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April 24 - 25, 2009


4-25 - St. Clair and Detroit Rivers - Ron Piskor

1-ryer-4-24-09-rp.jpg (101821 bytes)
Steamer Edward L. Ryerson downbound under the Bluewater Bridges.
2-ryer-4-24-09-rp.jpg (58857 bytes)
Statue of the Mariner’s  Wife greets the Ryerson at St. Clair, Michigan.
3-ryer-4-24-09-rp.jpg (62692 bytes)
Ryerson passes the Marine City Lighthouse.
4-west-4-24-09-rp.jpg (168630 bytes)
Mailboat Westcott II returning from having serviced downbound American Mariner. The upbound Algonova and Calumet approach in the background.
5-hmal-4-24-09-rp.jpg (130488 bytes)
The pilot  boat Huron Maid exchanges Algonova crew members.
6-hm-4-24-09-rp.jpg (114558 bytes)
Huron Maid slams through a big river roller as it heads downstream to service the Calumet.
7-hmc-4-24-09-rp.jpg (99722 bytes)
A Calumet engine room crew member looks on as the Huron Maid breaks away from servicing their ship.
8-westr-4-24-09-rp.jpg (112920 bytes)
Mail is being loaded onto the Westcott II as the Ryerson approaches.
9-westr-4-24-09-rp.jpg (54797 bytes)
The Westcott approaching the Ryerson.
10-westr-4-24-09-rp.jpg (97465 bytes)
Westcott snugs up against the Ryerson’s starboard side as they pass below the Ambassador Bridge.
11-4-24-09-rp.jpg (98357 bytes)
Ryerson crew members hoist mail and supplies aboard from Westcott.
12-west-4-24-09-rp.jpg (124306 bytes)
 Westcott Director of Marine Operations Paul Jagenow muses and says he thinks we just came by today to see how wet he could get working as deckhand to the Ryerson.

4-25 - Calumet departs Toledo
- Jim Hoffman

DSC_0003.jpg (59976 bytes)
Calumet departing from the CSX Coal Docks at Toledo.
DSC_0029.jpg (61794 bytes)
Calumet outbound Maumee Bay Toledo, Ohio.
DSC_0031.jpg (63663 bytes)
Stern view outbound Maumee Bay.

4-25 - Adam E. Cornelius in Buffalo - Brian W.

1-Adam-E-Cornelius-4-24-09-.jpg (76131 bytes)
Wide bow of the Cornelius at the Frontier Elevator on the City Ship Canal as seen from the South Michigan St. Lift Bridge abutment. You can see that she takes up most of the good water alongside the dock and that any vessel requiring upstream passage would probably have to wait for her to depart.
2-Adam-E-Cornelius-4-24-09-.jpg (113223 bytes)
The Cornelius is seen from across the river while unloading at General Mills. Her close clearance on the Buffalo Skyway Bridge can clearly be seen. The Cornelius is maximum size for the Buffalo River/City Ship Canal in more ways than one.

4-25 - Ryerson at Port Huron - Ed Schuyler

1.-E.L.R.-4-24-09-ES-JPG..jpg (77869 bytes)
Downbound above the Blue Water Bridges.
2.-E.L.R.-4-24-09-ES-JPG..jpg (97061 bytes)
Bow profile
3.-E.L.R.-4-24-09-ES-JPG..jpg (97569 bytes)
Stern profile
4.-E.L.R.-4-24-09-ES-JPG..jpg (57320 bytes)
Stern view, heading to Hamilton.

