson unloading early Friday evening shadows of the I-43 Bridge in Green Bay.
2-JGMunson-04-17-09-sb.jpg (93277 bytes)
Pulling into the slip to turn around.

4-19 - Brockville - Prescott - Dave Bessant

1-AtlanticErie-04-16-09-WDB.jpg (127402 bytes)
Atlantic Erie passing Blockhouse Island, Brockville, Thursday am
2-AtlanticErie-04-16-09-WDB.jpg (81598 bytes)
Atlantic Erie - stern view
3-Tony-Mackay-Halifax-04-16.jpg (68008 bytes)
Tug Tony Mackay out of Halifax, heading upriver
4-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (82145 bytes)
Cuyahoga bound to Prescott  at Maitland
5-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (108637 bytes)
Cuyahoga bow
6-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (87764 bytes)
Cuyahoga passing Prescott town Harbor
7-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (104251 bytes)
Cuyahoga in front of Ogdensburg
8-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (74621 bytes)
Cuyahoga bow closer
9-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (124144 bytes)
Cuyahoga across the river maneuvering to go behind the Prescott silos
10-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (65335 bytes)
Cuyahoga emerging from behind a pile of salt
11-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (92556 bytes)
Cuyahoga entering the slip
12-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (103619 bytes)
Cuyahoga bow on into the slip
13-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (80004 bytes)
Cuyahoga Bow on close up
14-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (71223 bytes)
Cuyahoga bridge
15-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (86954 bytes)
16-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (92649 bytes)
Cuyahoga tying up
17-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (79527 bytes)
Cuyahoga alongside wavy pier
18-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (68406 bytes)
Cuyahoga side view port
19-CanadianOlympic-Cuyahoga.jpg (85126 bytes)
Cuyahoga side view with Canadian Olympic coming into view westbound
20-Cuyahoga-04-17-09-WDB.jpg (109990 bytes)
Cuyahoga unloading salt
21-CanadianOlympic-04-17-09.jpg (69165 bytes)
Canadian Olympic coming out from under the Prescott Ogdensburg International bridge  ( also known as the Seaway Skyway ).

4-19 - Fairport, Ohio
- Bob Hunter

1-Maumee-4-18-09-rh.jpg (78545 bytes)
Maumee Friday evening to load salt at the Morton Dock.
3-Maumee-4-18-09-rh.jpg (90527 bytes) 4-Algowood-4-16-09-rh.jpg (45681 bytes)
 Algowood in Fairport 4-16 to load salt.

4-19 - Saturday in Point Edward/Sarnia
- Wayne Brown

1-Martin-4-18-9-wb.jpg (119333 bytes)
Paul Martin upbound
2-Way-4-18-9-wb.jpg (72916 bytes)
Algoway at Sidney E. Smith dock
3-Marine-4-18-9-wb.jpg (64904 bytes)
Algomarine in north slip.
4-East-4-18-9-wb.jpg (74311 bytes)
Algoeast in north slip.
5-Manistee-4-18-9-wb.jpg (92300 bytes)
Manistee downbound.
6-Miss-4-18-9-wb.jpg (75189 bytes)
Mississagi departing winter lay up.

4-19 - St. Clair River
- Ron Piskor

1-pc-4-18-09-rp.jpg (96207 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell downbound under the Blue Water Bridges.
2-pg-4-18-09-rp.jpg (95868 bytes)
Pineglen upbound passing the Lightship Huron.
3-pg-4-18-09-rp.jpg (97074 bytes)
Pineglen pushing into the Bluewater current as it negotiates the turn approaching the Bluewater Bridges.
4-elr-4-18-09-rp.jpg (79906 bytes)
The upbound Ryerson at Muirs on the South Channel.
5-elrfy-4-18-09-rp.jpg (81443 bytes)
The Sombra to Marine City carferry holds position as the Ryerson passes.
6-elr-4-18-09-rp.jpg (65499 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson passing the town of St. Clair.
7-elr-4-18-09-rp.jpg (43774 bytes)
Ryerson passing Stag Island.

Click here to listen to a
master salute passing Port Huron

4-19 - St. Lawrence Seaway South Shore Canal
- Kent Malo

4-19 - Marquette, Mich.  - Lee Rowe

CanLeader-4-18-09-km-b.jpg (66090 bytes) Canadian-Leader-4-18-09-km-.jpg (74786 bytes)   HCJacksonLR04180906.jpg (29406 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson loading ore.
HCJacksonLR04180927.jpg (7593 bytes)
Departing in the fog.

4-19 - Welland Canal Traffic 
- Bob Dowson

1.Frontenac-04-18-09-bd.jpg (72675 bytes)
Frontenac upbound at Lock 2
2.Frontenac-04-18-09-bd.jpg (85184 bytes)
Stern view
3.FedSch-04-18-09bd.jpg (95515 bytes)
Federal Schelde exiting Lock 3
4.FedSch-04-18-09-bd.jpg (75380 bytes)
Federal Schedle at Lock 2
5.FedSch-04-18-09-bd.jpg (77636 bytes)
Stern view with Canadian Olympic exiting Lock 1
6.Seaeagle-04-18-09-bd.jpg (115750 bytes)
Sea Eagle II waiting for Federal Schelde at Lock 2
7.seaeagle-04-18-09-bd.jpg (106981 bytes)
Sea Eagle II entering Lock 2
8.Canoly-04-18-09-bd.jpg (64031 bytes)
Canadian Olympic upbound at Lock 2

4-19 - Know Your Ships book signing at Port Huron
- Wayne Brown

1-KYS-4-18-9-wb.jpg (101563 bytes) 2-KYS-4-18-9-wb.jpg (60097 bytes)      

4-18 - Tug Karen Andrie with new modern upper pilothouse
- The Great Lakes Group

karenandrie4-09.jpg (63472 bytes)
Pilothouse installed by Great Lakes Shipyard, alongside the tug Rebecca Lynn, a sister vessel with the old pilothouse still in place.

4-18 - Alpena in Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain

4-18 - Paul R. Tregurtha unloading coal in Marquette
- Rod Burdick

alpenalayup09-005.jpg (95174 bytes)
Alpena at the coal dock for temporary lay-up.
  1_prt_4_13_09_rb.jpg (130746 bytes)
Profile view

4-18 - Saginaw in Goderich
- Wayne Brown

1-Sagi-4-5-9-wb.jpg (82170 bytes)
Saginaw backing up in the main channel;  showing stern repair by anchor.
2-Sagi-4-5-9-wb.jpg (75254 bytes)
Another view in the channel.
3-Sagi-4-5-9-wb.jpg (94946 bytes)
180 Fisheye view of the deck.
4-Sagi-4-5-9-wb.jpg (106997 bytes)
Saginaw unloading at elevator.

4-18 - Calumet in Lorain
- Jim Bobel

1-Calumet-4-16-jcb.jpg (55945 bytes)
Calumet heads back to Lake Erie after making her second trip up the Black River in Lorain, Ohio

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