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April 26 - 27 , 2009


4-27 - Welland Canal - Bob Dowson

1.Moor-04-26-09-bd.jpg (81268 bytes)
Moor upbound at Port Robinson
2.moor-04-26-09-bd.jpg (80855 bytes)
Stern view
3.stellaprima-04-2609-bd.jpg (90865 bytes)
Stellaprima starboard side view at Lock 7
4.stellaprima-04-26-09-bd.jpg (84238 bytes)
Port side view
5.stellaprima-04-26-09-bd.jpg (83277 bytes)
Stern view

4-27 - Jackson in Buffalo
- Brian W.

1-Jackson-4-6-09-BWJR.jpg (124233 bytes)
The tug Washington led the Herbert C Jackson up the Buffalo River. This shot was taken from the DL&W train terminal in Downtown Buffalo.
2-Jackson-4-6-09-BW.jpg (81674 bytes)
This view shows the Jackson heading up the Buffalo River under the Skyway Bridge with the setting sun in the pilothouse windows.
3-Jackson-4-6-09-BW.jpg (93693 bytes)
Tug working to center the ship's bow in the middle of the channel off the General Mills plant.
4-Jackson-4-6-09-BW.jpg (109531 bytes)
Jackson after lining up on the Michigan St. Bridge.

4-27 - Robert S. Pierson at Marquette's Upper Harbor
- Rod Burdick

4-27 - Metis in Rochester -
Richard Cooper

1_rsp_4_25_09_rb.jpg (136874 bytes)
Waiting to load ore
2_rsp_4_25_09_rb.jpg (131674 bytes)
Stern view
  metis.jpg (115552 bytes)
Tug Evans McKeil and cement barge Metis unloading at the ESROC terminal on the Genesee River, Rochester NY.

4-27 - Saginaw River Saturday
- Galen Witham

1.-agawa-4-25-09-grw.jpg (108437 bytes)
The Agawa Canyon, outbound just north of the Zilwaukee Bridge.
2.agawa-boatnerd-4-25-09-1g.jpg (123456 bytes)
A young boatnerd waves at the Agawa Canyon
3.agawa-4-25-09-2grw.jpg (108755 bytes)
Stern view of the Agawa Canyon, just north of the Zilwaukee Bridge.
4.agawa-4-25-09-4grw.jpg (111226 bytes)
Agawa Canyon makes her approach to the tight turn at buoy 53, at Cheboyganing Creek.  Current was heavy here, and ship handling was at its optimum.
5.agawa-4-25-09-5grw.jpg (95609 bytes)
Stern view as the Agawa Canyon clears the turn at Cheboyganing Creek.
6.agawa-4-25-09-7grw.jpg (91229 bytes)
After holding at the old "Brown Hoist" dock in downtown Bay City for winds to abate, the Agawa Canyon heads for her first drawbridge in a steady rain.
7.agawa-04-25-09-8grw.jpg (87717 bytes)
The forward section enters the first draw.
8.-agawa-4-25-09-9grw.jpg (81321 bytes)
The Agawa Canyon makes her last turn near dusk, and heads out into the bay.
1.-ljk-4-25-09-grw.jpg (91476 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber, inbound to the 6th Street turning basin, after meeting the Agawa Canyon, who was outbound to the lake.
2.-ljk-4-25-09-3grw.jpg (114107 bytes)
 Stern view of the Kuber, with her tug the Olive J. Moore, heading inbound to the turning basin.
3.-ljk-4-25-09-5grw.jpg (85853 bytes)
Kuber laying off the 6th Street Turning Basin.
4.-ljk-tug-04-25-09-grw.jpg (72705 bytes)
Due to the heavy winds, and strong currents, the tug Gregory J. Busch, comes alongside the port quarter of the Kuber to assist in her turn.
5.-gj-busch-4-25-09-1grw.jpg (98077 bytes)
Close up of the G. J. Busch made up to the port quarter.
6.-ljk-bow-4-25-09-grw.jpg (132089 bytes)
The Kuber is edged into the basin carefully, under the watchful eye of the bow watch.
7.-ljk-04-25-09-6grw.jpg (86405 bytes)
After about two hours of masterful shiphandling, the Kuber is successfully turned, and headed outbound.  The assist tug, Gregory J. Busch, clears the port side, and makes her way around the stern of the Olive J. Moore.
8.-ljk-4-25-09-9grw.jpg (65110 bytes)
After holding up for a few hours in Zilwaukee for winds and currents, the Lewis J. Kuber makes her way through downtown Bay City in a steady rain near dusk.  This view is near the boat ramp in Essexville.
9.-ljk-4-25-09-11grw.jpg (75347 bytes)
The Kuber finally makes the last turn, and heads out into the Bay.
1.crn-4-25-09-2grw.jpg (119686 bytes)
A crane/tug/barge operation, apparently removing silt from a slip just north of the Zilwaukee Bridge, on the north side of the river.
2.-crn-4-25-09-3grw.jpg (131094 bytes)
A close up of the operation.
3.gjbushe-4-25-09-grw.jpg (95268 bytes)
The tug Gregory Busch, near the 6th Street Turning Basin, after assisting the Lewis J. Kuber.

