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April 22 - 23, 2009


4-23 - American Mariner opening Marquette's Lower Harbor - Rod Burdick

1_amar_4_22_09_rb.jpg (98502 bytes)
Unloading coal after a spring snow
2_amar_4_22_09_rb.jpg (94835 bytes)
Profile view

4-23 - Leitch passes Detroit
- Mike Koprowicz

1-gcleitch-4-22-09-mjk.jpg.jpg (25217 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch downbound off of downtown Detroit, the Leitch has been an uncommon visitor to the upper lakes for the past few years.
2-gcleitch-4-22-09-mjk.jpg.jpg (23452 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch's unusually large funnel

3-gcleitch-4-22-09-mjk.jpg.jpg (24285 bytes)
A close up of the spartan cabins on the Gordon C Leitch.

4-23 - Torco side of the Toledo Docks
- Bob Vincent

1-Laurentien-4-21-09-bv.jpg (120600 bytes)
CSL Laurentien unloading ore at Torco

4-23 - Julius H Barnes aground in 1941
- John Harrison

2-JHBarnes-Aug-1941-JH.jpg (133681 bytes)
n late August 1941 the Julius H Barnes while running upbound from Detroit after discharging a cargo of phosphate rock ran hard aground on Bay Point at Sarnia Bay, just across from Port Huron.
3-JHBarnes-Aug-1941-JH.jpg (141902 bytes)
These pictures were taken by my dad, Calvin Harrison from Buzz O'Conner's boat.
1-JHBarnes-Aug-1941-JH.jpg (132952 bytes)
Buzz O'Conner had a dock and office just downriver from the Bluewater bridge in the 30' & 40's and probably was the local agent for Westcott Marine.
Clipboard02.jpg (50256 bytes)
News clippings that mention the incident.
Clipboard01.jpg (170484 bytes)
clippings courtesy

4-22 - Sarnia Shipping April 17
- John McCreery

1-JWShelley-4-17-09-jm.jpg (82996 bytes)
J W Shelley down bound with grain from Thunder Bay destination Quebec
2-JWShelley-4-17-09-jm.jpg (79731 bytes)
Bow view
3-JWShelley-4-17-09-jm.jpg (123958 bytes)
Shelley passing pleasure craft, a sure sign of Spring
4-Sabrina-4-17-09-jm.jpg (82107 bytes)
Sabrina in the Huron Cut while bound from Duluth to Montreal
5=Algomarine-4-17-09-jm.jpg (65595 bytes)
Algomarine in layup North Slip - Her early start ended for now
6-Algomarine-4-17-09-jm.jpg (109947 bytes)
Bow view with reflection
7--Everlast-4-17-09-jm.jpg (94074 bytes)
Tug Everlast pushing the Norman McLeod, loaded with asphalt destined for Milwaukee
8-Mississagi-4-17-09-jm.jpg (45770 bytes)
Night view of Mississagi with departure from layup expected the following day

4-22 - Mississagi in Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain

miss-salt4-21-09-01.jpg (68309 bytes)
Coming into the river
miss-salt4-21-09-02.jpg (68602 bytes)
Tying up
miss-salt4-21-09-03.jpg (61959 bytes)
Unloading salt

4-22 - Saginaw
- Todd Shorkey

1-zeus-4-21-09-ts-a.jpg (81767 bytes)
 Zeus upbound at the front range
2-zeus-4-21-09-ts-b.jpg (103703 bytes)
Tug close up
3-zeus-4-21-09-ts-c.jpg (69852 bytes)
Stern view

4-22 - Hamilton
- Eric Holmes

1-JdLeitch-04-21-09-eh.jpg (122259 bytes)
John D Leitch in the Burlington Ship Canal
2-JdLeitch-04-21-09-eh.jpg (78699 bytes)
Close up
3-Jdleitch-04-21-09-eh.jpg (80936 bytes)
Stern view.
1-Wjmoore-04-21-09-eh.jpg (74837 bytes)
William J Moore & McLeary's Spirit in the Burlington Ship Canal.
2-Wjmoore-04-21-09-eh.jpg (52681 bytes)
The Spruceglen close behind.
3-Wjmoore-04-21-09-eh.jpg (62630 bytes)
Stern view.
1-Sprgln-04-21-09-eh.jpg (85680 bytes)
Spruceglen in the Burlington Ship Canal.
2-Sprgln-04-21-09-eh.jpg (59750 bytes)
Stern view.

4-22 - St. Lawrence Seaway south shore canal
- Kent Malo

J-W-Shelley-4-21-09-km.jpg (90964 bytes)
J W Shelley down bound for Quebec City, at Kahnawake in the South shore canal St Lawrence Seaway above Cote Ste Catherines, Quebec.
J-W-Shelley-4-21-09-km-b.jpg (78071 bytes) J-W-Shelley-4-21-09-km-c.jpg (62900 bytes)    

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