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April 29 - 30, 2009


4-30 - Jumbo Vision passing off Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati

Jumbo-Vision-2-4-29-09-dd.jpg (37744 bytes) Jumbo-Vision--4-29-09-dd.jpg (38035 bytes)      

4-29 - Shipping at Hamilton
- John McCreery

1-Leader-Ryerson-4-26-09-jm.jpg (101175 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson and Canadian Leader at Dofasco
2-Ryerson-4-26-09-jm.jpg (111499 bytes)
Canadian Leader backed out and ready to head for the Burlington Piers
3-Leader-4-26-09-jm.jpg (70029 bytes)
Leader lined up for the bridge with signs of life from the Michipicoten in the background
4-Can-Leader-4-26-09-jm.jpg (92744 bytes)
Canadian Leader headed for the open lake
5-Leader-4-26-09-jm.jpg (78881 bytes)
Bow close up
6-Leader-4-26-09-jm.jpg (86292 bytes)
Stern view as she heads out

4-29 - Welland Canal
- Bob Dowson

1.Fedrhine-04-28-09-bd.jpg (78861 bytes)
Federal Rhine upbound at Lock 2
2.Fedrhine-04-28-09-bd.jpg (98878 bytes)
Stern view
3.Cliplegend-04-28-09-bd.jpg (86222 bytes)
Clipper Legend upbound at Lock 7
4.Clipperlegend-0428-09-bd.jpg (69373 bytes)

4-29 - Port Huron
- Bruce Hurd

100_8615.jpg (75437 bytes)
Stella Prima passing on Monday
100_8618.jpg (50332 bytes)
banner attached to one of the tanks on the Stella Prima
100_8619.jpg (60288 bytes)
100_8632.jpg (98994 bytes)
Jumbo Vision passing on Tuesday
100_8634.jpg (95620 bytes)

4-29 - Twilight on the Detroit River
- Ron Piskor

1-ojib-4-28-09-rp.jpg (44048 bytes)
The downbound Ojibway passes the Detroit skyline below the Penobscot Building.
2-ojib-4-28-09-rp.jpg (56458 bytes)
The Ojibway under the Ambassador Bridge.
3-elr-4-28-09-rp.jpg (42389 bytes)
The upbound Edward L. Ryerson goes into Sterling Fuel on the Canadian side of the Detroit River.

4-29 - Port Huron Saturday
- Nathan Leindecker

1-Mississagiph-4-25-09-nl.jpg (86885 bytes)
Mississagi passing under the Blue Water Bridges
2-Mississagiph-4-25-09-nl.jpg (85403 bytes)
Bow View Passing Sarnia
3-Mississagiph-4-25-09-nl.jpg (106111 bytes)
Close up of Stern
4-Mississagi-4-25-09-nl.jpg (102300 bytes)
Passing laid up Tanker Algoeast
5-Maume-4-25-03-nl.jpg (124881 bytes)
Maumee moving up the St Clair River
6-Mississagi-4-25-09-nl.jpg (78831 bytes)
7--MississagiMaumee-4-25-09.jpg (82932 bytes)
Maumee and Mississagi passing at St. Clair

4-29 - Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain

Manitwc-4-27-09-01.jpg (72038 bytes)
Manitowoc coming into the river
Manitwc-4-27-09-02.jpg (61400 bytes)
Preparing to tie up
Manitwc-4-27-09-03.jpg (54258 bytes)
Unloading boom ready to unload coal
Manitwc-4-27-09-04.jpg (66503 bytes) Manitwc-4-27-09-05.jpg (99733 bytes)
Stern view moving ahead
Manitwc-4-27-09-06.jpg (79542 bytes)
Departing past lighthouse

4-29 - Welland Canal April 25
- John M.

1-JNorris-4-25-09-jm.jpg (128353 bytes)
James Norris - Still at the Welland Canal, Port Colborne wharf 12 site of her 2008-09 winter layup.
2-JNorris-4-25-09-jm.jpg (145672 bytes)
Propeller blades installed in the last few weeks indicate work is progressing.
3-JNorris-4-25-09-jm.jpg (112567 bytes)
Bronze is beautiful
4-ELR-4-25-09-jm.jpg (70880 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson - downbound, getting a very low speed "walk through" the 1,148 foot Welland Canal Lock 8 (without completely stopping or tying up).
5-ELR-4-25-09-jm.jpg (75474 bytes)
The bow thruster working hard enough to kick up a respectable wake coming out of Lock 8 (windy day).
6-ELR-4-25-09-jm.jpg (76098 bytes)
 Passing the still laid up Marinelink Explorer and James Norris at Welland wharf 12 (just north of Port Colborne/Lock 8).
7-ELR-4-25-09-jm.jpg (128847 bytes)
 Passing over the Welland River Syphon
8-ELR-4-25-09-jm.jpg (93790 bytes)
Passing the Port Robinson pedestrian/bicycle ferry and the remnants of the bridge taken out by the Steelton in 1974. Note steering pole is deployed as normal.
9-ELR-4-25-09-jm.jpg (70609 bytes)
Approaching Welland Lock 7. Steering pole has been retracted, and stayed that way through at least Lock 3.

