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April 20 - 21, 2009


4-21 - South shore canal of the St. Lawrence Seaway above Montreal - Kent Malo

Sarah-Ddesgagnes-409-d.jpg (77889 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes first trip up the St. Lawrence Seaway, bound for Nanticoke
Sarah-Desgagnes-409-b.jpg (85339 bytes) Sarah-Desgagnes-4-20-09-km-.jpg (80490 bytes) Sea-Robin-4-20-09-km.jpg (77352 bytes)
Sea Robin and her barge Hugh upbound for Ludington, Michigan
Sea-Robin-4-0-20-09-km-b.jpg (95522 bytes)
Sea-Robin-4-20-09-km-c.jpg (77148 bytes)        

4-21 - Clipper Loyalty going through the Iroquois Locks Sunday afternoon - Dave Bessant

1-ClipperLoyalty-04-19-09-W.jpg (85649 bytes) 2-ClipperLoyalty-04-19-09-W.jpg (92394 bytes) 3-ClipperLoyalty-04-19-09-W.jpg (109944 bytes) 4-ClipperLoyalty-04-19-09-W.jpg (84964 bytes) 5-ClipperLoyalty-04-19-09-W.jpg (147514 bytes)
6-ClipperLoyalty-04-19-09-W.jpg (113230 bytes) 7-ClipperLoyalty-04-19-09-W.jpg (121321 bytes)      

4-21 - Ryerson upbound on the St. Clair River - John McCreery

3-Ryerson-4-18-09-jm.jpg (98589 bytes)
Ryerson up bound on the St. Clair River
4-Ryerson-4-18-09-jm.jpg (87782 bytes)
Turning to port side, Manistee and Algosar in the background
5-Ryerson-4-18-09-jm.jpg (91163 bytes)
Passing Bramble and Highlander Seas
7-Ryerson-4-18-09-jm.jpg (115382 bytes)
 Saluting in front of Boatnerd Headquarters
8-Ryerson-4-18-09-jm.jpg (65973 bytes)
Past the Black River and headed to the Bridges and another salute

4-21 - Lee A. Tregurtha in Marquette - Rod Burdick

4-21 - Marquette
- Lee Rowe

1_lat_4_19_09_rb.jpg (90323 bytes)
Unloading coal
2_lat_4_19_09_rb.jpg (117269 bytes)
Bow view
James R Barker brought coal to Marquette's WE Power Plant on Monday during a slushy, wet snowfall.

4-21 - Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey

1-manitowoc-4-20-09-ts-a'.jpg (72194 bytes)
Manitowoc outbound at the Lafayette Bridge
2-manitowoc-4-20-09-ts-b'.jpg (78938 bytes)
Stern view


4-20 - Soo Traffic
- Drew Dewit

1-bckthrn-4-19-09-dd.jpg (109936 bytes)
Buckthorn Upbound At Mission Point
2-jwshely-4-19-09-dd.jpg (66820 bytes)
J.W. Shelley Downbound At Mission Point
3-jwshely-4-19-09-dd.jpg (79080 bytes)
J.W. Shelley Bow View
4-jwshely-4-19-09-dd.jpg (80459 bytes)
Stern View Of J.W.S helley At Mission Point
5-jlvnglt-4-19-09-dd.jpg (58595 bytes)
Joyce L. Van Enkevort and Great Lakes Trader Upbound At Mission Point
6-jlvnglt-4-19-09-dd.jpg (77352 bytes)
View Of The Joyce L. Van Enkevort
7-jlvnglt-4-19-09-dd.jpg (80961 bytes)
Stern View Of The Joyce L. Van Enkevort and Great Lakes Trader

4-20 - Mississagi in Alpena Sunday
- Ben & Chanda McClain

Missisg4-19-09-01.jpg (60756 bytes) Missisg4-19-09-02.jpg (71138 bytes) Missisg4-19-09-03.jpg (90822 bytes) Missisg4-19-09-04.jpg (86298 bytes) Missisg4-19-09-05.jpg (62763 bytes)
Missisg4-19-09-06.jpg (80797 bytes)        

4-20 - Capt. Henry Jackman returns to Marinette
- Dick Lund

1-CHJ-04-19-09-dl.jpg (68181 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman unloading salt at Marinette Fuel & Dock on Sunday
2-CHJ-04-19-09-dl.jpg (74139 bytes)
Dockside view
3-CHJ-04-19-09-dl.jpg (61387 bytes)
Shipping the boom about 6 hours after arriving
4-CHJ-04-19-09-dl.jpg (52498 bytes)
Departing (with part of the salt pile in the distance)
5-CHJ-04-19-09-dl.jpg (80927 bytes)
A strong onshore wind didn't slow them down
6-CHJ-04-19-09-dl.jpg (62933 bytes)
Approaching Menominee North Pier Lighthouse with the pierhead light of Marinette's Government Pier completing the "frame"

4-20 - Lewis J. Kuber departs winter lay-up
- Dick Lund

1-LJK-04-18-09-dl.jpg (79669 bytes)
Barge, Lewis J. Kuber, at dock early in the morning
2-LJK-04-18-09-dl.jpg (115726 bytes)
Olive L. Moore waits
3-LJK-04-18-09-dl.jpg (89823 bytes)
At about 1:45 p.m. CDT the tug is in the notch as the duo moves away from the dock
4-LJK-04-18-09-dl.jpg (63585 bytes)
The bow thruster of the barge is put to work
5-LJK-04-18-09-dl.jpg (81513 bytes)
Heading through the Ogden Street Bridge
6-LJK-04-18-09-dl.jpg (50978 bytes)
Heading out of the inner harbor
7-LJK-04-18-09-dl.jpg (52927 bytes)
Close-up of the Olive L. Moore in the notch
8-LJK-04-18-09-dl.jpg (62472 bytes)
Approaching Menominee North Pier Lighthouse on their way to Calcite, MI

4-20 - Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley

1-fedwel-4-18-09-pb.jpg (99172 bytes)
 Federal Welland downbound approaching Lock 1.
2-fedwel-4-18-09-pb.jpg (107406 bytes)
Federal Welland passing buoy WC9 just above Lock 1.
3-fedwel-4-18-09-pb.jpg (75016 bytes)
Profile view of superstructure of Federal Welland.
4-fedwel-4-18-09-pb.jpg (111883 bytes)
Federal Welland entering Lock 1 downbound.
5-pwdd-4-18-09-pb.jpg (113802 bytes)
View of the shipyard in Port Weller.  On the left is the bow of the Algoport.  On the right is the hatch crane from an unknown ship.

4-20 - Lee A. Tregurtha in Marquette
- Lee Rowe

LATregurthaLR04190907.jpg (27074 bytes)
Arriving at the ore dock.
LATregurthaLR04190912.jpg (34850 bytes)
First man over.

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