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May 4 - 5 , 2009


5-5 - Herbert C. Jackson stuck in Saginaw Tuesday morning - Todd Shorkey

5-5-09-028.jpg (52769 bytes) 5-5-09-032.jpg (48956 bytes) 5-5-09-040.jpg (53275 bytes) 5-5-09-046.jpg (31205 bytes)  

Essroc on Monday

1-jackson-5-4-09-ts-a.jpg (61777 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson at the Essroc dock on Monday
2-jackson-5-4-09-ts-b.jpg (52958 bytes)
Another view
3-jackson-5-4-09-ts-c.jpg (90983 bytes)
View from Essroc

5-4 - Herbert C. Jackson in Saginaw - Galen Witham

hcj-5-3-09-grw1.jpg (91683 bytes)
Bow view of the Jackson, made up to the Essrco Dock in Essexville.
hcj-5-3-09-grw2.jpg (87886 bytes)
Stern view of the Jackson at Essroc

5-4 - Port Huron
- Galen Witham

1.-elr-5-3-09-grw1.jpg (72785 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson, swings into the mouth of the St. Clair River.  View from Point Edward, ON.
2.-elr-5-3-09-grw2.jpg (89863 bytes)
Off Fort Gratiot Light
3.-elr-5-3-09-grw3.jpg (134162 bytes)
Downbound under the Blue Water Bridges.
4.-elr-5-3-09-grw4.jpg (95747 bytes)
 Meets the upbound Indiana Harbor, near the "Junction Buoy" off Marysville, Michigan
5.-elr-5-3-09-grw5.jpg (84487 bytes)
At Marine City.
6.-elr-5-3-09-grw6.jpg (90843 bytes)
Crew Members wave to family, after a beautiful salute on her whistle.  Many Thanks to the  Captain.
7.-elr-5-3-09-grw7.jpg (87645 bytes)
Downbound towards Algonac.
calumet-5-3-09-grw7.jpg (93697 bytes)
Calumet, following the ELR about 40 minutes behind, off St. Clair, Michigan.

5-4 - Point Edward action
- Marc Dease

1-ljk-5-02-09-md.jpg (56146 bytes)
Tug Olive L. Moore with the barge Lewis J. Kuber down bound at buoys 1 & 2.
2-cuya-5-02-09-md.jpg (65638 bytes)
 Cuyahoga follows the Walter J. McCarthy Jr into Lake Huron.
3-maum-5-02-09-md.jpg (72542 bytes)
Maumee down bound at buoys 1 & 2.
4-elr-5-03-09-md.jpg (66674 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson making the turn at 1 & 2.

5-4 - Cuyahoga in Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain

Cuyah-5-3-09-01.jpg (116481 bytes) Cuyah-5-3-09-02.jpg (87285 bytes) Cuyah-5-3-09-03.jpg (100138 bytes) Cuyah-5-3-09-04.jpg (107811 bytes) Cuyah-5-3-09-05.jpg (106031 bytes)

5-4 - Sunday at the Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

1-TorillKnutsen-5-3-09-bb-a.jpg (70879 bytes)
Tanker Torill Knutsen downbound at old Bridge 10.
2-TorillKnutsen-5-3-09-b-bb.jpg (62660 bytes)
Stern shot (she would tie up in Port Weller harbour for the night)
3-JWShelley-5-3-09-a-bb.jpg (102415 bytes)
JW Shelley under the bridge at Allanburg
4-JWShelley-5-3-09-b-bb.jpg (71126 bytes)
Stern shot-on her way to Quebec City.
5-Cresswell-5-3-09-bb.jpg (49448 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell approaching Bridge 5
6-CanProspector-5-3-09-a-bb.jpg (53777 bytes)
Canadian Prospector approaching Port Robinson
7-CanProspector-5-3-09-b-bb.jpg (62586 bytes)
Stern shot
8-JohnSpence-5-3-09-a-bb.jpg (69429 bytes)
Tug John Spence and barge about to enter Lock 2.
9-JohnSpence5-3-09-b-bb.jpg (107470 bytes)
Into the lock 

5-4 - Iroquois Lock 
- Murray Blancher

1-Federal-Leda-03-05-09-MB-.jpg (93588 bytes)
 Federal Leda down at Iroquois Lock
2-Federal-Leda-03-05-09-BM-.jpg (92816 bytes) 3-Federal-Leda-03-05-09-MB-.jpg (94720 bytes) 4-Gordon-C-Leitch-03-05-09-.jpg (83658 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch up at Iroquois
5-03-05-09-Gordon-C-Leitcth.jpg (104786 bytes)
6-Edgar-Lehmann-03-05-09-MB.jpg (118265 bytes)
Edgar Lehmann down at Brockville
7-Edgar-Lehmann-03-05-09-MB.jpg (77946 bytes) 8-Edgar-Lehmann-03-05-09-MB.jpg (87277 bytes)    

5-4 - St Lawrence Seaway South shore canal
- Kent Malo

Clipperlegend-5-03-09-km.jpg (96483 bytes)
 Clipper Legend downbound for Providence, Rhode Island.
Clipperlegend-5-03-09-km-b.jpg (84493 bytes) Clipperlegend-5-0309-km-c.jpg (89081 bytes)    

5-4 - Green Bay
- Scott Best

1-Integrity-05-03-09-sb.jpg (58519 bytes)
Heading up towards the Downtown bridges near the East River turning basin.
2-Integrity-05-03-09-sb.jpg (104215 bytes)
Unloading along side the Crapo at LaFarge Sunday.

5-4 - Paul R. Tregurtha at Marquette's Upper Harbor
- Rod Burdick

1_prt_5_1_09_rb.jpg (151446 bytes)
Unloading coal
2_prt_5_1_09_rb.jpg (90907 bytes)
View from the lakeshore

5-4 - Ryerson at Port Huron
- Ed Schuyler

1.-E.L.R.-5-2-09-ES-JPG..jpg (54445 bytes)
Downbound above the Huron Lightship.
2.-E.L.R.-5-2-09-ES-JPG..jpg (39869 bytes)
Bow Profile.
3.-E.L.R.-5-2-09-ES-JPG..jpg (38588 bytes)
Three Steam master salutes while passing Port Huron, note the Steam from the whistles.
4.-E.L.R.-5-2-09-ES-JPG..jpg (58214 bytes)
Heading for Hamilton

5-4 - Tarantau waiting to be scrapped
- Jacob Northup Collection

1-Tarantau-9-2-00-jn.jpg.jpg (89709 bytes) 2-Tarantau-9-2-00-jn.jpg.jpg (95512 bytes) 3-Tarantau-9-2-00-jn.jpg.jpg (73590 bytes) 4-Tarantau-9-2-00-jn.jpg.jpg (67406 bytes) 5-Tarantau-9-2-00-jn.jpg.jpg (125056 bytes)

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