4-27 - Detroit River
- Adrian Platts

1-BristolBay-4-26-09-AEP.jpg (64274 bytes)
Bristol Bay moves downriver about 100 yards from the shore here.
2-DetroitRiver-4-26-09-AEP.jpg (28873 bytes)
Thick fog along the Detroit River
3-AmericanVictory-4-26-09-A.jpg (60320 bytes)
American Victory moving past a dense mass of small fishing boats (last season)
4-AmericanVictory-4-26-09-A.jpg (57174 bytes)
Dozens of small boats cram into the Detroit river

4-26 - Mississagi was downbound at Detroit
- Mike Koprowicz (53657 bytes)
Mississagi downbound at Detroit debuting her new paint job for 2009. (68978 bytes)
Bringing the mail up to the wheelhouse (47546 bytes)
A close up of her stack logo (48920 bytes)
Starting her turn for the Rouge River (72559 bytes)
A closeup of her wheelhouse (32555 bytes)
 Her captain skillfully maneuvers around a barge in the Rouge River (80927 bytes)
Enjoying a restful moment on deck (22632 bytes)
Her original Tyfons retain their steam jacketing having been originally mounted protruding from the stack as seen here. (58618 bytes)
Her Whistles against the drawbridge
10-Mississagi-4-25-09-mjk.j.jpg (23615 bytes)
Her real engine stack, the "rustpipe" or "stovepipe"

4-26 - Marquette
- Lee Rowe

RSPiersonLR04250910.jpg (117830 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson approaching Marquette on a windy, cloudy day.
RSPiersonLR04250937.jpg (64027 bytes)
Approaching the dock.
RSPiersonLR04250941.jpg (62681 bytes)
Wider view.

4-26 - Adam E Cornelius departing Buffalo
- Brian W.

1-Adam-E-Cornelius-4-25-08-.jpg (95796 bytes)
Cornelius after she had backed down the dock at General Mills to be able to swing the unloading rig back aboard.
2-Adam-E-Cornelius-4-25-08-.jpg (92307 bytes)
Backing away from the Frontier Elevator and into the center of the City Ship Canal.
3-Adam-E-Cornelius-4-25-08-.jpg (113526 bytes)
Cornelius has cleared the Buffalo Skyway Bridge and is abeam of the old Connecting Terminal Elevator dock at the junction of the Buffalo River and City Ship Canal.
4-Adam-E-Cornelius-4-25-08-.jpg (95483 bytes)
The stern is heading through the Watson Basin, just off the Buffalo Naval Park ships.
5-Adam-E-Cornelius-4-25-08-.jpg (88012 bytes)
She is now through the Watson Basin and starting her turn to head out the Buffalo River North Entrance.
6-Adam-E-Cornelius-4-25-08-.jpg (58654 bytes)
Comparison between the 680 foot Cornelius and the 610 foot guided missile cruiser USS Little Rock as she heads out of the creek.
7-Adam-E-Cornelius-4-25-08-.jpg (97147 bytes)
 Buffalo's #1 and #2 boatnerds building their nest at Municipal Pier while keeping a close eye on the Cornelius as she winds in the Outer Harbor.
Yard-Sign-4-25-09-BW.jpg (144821 bytes)
New sign at the Buffalo & Pittsburgh's Buffalo Creek Yard.

4-26 - Flinterland unloading in Port of Oshawa on Saturday
- Mark Leitch

1-Flinterland-4-25-09-ml.jpg (57526 bytes) 2-Flinterland-4-25-09-ml.jpg (48955 bytes)      

4-26 - Evans McKeil and Metis going up the Genesee River to the Essroc Dock
- Tom Brewer

100_1817.jpg (91001 bytes) 100_1818.jpg (107055 bytes) 100_1819.jpg (89655 bytes)    

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