4-29 - First trip of the Season into Thunder Bay
- Colin Kennedy

Turning-around.jpg (36144 bytes)
CSL Laurentien Pictures taken from the bridge and engine room door escorted by the Risley.
The-view-from-the-engine-ro.jpg (29037 bytes) In-Action-a-Close-up.jpg (27707 bytes) Risley-climbing-the-ice-to-.jpg (30295 bytes) Another-view-from-the-Engin.jpg (24123 bytes)
Following-the-Risley-04.09.jpg (38224 bytes) Another-View.jpg (39583 bytes) The-Sleeping-Giant.jpg (30583 bytes) Following-the-Risley-04.09-.jpg (34576 bytes) Cutting-around-the-bow.jpg (28964 bytes)
Clear-Water-by-the-stern.jpg (28838 bytes) Breaking-a-path.jpg (25824 bytes) The-Risley-pulling-ahead.jpg (37665 bytes)    

4-29 - Welland Canal
- Michel Gosselin

1-nia-26-04-09-mg.jpg (86868 bytes)
On Sunday the new barge Niagara Spirit was being push by Tony MacKay. They're heading upbound in the Welland canal. Persenk was heading downbound.
2-tony-26-04-09-mg.jpg (90325 bytes)
Stern view of Tony Mackay entering lock 2
3-per-26-04-09-mg.jpg (90541 bytes)
Stern view of Persenk has just left lock 1

4-29 - Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey

1-canyon-4-27-09-ts-a.jpg (63320 bytes)
Agawa Canyon downbound at Cass Avenue
2-canyon-4-27-09-ts-b.jpg (78177 bytes)
Stern view
3-ljkuber-4-27-09-ts-a.jpg (108269 bytes)
Moore-Kuber nosed into the bank at the Sixth Street Basin

4-29 - Pere Marquette 41 in Kingsville
- Erich Zuschlag

PM41kville-04-28-09ez.jpg (63153 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41 and Pelee Islander in Kingsville
Peleepm41-04-28-09ez.jpg (103059 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41 backing into the harbor
PM41kvilleb-04-28-09ez.jpg (58037 bytes)
Ready to unload her cargo of Limestone chips
PM41kvillec-04-28-09ez.jpg (67273 bytes)
Front end loader and excavator unloading stone onto the conveyer belt then up and over onto the dock
Peleeislanderkville-04-28-0.jpg (81780 bytes)
Pelee Islander at her dock
ELRkville-04-28-09ez.jpg (20842 bytes)
Ryerson passing

4-29 - Sunday at Brockville
- Dave Bessant

2-Vancouverborg-04-26-09-WD.jpg (57972 bytes)
Vancouverborg in front of St Lawrence Park Brockville
3-Vancouverborg-04-26-09-WD.jpg (66922 bytes) 4-BelugaEleganceJumboVision.jpg (56210 bytes)
Jumbo Vision leading Beluga Elegance towards Brockville with Flinterland eastbound on the south side of the river
5-JumboVision-04-26-09-WDB.jpg (61366 bytes)
Jumbo Vision
6-JumboVisionBelugaElegance.jpg (61412 bytes)
7-JumboVision-04-26-09-WDB.jpg (65522 bytes) 8-JumboVision-04-26-09-WDB.jpg (91714 bytes) 9-JumboVision-04-26-09-WDB.jpg (54802 bytes) 11-JumboVision-04-26-09-WDB.jpg (65479 bytes)
A view of the two large tanks aboard Jumbo Vision, these would not go down the highway or by rail
13-BelugaElegance-04-26-09-.jpg (62421 bytes)
 Beluga Elegance in front of the Three Sisters group of Islands
14-BelugaElegance-04-26-09-.jpg (77096 bytes)
Showing very large wind turbine blade cargo
16-BelugaElegance-04-26-09-.jpg (58473 bytes) 17-BelugaElegance-04-26-09-.jpg (79518 bytes) 18-Flinterland-04-26-09-WDB.jpg (56696 bytes)
Flinterland passing under the Prescott Ogdensburg bridge
19-Pineglen-04-26-09-WDB.jpg (35216 bytes)
Pineglen passing Brockville in the dark

4-29 - Chi-Cheemaun during lay-up
- Justin Adams

chechemon-003.jpg (40877 bytes)
Total restoration of the engine room, brand new cat engines and generators.
chechemon-024.jpg (78497 bytes)
Views of various engine room compartments including control room, along with bridge views
chechemon-031.jpg (77628 bytes) chechemon-032.jpg (48365 bytes) chechemon-044.jpg (76776 bytes)
chechemon-068.jpg (62091 bytes) chechemon-070.jpg (63111 bytes) chechemon-074.jpg (100731 bytes) chechemon-082.jpg (51975 bytes) chechemon-083.jpg (62010 bytes)
chechemon-152.jpg (72023 bytes) chechemon-138.jpg (41494 bytes) chechemon-124.jpg (52491 bytes) chechemon-119.jpg (83554 bytes) chechemon-104.jpg (114636 bytes)
chechemon-086.jpg (75219 bytes) chechemon-101.jpg (89417 bytes) chechemon-154.jpg (109668 bytes) chechemon-160.jpg (58074 bytes) chechemon-199.jpg (79127 bytes)
chechemon-202.jpg (90531 bytes) chechemon-209.jpg (70216 bytes) chechemon-211.jpg (60903 bytes) chechemon-222.jpg (75080 bytes) chechemon-226.jpg (65751 bytes)
chechemon-231.jpg (48590 bytes) chechemon-234.jpg (79192 bytes)      

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