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May 11 - 12, 2009

5/12 - St. Clair River - Ron Piskor
1-elr-5-11-09-rp.jpg (98273 bytes)
The Huron Lightship’s stern flag waves as the Edward L. Ryerson negotiates the bend in the St.Clair River below the Bluewater Bridges.
2-elr-5-11-09-rp.jpg (75377 bytes)
Stern passes.
3-elrsom-5-11-09-rp.jpg (101016 bytes)
ELR passes the State of Michigan at The Bean Dock.
4-elr-5-11-09-rp.jpg (95364 bytes)
This little guy will probably remember this day the rest of his life. The day his mom took him down to the river to see a Great Lakes Legend.
5-elr-5-11-09-rp.jpg (170616 bytes)
Springtime on the St. Clair River.
6-elr-5-11-09-rp.jpg (100780 bytes)
A Marysville local demonstrates one of many proven techniques in enticing a steamy salute.
7-elr-5-11-09-rp.jpg (89080 bytes)
Passing the south end of Stag Island.
8-elr-5-11-09-rp,jpg.jpg (94607 bytes)
ELR stern passing the River Crab.
9-elr-5-11-09-rp.jpg (84767 bytes)
Downbound at Light 23.
10-elr-5-11-09-rp.jpg (117978 bytes)
South Channel Harsens Island.
11-elr-5-11-09-rp.jpg (110197 bytes)
ELR passing St. Marks Catholic Church on Harsens Island.
12-elrjrb-5-11-09-rp.jpg (54178 bytes)
ELR after passing the upbound James R. Barker at Muirs on the South Channel.

5/12 - Ryerson at Port Huron -
Ed Schuyler
1.-E.L.R.-5-11-09-ES-JPG..jpg (62391 bytes)
Passing the Huron Lightship Museum about 2:48pm.
2.-E.L.R.-5-11-09-ES-JPG..jpg (48623 bytes) 3.-E.L.R.-5-11-09-ES-JPG..jpg (42105 bytes) 4.-E.L.R.-5-11-09-ES-JPG..jpg (49949 bytes)  

5/12 - Michipicoten in Marquette -
Rod Burdick
1_mich_5_7_09_rb.jpg (64532 bytes)
Early morning arrival at the Upper Harbor
2_mich_5_7_09_rb.jpg (135428 bytes)
Bow view at the ore dock

5/12 - Soo -
Lee Rowe
AlgosarLR05090901.jpg (91549 bytes)
Algosar arriving upbound Saturday.
AlgosarLR05100910.jpg (81390 bytes)
Departing Sunday.
AmCenturyLR05090910.jpg (72632 bytes)
American Century
AngLady2501LR05100901.jpg (79962 bytes)
Anglian Lady and barge 2501
AtlHuronLR05090901.jpg (105378 bytes)
Atlantic Huron
CanOlympicLR05090903.jpg (80755 bytes)
Canadian Olympic
CanProspectorLR05090903.jpg (85426 bytes)
Canadian Prospector
CanProspPerelikLR05090902.jpg (67757 bytes)
Canadian Prospector meeting Perelik
PerelikLR05090905.jpg (81264 bytes)
CanTransportLR05100901.jpg (68467 bytes)
Canadian Transport
PerelikLR05090916.jpg (103860 bytes)
Perelik getting assist from Missouri
AmIntegrityLR05100905.jpg (77918 bytes)
American Integrity
GCLeitchLR05090906.jpg (92024 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch
WMMcCarthyLR05100902.jpg (66345 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy
ELRyersonLR05100907.jpg (70768 bytes)
 ELRyersonLR05100908.jpg (68062 bytes) ELRyersonLR05100910.jpg (87298 bytes) ELRyersonLR05100920.jpg (84771 bytes) ELRyersonLR05100928.jpg (79016 bytes)  

5/11 - Welland Canal traffic -
Bob Dowson

Federal Polaris downbound at Lock 7

Stern view

Federal Leda downbound at Glendale bridge

Stern view

Tug Kathy Lynn

Tug Anglian Lady

Peter R. Cresswell

Group shot at Lock 4

Cedarglen at Port Colborne

Molly M1 at Lock 1

Wyatt M at Lock 1

Giovanni DP downbound Lock 1


Songa Diamond downbound at Lock 2

Stern view

5/11 - Tour boat Enterprise 2000 on drydock in Toronto -
Gerry Ouderkirk

5/11 - St. Lawrence River traffic -
Murray Blancher
5/11 - Iroquois Lock traffic -
Ron Beaupre

Sten Suomi upbound

Passing Crossover Island Light
Sten Suomi upbound

She is on her first trip into the Great Lakes

5/11 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock -
Bob Vincent
5/11 - Saginaw River traffic -
Todd Shorkey

Herbert C. Jackson under coal loader machine.

Loaded and heading out for Zug Island
Olive L. Moore & Lewis J. Kuber outbound at Cass Avenue

Stern view

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