4-25 - American Mariner loading ore at Marquette's Upper Harbor - Rod Burdick

4-25 - Early morning visitor in the Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin

1_amar_4_22_09a_rb.jpg (147358 bytes)
Full view 
2_amar_4_22_09b_rb.jpg (90522 bytes)
 Stern view, loading chutes down
  1-ell-4-24-09-mg-a.jpg (79882 bytes)
Ellen Knutsen is heading downbound toward Lock 2
2-ell-4-24-09-mg-b.jpg (61165 bytes)
stern view

4-25 - Detroit and St. Clair Rivers
- Mike Nicholls

CSLLAURENTIENb20042209mn.jpg (32884 bytes)
CSL Laurentien upbound the Detroit River waiting for the Sterling Fuel Dock.
CSLLAURENTIENb21042209mn.jpg (34110 bytes) CSLLAURENTIENs22042209mn.jpg (34899 bytes) INNOVATIONb11042209mn.jpg (55095 bytes)
Innovation and Samuel D Champlain turning into the Lafarge Springwells Dock.
DALDEANb01042309mn.jpg (44284 bytes)
Ferry Daldean crossing the St. Clair River off Marine City.
MISSISSAGIb03042309mn.jpg (48665 bytes)
Mississagi downbound off St. Clair Edison.
MISSISSAGIs07042309mn.jpg (46153 bytes) MCCARTHYWALTERJJRb08042309m.jpg (40517 bytes)
Walter J Mc Carthy Jr upbound off St. Clair, MI.
MCCARTHYWALTERJJRs11042309m.jpg (34909 bytes) SEAROBINs23042309mn.jpg (48289 bytes)
Tug Sea Robin and barge Hugh upbound off St. Clair.
SEAROBINHUGHs26042309mn.jpg (44620 bytes) HUGHB21042309MN.jpg (44507 bytes)      

4-25 - Brockville at Blockhouse Island- Dave Bessant

1-AtlanticHuron-04-23-09-WD.jpg (70810 bytes)
Atlantic Huron
2-AtlanticHuron-04-23-09-WD.jpg (89782 bytes) 3-AtlanticHuron-04-23-09-WD.jpg (78183 bytes) 4-AtlanticHuron-04-23-09-WD.jpg (72124 bytes) 6-McClearysSpiritWilliamJMo.jpg (111027 bytes)
Barge McCleary's Spirit with tug William J Moore
7-McClearysSpiritWilliamJMo.jpg (84976 bytes) 8-McClearysSpiritWilliamJMo.jpg (98262 bytes) 9-McClearysSpiritWilliamJMo.jpg (112423 bytes) 10-AlouetteWilfSeymour-04-2.jpg (36659 bytes)
 Barge Alouette Spirit and the tug Wilf Seymour.
12-AlouetteSpiritWilfSeymou.jpg (49338 bytes) 13-AlouetteSpiritWilfSeymou.jpg (55221 bytes)      

4-25 - Seaway traffic at Iroquois - Murray Blancher

1-Quebecios-23-04-09-MB-.jpg (60183 bytes)
Quebecios up approaching Iroquois
2-Quebecios-23-04-09-MB-.jpg (86519 bytes)
Quebecios entering Iroquois lock
3-Quebecios-&-Torill-Knutse.jpg (76742 bytes)
Quebecois & Torill Knutsen up at Iroquois
4-Torill-Knutsen-23-04-09-M.jpg (45437 bytes)
Torill Knutsen at Iroquois
5-Torill-Knutsen-23-40-09-M.jpg (65405 bytes)
6-Torill-Knutsen-23-04-09-M.jpg (50883 bytes)
Torill Knutson exiting Iroquois Lock

4-25 - St Lawrence Seaway at Kahnawake - Kent Malo

Stella-Prima-4-24-09-km.jpg (90298 bytes)
The Jumbo ship Stella Prima up bound for Burns Harbor with a deck load
Stella-Prima-4-24-09-kmb.jpg (108730 bytes)
Stern view of the Stella Prima seen here in the St Lawrence Seaway South shore canal at the Mohawk Territorial Lands Kahnawake
Alouette-Spirit-4-24-09-km.jpg (99582 bytes)
Barge Alouette Spirit heading down bound for Becancour, Quebec
Wilf-Seymour-4-24-09-km-.jpg (86122 bytes)
McKeil tug Wilf Seymour with her barge Alouette Spirit

4-25 - Cleveland - Allen Seremak

The Innovation/ Samuel de Champlain at the Lafarge dock.

