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May 13 - 14, 2009

5/14 - Rouge River - Chuck Wagner
1-PRC-5-12-09-cw.jpg (74682 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell unloading cement clinker from Bowmanville, ON at St. Mary's Cement.
2-PRC-5-12-09-cw.jpg (89431 bytes)
While the Cresswell's bow does not pass through the open Canadian National bridge, she will need to shift upriver along the dock to allow the Tregurtha to pass.
3-LAT-5-12-09-cw.jpg (93291 bytes)
Tregurtha approaching the Jefferson Ave bridge on her way up the Rouge to unload pellets from Marquette at SeverStal.
4-LAT-5-12-09-cw.jpg (98068 bytes)
Calling off distances after passing through the bridge.
5-LAT-5-12-09-cw.jpg (83298 bytes)
Sharing the river in tight quarters. Note the position of the Cresswell's port side boarding ladder relative to the dock.
6-LAT-5-12-09-cw.jpg (86437 bytes)
Tregurtha creeping by the Cresswell. Once the Tregurtha cleared the Canadian National bridge, the Cresswell slowly shifted downriver along the dock to allow the Tregurtha to turn to starboard while continuing upriver.
7-LAT-5-12-09-cw.jpg (71539 bytes)
Tregurtha lining up to pass under the I-75 bridge and then thru the Norfolk Southern bridge.
8-PRC-5-12-09-cw.jpg (92349 bytes)
Cresswell back in position for unloading. Note that the port side boarding ladder is no longer visible.
9-LAT-5-12-09-cw.jpg (50809 bytes)
Starboard side engine room access.

5/14 - John B Aird in Fairport Harbor, Ohio -
Bob Hunter
1-JBAird-5-12-09-rh.jpg (70465 bytes)
Under the Morton Salt dock loader.
2-JBAird-5-12-09-rh.jpg (94849 bytes)      

5/14 - Hamilton - Rodney Aitchison
1-Frntnc-5-12-9-RA.jpg (89587 bytes)
Frontenac in Hamilton loading ore at Hamilton Works.  Blast furnaces at Dofasco are visible in the background.
2-Frntnc-5-12-9-RA.jpg (94231 bytes)
Wider view of Frontenac loading in Hamilton with idled mill in the background.
3-CTrnsfr-5-12-9-RA.jpg (104268 bytes)
Canadian Transfer laid up in Hamilton at Pier 10W
4-CTrnsfr-5-12-9-RA.jpg (107270 bytes)
Bow view of Canadian Transfer

5/14 - Lake St. Clair to the Rouge - Dawn Roberts
1cruise-5-12-09-dcr.jpg (97320 bytes)
Enjoying the sights and weather on one of the Diamond Jack Cruise boats.
2tugbg-5-12-09-dcr.jpg (75098 bytes)
Unknown tug and barge at Connor Park
3Hjac-5-12-09-dcr.jpg (76585 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman upbound
4Lat-5-12-09-dcr.jpg (102877 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha downbound
5Lat-5-12-09-dcr.jpg (53595 bytes)
 Lee A. Tregurtha at Belle Isle
6SoM-5-12-09-dcr.jpg (100564 bytes)
State of Michigan at Belle Isle
7Lat-5-12-09-dcr.jpg (116588 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha crewmember at bow
8fuel-5-12-09-dcr.jpg (95551 bytes)
Fuel barge heading to Severstal to service Lee A.

5/14 - Ojibway upbound Maumee River in Toledo - Jim Hoffman
Ojibway-jh509.jpg (95725 bytes)
From the High Level Bridge

5/14 - Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-calumet-5-13-09-ts-a.jpg (63462 bytes)
Calumet inbound nearing Independence Bridge
2-calumet-5-13-09-ts-b.jpg (48456 bytes)
Calumet with the sun rising over her bow
3-calumet-5-13-09-ts-c.jpg (53422 bytes)
Stern view clear of Independence Bridge
4-ljkuber-5-13-09-ts-a.jpg (63025 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber outbound nearing Vet's Memorial Bridge
5-ljkuber-5-13-09-ts-b.jpg (69559 bytes)
Stern view clear of the bridge
6-manitowoc-5-13-09-ts-a.jpg (65284 bytes)
Manitowoc inbound at the Essroc Dock
7-manitowoc-5-13-09-ts-b.jpg (53889 bytes)
Manitowoc passing the Moore-Kuber
8-manitowoc-5-13-09-ts-c.jpg (67310 bytes)
Manitowoc stern view
9-ljkuber-5-13-09-ts-c.jpg (73220 bytes)
Olive L. Moore getting up to speed after the Manitowoc clears

5/14 - Stoneport Photos - Ben & Chanda McClain
Mun-5-13-09-01.jpg (114891 bytes)
John G. Munson loading at Stoneport
Mun-5-13-09-02.jpg (75882 bytes) Mun-5-13-09-03.jpg (65481 bytes) Calu-5-13-09-01.jpg (80583 bytes)
Calumet waiting nearby to load next

