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May 6 - 8 , 2009


5-8 - Toledo - Jim Hoffman

DSC_0077.jpg (87839 bytes)
Close up view of Saginaw unloading grain at Kraft Foods Elevator.
DSC_0094.jpg (81659 bytes)
Overall view showing the Saginaw unloading grain at the Kraft Foods Elevator which was the former Nabisco Plant.

5-8 - Herbert C. Jackson in Marquette - Rod Burdick

1_hcj_5_7_09_rb.jpg (89115 bytes)
Loading ore with survey equipment alongside.

5-7 - Toledo
- Jim Hoffman

DSC_0047.jpg (53287 bytes)
Algowood passing Ironhead Shipyard with the John J. Boland and American Republic in layup.
DSC_0065.jpg (58524 bytes)
Outbound Maumee Bay.

5-7 - Toronto Dry Dock
- Gerry O.

1-Afloat-again-05-06-09-g.o.jpg (83381 bytes)
 Afloat in the drydock
2-Cutting-loose-05-06-09-g..jpg (150334 bytes)
Cutting away the side braces
3--Backing-down-05-06-09-g..jpg (92675 bytes)
M. R. Kane backing down.
4-Hooking-up-05-06-09-g.o..jpg (113256 bytes)
Hooking up to tow the Straits out. Commodore Straits has had its name painted over on the bow and stern. This may lead to a renaming.
5---Under-tow-05-06-09-g.o..jpg (86923 bytes)
Under tow. Commodore Straits was tied to the wall at the end of the fence line. Thursday the tour boat Enterprise 2000 will go on the drydock for its 5 year inspection.

5-7 - H. Lee White arriving at Marquette's Upper Harbor
- Rod Burdick

1_hlw_5_5_09_rb.jpg (112682 bytes)
Scenic view
2_hlw_5_5_09_rb.jpg (154682 bytes)
At the ore dock

5-7 - Saginaw -
Todd Shorkey

1-zeus-5-6-09-ts-a.jpg (81257 bytes)
 Tug Zeus out of the notch at Dow Chemical.
2-zeus-5-6-09-ts-b.jpg (49667 bytes)
View of the tug and barge

5-7 - Historical Perspectives
- Jacob Northup

1-Richelieu-unknown-jn.jpg.jpg (58905 bytes)
Richelieu Downbound on Lake St. Clair
2-A.S.Glossbrenner-7-27-84-.jpg (75054 bytes)
A.S. Glossbrenner passing Port Huron on 7-27-1984.
3-Georgeghenderson-unknown-.jpg (59294 bytes)
George G. Henderson on Lake St. Clair on a unknown date.
4-MedsuaChallenger-unknown-.jpg (60901 bytes)
Medusa Challenger on a unknown date.
5-comeaudoc-unknown-jn.jpg.jpg (71484 bytes)
 Comeaudoc downbound at Port Huron on a unknown date.
Debbiel, (124389 bytes)
Tugs Dover and Debbie Lyn  docked in Goderich in the summer of 2004. By Tab Martin from the Jacob Northup Collection

5-7 - Historical Perspective Toledo

AGL_bike_trip_1924_18.jpg (57711 bytes)
 In the summer of 1924 my grandfather rode his bicycle around Lake Erie.

The old Hocking Valley coal dock on the east bank of the Maumee River in Toledo. The dock itself remains, just north of the I-280 bridge. The bridge in the photo would be the long gone Ash-Consaul Street bridge. The photo could have been taken from the Front Street overpass over the Hocking Valley Railroad. The overpass was being torn down last weekend. C&O bought the Hocking Valley and by the 1930's had built the Presque Isle lakefront docks which replaced this one as their primary coal dock in Toledo.


5-6 - Toronto
- Gerry O.

1---C.-Straits--05-04-09---.jpg (139034 bytes)
The tug Commodore Straits is expected to be refloated on Wednesday from Toronto Drydock.
2--Eric-Rogers-05-04-09---g.jpg (53618 bytes)
Capt. Eric Rogers, owner of Toronto Drydock lowering the gate.
3--C.-Straits---o5-04-09---.jpg (96050 bytes)
Another view of C. Straits on the drydock.
4---Widgeon-05-04-09---g.o..jpg (98694 bytes)
Widgeon and the bunkering ship Hamilton Energy at Redpath Sugar. The Royal Canadian Yacht Club's tender Kwasind passing in front.

5-6 - Herbert C. Jackson in the Saginaw River - Stephen Hause

1-HCJackson-5-5-09-sh.jpg (93448 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson aground at the mouth of the Bay Aggregates slip on the Saginaw River.
2-HCJackson-5-5-09-sh.jpg (70785 bytes)
Smoke from the stack as the vessel powers up.
3-HCJackson-5-5-09-sh.jpg (94452 bytes)
The tug Gregory J. Busch pushes the Jackson against the current. The tug Manitou is also pushing, but is hidden behind the hull and after superstructure.
4-HCJackson-5-5-09-sh.jpg (141245 bytes)
The bow of the Jackson enters the slip.
5-HCJackson-5-5-09-sh.jpg (67053 bytes)
The tugs at the stern of the Jackson as the ship enters the slip.
6-Busch-Manitou-5-5-09-sh.jpg (72292 bytes)
Job complete. The tugs Gregory J. Busch and Manitou

5-6 - Herbert C. Jackson in the Saginaw River Tuesday evening
- Gordy Garris

1-Jackson-5-5-09-gg.jpg (74628 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson unloads at Bay Aggregates dock
2-Jackson-5-5-09-gg.jpg (63079 bytes)
Closer view
3-Jackson-5-5-09-gg.jpg (133480 bytes)
Stern view in the slip with tug Manitou along side
4-Mohawk-5-5-09-gg.jpg (119543 bytes)
Tug Mohawk and dredge across the river

5-6 - Tug Prentiss Brown and St Marys Conquest in Green Bay
- Scott Best

1-Prentissbrown-05-05-09-sb.jpg (74881 bytes)
Stern view at the dock unloading
2-Prentissbrown-05-05-09-sb.jpg (97473 bytes)
Bow view unloading
3-Prentissbrown-05-05-09-sb.jpg (82112 bytes)
Another view of the pair on making their debut in Green Bay

5-6 - St. Clair River at Sarnia
- George Wharton (86240 bytes)
Algowood unloading potash from Thunder Bay at Cargill. (107282 bytes)
CCG Limnos at the Government Dock. (43042 bytes)
Panoramic of the American Integrity positioning herself to take over the unloading dock from the American Century at the Recors Detroit Edison Power Plant. (57789 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch upbound the St. Clair River bound for Thunder Bay, ON. (52354 bytes)
Another view (58823 bytes)
Passing the American Integrity.
7gcleit-amint-amcent5-05-09.jpg (64225 bytes)
Three abreast: Leitch, Integrity & Century. (62266 bytes)
Stern view of the Gordon C. Leitch.

5-6 - Paul R. unloading coal in Marquette
- Brad Neych

paulr-5-1-09.jpg (88895 bytes)        

5-6 - Crossover Island
- Murray Blancher

1-Perelik-05-05-09-MB-.jpg (80976 bytes)
Perelik up west of crossover island at a distance
2-Utviken-05-05-09-MB-.jpg (71261 bytes)
Utviken down at crossover island

5-6 - Bronte
- Eric Holmes

1-Tknutsen-05-05-09-eh.jpg (66919 bytes)
Turid Knutsen at the Petro Canada Pier in Bronte
2-TKnutsen-05-05-09-eh.jpg (68521 bytes)
Turid Knutsen closer view

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