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May 9-10, 2009

5/10 - Great Lakes Trader in Green Bay - Scott Best

Entering the Fox River with I-43 in the background

Putting on the brakes as Main Street fails to open.

Holding his position in the river with engine and thruster as an electrician fixes the problem on the bridge.

Bridge open, Trader heads through Main Street and up river

Passing through Walnut St.

Mason Street is the Traders last bridge to pass through.

Unloading later in the afternoon

5/10 - Welland Canal and Hamilton - Joe van der Doe

Cedarglen leaving Lock 1

On her way to Lock 2

Groupe Ocean tugs in Hamilton

McKeil tug fleet in Hamilton

Algoport at Port Weller

Montrealais at Port Weller

Windoc at Port Weller

5-10 - Unknown bridge crane - Chris Mazzella

I purchased this postcard of a bridge crane at an antique shop a few weeks back. I have not been able to find out what port this photo was taken. Post answers on the Information Search page.

5/9 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic at the Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher

Birchglen downbound

Stern view

Frontenac downbound

Stern view

Giovanni DP downbound

Accommodations block

Stern view

5/9 - Historical Perspective - Marc Vander Meulen
Sylvania 1965, 1976 and 1974. Photographer, dates and locations unknown (except the 1967 at Port Huron image).




5/9 - Buffalo scenes - Brian Wroblewski

Rebecca Lynn tied to her barge in the Niagara River, near the South Grand Island Bridges.

Tug's stern. She is very similar to the Karen Andrie that used to push this same barge.

The tug in the notch of the A-397 showing the barge secured to the mooring dolphins at the Noco Product Terminal.

The unloading manifold can be seen in this shot of the pier. Notice the barge's trim, high at the bow and lower towards the stern.

The Buffalo Memorial Auditorium (the "Aud") under demolition at this time. The Buffalo Skyway Bridge crosses the Buffalo River to the right of the shot. The basement of this building was dug right through the remains of the junction of the old Erie Canal and Main-Hamburg Canals in downtown Buffalo. Development proposals for the rehab of the site include plans to rebuild part of these lost waterways as a tourist attraction right where the remains of the Aud are coming down in this photo.

5/9 - Historical Perspective - Carl Fredericks - The first salties to enter Duluth on May 3, 1959.

Photos taken by my grandfather, Edwin C. Carlson. Scanned Ektachrome images.

Ramon de Larrinaga enters the Duluth Ship Canal.

Ramon de Larrinaga passing under lift bridge and fire hose spray.

Herald arrives sixteen minutes after the Ramon de Larrinaga.

5/9 - James R. Barker in Marquette - Lee Rowe
  5/8 - James R. Barker in Marquette - Rod Burdick

Bow view

Loading ore

Wide view
Scenic view

5/9 - Historical Perspectives - Ray Hillary
Old friends passing Sarnia up bound into Lake Huron in August, 1981.

George A. Sloan

Another view

J. Burton Ayers

Passing Ft. Gratiot Light

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