5/14 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-Innovation,5-12-09-bv.jpg (76875 bytes)
Barge Innovation with tug Samuel De Champlain heading out
2-White,Valor,Peirson-5-13-.jpg (79079 bytes)
H. Lee White, American Valor & Robert S. Pierson bow view
3-HLWhite,5-13-09-bv.jpg (74791 bytes)
H. Lee White under the coal machine
4-HLWhite,5-13-09-bv.jpg (69538 bytes)
Loaded and backing out, heading to Muskegon
5-Ojibway,5-13-09-bv.jpg (46689 bytes)
Ojibway heading into Toledo
6-RSPeirson,5-13-09-bv.jpg (96525 bytes)
Robert S Pierson backing under the coal machine
7-RSPeirson,5-13-09-bv.jpg (81826 bytes)
Under the coal machine
8-RSPeirson,5-13-09-bv.jpg (53887 bytes)
The flags of the Robert S. Pierson

5/14 - Federal Agno upbound - Ron Beaupre
1-agno-13-05-09-rb.jpg (77899 bytes)
Federal Agno sails up the Seaway for Thunder Bay.
2-agno-13-05-09-rb.jpg (80913 bytes)
Federal Agno reflects the setting sun off her hull.

5/14 - Historical Perspectives - Edwin C. Carlson photos, Collection of Carl Fredericks
bayton.jpg (64795 bytes)
Bayton enters Duluth ship canal.  Date unknown, probably early 1960's.
leonfraser.jpg (74703 bytes)
Boatwatchers view the Leon Fraser and Edna G. at DM&IR Two Harbors Dock #1, August 1962.


5/13 - Recent Marquette Upper Harbor Activity -
Rod Burdick
1_hlw_5_5_09_rb.jpg (112019 bytes)
H. Lee White arriving
2_hcj_5_7_09_rb.jpg (152333 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson loading ore
3_michjrb_5_8_09_rb.jpg (109977 bytes)
Bow views, Michipicoten and James R. Barker
4_jrb_5_8_09_rb.jpg (156531 bytes)
James R. Barker loading ore

5/13 - Rochester New York Dredging -
John M.
01-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (121440 bytes)
Rochester New York Genesee River dredging gets under way. Spoils barge CT251 on the left, with spud barge CT150 just to the right of it. Essroc cement dock is in the right background.
02-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (66306 bytes)
GPS unit at top of crane boom plots the exact location of each bucket drop
03-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (39096 bytes)
Kathy Lynn returning with just emptied spoils barge CT252 from the designated dumping area out on Lake Ontario while a survey vessel maps sediment buildup at the harbor entrance (where the Stephen B. Roman got stuck a couple of years ago).
04-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (108616 bytes)
Close up of survey vessel "mowing the lawn".
05-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (74979 bytes)
Kathy Lynn returning from a dump pushing an empty CT252.
06-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (82740 bytes)
Kathy Lynn riding low in full ballast.
07-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (107331 bytes)
Rochester Coast Guard keeping an eye on things.
08-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (96881 bytes)
Kathy Lynn in full ballast just squeaking under a broken Rochester O'Rorke lift bridge. The bridge normally lifts for vessels of this height (she still has a full mast at this point).
09-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (176795 bytes)
Arriving back at the dredge with the empty CT252. Note the difference in draft to the full CT251 (the construction of the two barges appears identical).
10-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (103626 bytes)
Getting ready to remove the top of the tugs mast to provide a more comfortable amount of bridge clearance.
11-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (242609 bytes)
Off the top comes
12-RNY-5-13-09-jm.jpg (177291 bytes)
And it gets welded here, for now.
13-RNY-5-12-09-jm.jpg (420297 bytes)
Traditional dredge markings displayed on CT150

5/13 - Goderich -
Dale Baechler
HPIM2402.jpg (74756 bytes)
 Navigator backing down the channel with the MacDonald Marine tugs.
HPIM2405.jpg (74003 bytes)
Loading at Sifto Salt

5/13 - Hamilton -
Eric Holmes
1-CLeader-05-12-09-eh.jpg (55614 bytes)
Canadian Leader in the Burlington ship canal.
2-Cleader-05-12-09-eh.jpg (98754 bytes)
Canadian Leader stern view.

5/13 - Toledo Midwest Terminal Stone Dock -
Bob Vincent

5/13 - Sign of summer the Badger firing up her engines for the 2009 sailing season. - Bob Kalal
1-CaptHJackman-5-11-09-bv.jpg (49585 bytes)
The Captain Henry Jackman came in late Monday night to unload stone at Midwest Terminal Stone Dock. 
2-CaptHJackman-5-11-09-bv.jpg (51070 bytes)
Another view 
  5-12-09-badger.jpg (29124 bytes) 5-12-09-8;35am-Badger-warmi.jpg (27278 bytes)

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