4-25 - Algobay forebody launch in China

algobayfore.jpg (6129 bytes)        

4-24 - Rouge and Detroit River - Ron Piskor

1-ss-4-23-09-rp.jpg (93245 bytes)
Sarah Spencer in the old Rouge River Channel at the Zug Island Drawbridge.
2-ss-4-23-09-rp.jpg (73031 bytes)
Sarah Spencer bow shot.
3-shan-4-23-09-rp.jpg (151000 bytes)
Tug Shannon with a fuel barge at the Jefferson Avenue Drawbridge.
4-shan-4-23-09-rp.jpg (134531 bytes)
Shannon with the shut down USS blast furnaces in the distance.
5-shan-4-23-09-rp.jpg (75188 bytes)
Shannon and barge heading up the Detroit River.
6-shan-4-23-09-rp.jpg (122546 bytes)
Shannon preparing to tie-up and wait for the H. Lee White’s arrival for fueling.

4-24 - Green Bay Port Report
- Scott Best

1-cdesgagnes-04-23-09-sb.jpg (69200 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes inbound the Fox River.
2-cdesgagnes-04-23-09-sb.jpg (106107 bytes)
Stern view making the 90 degree turn into the FRD slip.
1-mobilebay-04-23-09-sb.jpg (85854 bytes)
Mobile Bay and its buoy barge loading up near the slip entrance to FRD.
2-mobilebay-04-23-09-sb.jpg (91574 bytes)
Turned and headed up river to allow the Catherine room to maneuver into the slip.

4-24 - Toronto - Gerry O.

1--Tracey-M.-4-22-09-g.o..jpg (156481 bytes)
 Tracey M. was sold last fall and will be renamed this year by new owner Roddy Jones.
2-CdnMiner---4-22-09-g.o..jpg (73259 bytes)
Canadian Miner bring turned Tuesday by Molly M. 1
3---Molly-M.-1.--4-22-09-g..jpg (61597 bytes)
Molly M. 1 departing Tuesday afternoon.
4-ULSfleet---4-22-09-g.o..jpg (55111 bytes)
Canadian Miner being turned. Canadian Ranger and Canadian navigator in background.
5--Wyatt-M-4-22-09-g.o..jpg (81213 bytes)
Wyatt M. on the stern of Canadian Miner Tuesday afternoon.
6---Ongiara-4-22-09---g.o.jpg (90059 bytes)
Ongiara and Maple City rafted for crew emergency training. Wm. Lyon Mackenzie in the background.

4-24 - Weekend Traffic at Sarnia and Port Huron
- John McCreery

1-Macassa-Bay-4-18-09-jm.jpg (134821 bytes)
Macassa Bay at her berth in the North Slip
2-Paul-Martin-4-18-09-jm.jpg (43297 bytes)
Rt. Hon Paul J Martin up bound at Recors
3-HighlanderSea-4-18-09-jm.jpg (105966 bytes)
Highlander Sea repositioning from the Black River to the Bean Dock
4-Cresswell-4-18-09-jm.jpg (78317 bytes)
 Cresswell passing the Maritime center
5-Pineglen-4-18-09-jm.jpg (86406 bytes)
Pineglen up bound passing the Cresswell
6-Manistee-4-18-09-jm.jpg (82826 bytes)
Manistee downbound to the River
7-Mississagi-4-18-09-jm.jpg (117288 bytes)
Start of a new season - Mississagi departs lay up
8-Mississagi-4-18-09-jm.jpg (76383 bytes)
Backing out of the Government Slip
9-Mississagi-4-18-09-jm.jpg (122533 bytes)
Mississagi upbound at the Bridges and bound for Goderich
10-Algoway-4-18-09-jm.jpg (105343 bytes)
Algoway, Algoeast and Algomarine last of the lay up fleet

4-24 - Holland season opener
- Kevin Hirdes

1-Tug-Undaunted-&-Barge-Per.jpg (94013 bytes)
Pere Marquette and Tug Undaunted were the first boat of the year to call on Louis Padnos for scrap steel

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