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May 3 , 2009


5-3 - Chicago area May 1 - Tom Kort

01-C.T.C.No1-0501-tk.jpg (103467 bytes)
C.T.C. No1
02-C.T.CNo1-0501-tk.jpg (124428 bytes)
C.T.C. No1 docked near the scrap yard
01-tug-0501-tk.jpg (53203 bytes)
Unknown tug heading for the lake
01-barge-0501-tk.jpg (95879 bytes)
Unknown barge
01-JSherwin-2008-tk.jpg (119349 bytes)
Sherwin- Last unloading in the Chicago area before being towed out.

5-3 - Bay Shipbuilding Tour - Sturgeon Bay, WI
- Matt Ludvigson

1-bayship-5-2-09-ml.jpg (71354 bytes)
 A Bay Ship life ring.  Visible in the background: Charles M. Beeghly, John Sherwin.
2-Mminer-5-2-09-ml.jpg (79854 bytes)
Mesabi Miner next to the St. Mary's Challenger.
3-Mminer-5-2-09-ml.jpg (62016 bytes)
The Miner's immense twin props.
4-Smchall-5-2-09-ml.jpg (83079 bytes)
St. Mary's Challenger dwarfed by the Mesabi Miner.
5-Smchall-5-2-09.jpg (91638 bytes)
Classic stern of the St. Mary's Challenger.
6-Beeghly-5-2-09-ml.jpg (76255 bytes)
Stern of the Charles M. Beeghly, in for re-powering.
7-Ama-5-2-09-ml.jpg (70355 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson and fleet mate Philip R. Clarke.
8-Prclarke-5-2-09-ml.jpg (59006 bytes)
Head on view of the Philip R. Clarke.

5-3 - Saturday Traffic at Point Edward
- Wayne Brown

1-Shel-5-2-9-wb.jpg (65302 bytes)
J.W. Shelley downbound.
2-Shel-5-2-9-wb.jpg (99398 bytes) 3-Mani-5-2-9-wb.jpg (95165 bytes)
Manitowoc downbound.
4-Canyon-5-2-9-wb.jpg (89408 bytes)
Agawa Canyon downbound.
5-McCart-5-2-9-wb.jpg (122954 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. upbound.
6-Cuya-5-2-9-wb.jpg (123073 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound.
7-Maumee-5-2-9-wb.jpg (84616 bytes)
Maumee downbound.
8-Leader-5-2-9-wb.jpg (74179 bytes)
Canadian Leader downbound.

5-3 - Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin

1-fed-1-05-09-mg-a.jpg (57100 bytes)
Federal Pride is approaching bridge 4
2-fed-1-05-09-mg-b.jpg (58954 bytes)
stern view
3-edg-2-05-09-mg-a.jpg (97901 bytes)
Edgar Lehmann just left lock 7
4-edg-2-05-09-mg-b.jpg (91823 bytes)
stern view
5-kat-2-05-09-mg.jpg (122462 bytes)
Kathy Lynn in lock 4 west
6-sea-2-05-09-mg.jpg (83557 bytes)
Sea Eagle II heading toward lock 2
7-fed-2-05-09-mg-a.jpg (74982 bytes)
Federal Leda just left lock 2
8-fed-2-05-09-mg-b.jpg (80429 bytes)
Stern view

5-3 - Port Huron Traffic
- Ed Schuyler

1.-Tug-O.M.M-5-2-09--ES-JPG.jpg (44983 bytes)
Tug Olive L. Moore and Barge Lewis J. Kuber downbound.
2.-Tug-O.M.M-5-2-09--ES-JPG.jpg (57038 bytes)
Stern View.
3.-W.J.M.JR-5-2--09-ES-JPG..jpg (57007 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. upbound
4.-Tug-Victory-5-2-09--ES-J.jpg (55381 bytes)
Tug Victory and Barge James L. Kuber upbound. 
5.-Tug-Victory-5-2-09--ES-J.jpg (65245 bytes)
Stern View.
6.-Algosar-5-2-09-ES-JPG..jpg (66780 bytes)
Algosar upbound.

5-3 - Tug Kathy Lynn in Welland Canal
- Al Howard

Kathy-Lynn--.5.2.2009-ah.jpg (76999 bytes)
 Kathy Lynn upbound at lock 5

5-3 - Historic Perspectives
- Jacob Northup

1-Emford-unkown-jn.jpg.jpg (83334 bytes)
E.M. Ford at sunset on the Saginaw River 7-11-99.
2-Emford-unkown-jn.jpg.jpg (78754 bytes)
E.M. Ford downbound near Marine City Michigan
3-Emford-5-14-07-jn.jpg.jpg (86347 bytes)
View of the E.M. Fords smokestack.
Dceverst-1979-jn.jpg.jpg (93899 bytes)
The DC Everest on the St. Clair River in 1979
4-Saturn-6-13-91-jn.jpg.jpg (47604 bytes)
Tanker Saturn at a unknown location.
Jbford-unkown-jn.jpg.jpg (78076 bytes)
The J.B. Ford passes Port Huron on a Unknown date.
5-Windoc-8-21-99-jn.jpg.jpg (73460 bytes)
Windoc Upbound near Port Huron August 21 1999
3-Algoriver-10-30-95-jn.jpg.jpg (103582 bytes)
Algoriver  upbound in Marysville October 30 1995
2-Algostream-unkown-jn.jpg.jpg (104793 bytes)
 Algostream loading in Indiana Harbor. (71073 bytes)
Great Lakes Fleet Steamer Irvin L.. Clymer upbound in Port Huron Michigan.

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