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May 1 , 2009


5-2 - Point Edward - Sarnia - Marc Dease

1-nova-4-27-09-a-md.jpg (113270 bytes)
Algonova at the Sidney E. Smith dock.
2-nova-4-27-09-b-md.jpg (89397 bytes)
stern view
3-jws-4-27-09-a-md.jpg (72074 bytes)
J. W. Shelley up bound at Point Edward.
4-jws-4-27-09-b-md.jpg (66897 bytes)
The Shelley heads into Lake Huron.
5-ihar-4-27-09-md.jpg (72636 bytes)
Indiana Harbor follows the Stellaprima into Lake Huron.
6-sag-4-27-09-md.jpg (66099 bytes)
Saginaw makes the turn at 1 & 2.

5-2 - Roger Blough & James L Kuber/Tug Victory in Conneaut - Al Endelmann

1-RBlough-4-18-09ae.jpg (126524 bytes)
Roger Blough in Erie layup 4/18/09
2-RBlough-5-1-09ae.jpg (145226 bytes)
Blough at the coal dock in Conneaut 5/1/09
3-KubrVictry5-1-09ae.jpg (255771 bytes)
James L Kuber/Tug Victory unloading in Conneaut 5/1/09
4-KubrVictry5-1-09ae.jpg (181868 bytes)
Another view of the Kuber
5-KubrVictry5-1-09ae.jpg (133804 bytes)
Another view
6-BigBertha-5-1-09ae.jpg (78932 bytes)
Fish tug Big Bertha in Conneaut

5-2 - Green Bay - Scott Best

1-maumee-04-29-09-sb.jpg (90430 bytes)
Maumee partially hidden by stone piles unloads at Fox River Dock.
1-samlaud-04-30-09-sb.jpg (79409 bytes)
Stern view entering the Fox River at dusk.
2-samlaud-04-30-09-sb.jpg (89515 bytes)
Heading up through the first of 3 RR bridges enroute to Georgia Pacific.
3-samlaud-04-30-09-sb.jpg (86938 bytes)
Passing Western Lime and approaching the Main Street Bridge.
4-samlaud-04-30-09-sb.jpg (81270 bytes)
Night has fallen passing through the Walnut St. Bridge.

5-2 - Lee A. in Toledo - Luke Archer

1-LATregurtha-5-1-09-la.jpg (78780 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha backed to the end of the CSX Coal Dock slip.
2-LATregurtha-5-1-09-la.jpg (54986 bytes)
Lee A. along side the American Valor.
3-LATregurtha-5-1-09-la.jpg (62688 bytes)
Stern view

5-2 - Welland Canal - Al Howard

Michipicoten-5.1.2009-ah-a.jpg (58213 bytes)
Michipicoten out of layup departs lock 1
Michipicoten-5.1.2009-ah-b.jpg (60022 bytes) Utviken-5.1.2009-ah-a.jpg (82980 bytes)
Utviken upbound
Utviken-5.1.2009-ah-b.jpg (71600 bytes) Kamenitza-5.1.2009-ah.jpg (71143 bytes)
Kamenitza secured above lock 2
Kathryn-Spirit-5.1.2009-ah-.jpg (53740 bytes)
Kathryn Spirit in Lock 3
Kathryn-Spirit-5-1-09-ah-c.jpg (83796 bytes)
Departing lock 3 downbound
Anglian-Lady-5.1.2009-ah.jpg (91545 bytes)
Anglian Lady downbound at Homer bridge

5-2 - Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin

1-kat-1-05-09-mg.jpg (62455 bytes)
Kathryn Spirit is tied up above lock 7
3-kam-1-05-09-mg.jpg (57432 bytes)
Iryda is entering lock 2
2-iry-1-05-09-mg.jpg (67978 bytes)
Kamenitza is tied up above lock 2

5-1 - Lake St. Clair and Welland Canal
- Alex and Max Mager

1-Ryerson-5-1-09-AM.jpg (56375 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson at Windmill Pointe
2-Ryerson-5-1-09-AM.jpg (107737 bytes)
Stern View
3-McCarthy-5-1-09-AM.jpg (62543 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy Jr
4-McCarthy-5-1-09-AM.jpg (60585 bytes)
Stern View
5-JVision-5-1-09-AM.jpg (79775 bytes)
Jumbo Vision
6-JVision-5-1-09-AM.jpg (66976 bytes)
Bow Profile
7-Integrit-5-1-09-AM.jpg (65195 bytes)
American Integrity
8-InteVis-5-1-09-AM.jpg (71693 bytes)
Integrity and Jumbo Vision passing
9-MisVis-5-1-09-AM.jpg (77326 bytes)
Mississagi passing the Jumbo Vision
10-Integri-5-1-09-AM.jpg (77348 bytes)
Integrity passing the Windmill Pointe Lighthouse
11-Mississ-5-1-09-AM.jpg (77243 bytes)
12-Mississ-5-1-09-AM.jpg (83137 bytes)
Stern View
 13-Wood-5-1-09-AM.jpg (62675 bytes)
Algowood after exiting the flight locks
14-Wood-5-1-09-AM.jpg (64479 bytes)
Headed to lock 3
15-ERiver-5-1-09-AM.jpg (90131 bytes)
English River entering lock 7

5-1 - Agawa Canyon in Marinette
- Dick Lund

1-AC-04-30-09-dl.jpg (45003 bytes)
Agawa Canyon passing the dredging operation and Menominee North Pier Lighthouse at 1:45 a.m. Thursday
2-AC-04-30-09-dl.jpg (52000 bytes)
Coming up the channel between the piers heading into the inner harbor
3-AC-04-30-09-dl.jpg (70674 bytes)
At Marinette Fuel & Dock approaching the stern of the craneship, William H. Donner
4-AC-04-30-09-dl.jpg (81275 bytes)
Stern view as unloading begins around 3 a.m.
5-AC-04-30-09-dl.jpg (58654 bytes)
Still unloading at 8 a.m.
6-AC-04-30-09-dl.jpg (59845 bytes)
Bow view unloading
7-AC-04-30-09-dl.jpg (82885 bytes)
Around 8:30 a.m. the unloading is complete and the boom is being brought back aboard
8-AC-04-30-09-dl.jpg (71918 bytes)
Kicking the stern away from the dock
9-AC-04-30-09-dl.jpg (33830 bytes)
Backing between the piers toward the dredging operation, which moved out of the main channel to allow the ship to pass

5-1 - John G. Munson at Marquette's Upper Harbor
- Rod Burdick

1_jgm_4_29_09_rb.jpg (141099 bytes)
Unloading coal
2_jgm_4_29_09_rb.jpg (113939 bytes)
Bow view

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