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May 17 , 2009

5/17 - Edward L. Ryerson at the Soo on Saturday - Nate Gregorich
1-ELR-5.16.09-NJG.jpg (105810 bytes)
Approaching the Museum Ship Valley Camp.
2-ELR-5.16.09-NJG.jpg (88264 bytes)
Just off the dock from the Valley Camp
3-ELR-5.16.09-NJG.jpg (90526 bytes)
Crew in pilot house waving
4-ELR-5.16.09-NJG.jpg (101260 bytes)
Past the Valley Camp and USCG Katmai Bay.
5-ELR-5.16.09-NJG.jpg (137071 bytes)
Along the lock wall outside of MacArthur Lock. At Brady Park
6-ELR-5.16.09-NJG.jpg (100106 bytes)
At Brady Park again looking at stern
7-ELR-5.16.09-NJG.jpg (71629 bytes)
Ryerson clear of the lock and coming into view under the International Bridge. It was cold and snowy
8-ELR-5.16.09-NJG.jpg (76488 bytes)
Passing the West Pier at Soo Locks and giving a big salute.
9-ELR-5.16.09-NJG.jpg (107145 bytes)
And what a beautiful salute it was
10-ELR-5.16.09-NJG.jpg (80396 bytes)
See you soon

5/17 - Point Edward - Mark Dease
1-mich-5-16-09-md.jpg (72658 bytes)
Michipicoten downbound at 1 & 2.
2-lake-5-16-09-md.jpg (66992 bytes)
Algolake making the turn at 1 & 2.
3-ihar-5-16-09-a-md.jpg (46914 bytes)
Indiana Harbor above 1 & 2.
4-ihar-5-16-09-b-md.jpg (75067 bytes)
Indiana Harbor meets the Kaministiqua at the Black River.
5-kam-5-16-09-md.jpg (70782 bytes)
Kaministiqua upbound at Vantage Point.

5/17 - Westcott mailboat crew working the Detroit River - Ron Piskor
1-west-5-15-09-rp.jpg (103491 bytes)
Freight and mail is loaded on the Westcott’s bow for delivery to the Adam E. Cornelius.
2-aec-5-15-09-rp.jpg (73768 bytes)
The Westcott approaching the Adam E. Cornelius.
3-aec-5-15-09-rp.jpg (127663 bytes)
Westcott crew pass freight through the engine room door to a Cornelius crew member.
4-aec-5-15-09-rp.jpg (98348 bytes)
The Westcott breaking away from the Cornelius as it passes under the Ambassador Bridge.
5-west-5-15-09-rp.jpg (123595 bytes)
The Westcott crew switches boats and boards the Huron Maid to do a pilot change with the approaching Sten Soumi.
6-stens-5-15-09-09-rp.jpg (96383 bytes)
The salty Sten Soumi upbound.
7-stens-5-15-09-rp.jpg (110098 bytes)
The Sten Soumi passing under the Ambassador Bridge.
8-molly-5-15-09-rp.jpg (122038 bytes)
Molly the Westcott’s mailboat cat stands vigil over mailbags destined for the approaching Edward L. Ryerson and Manistee.
9-westelr-5-15-09-rp.jpg (154840 bytes)
The ELR approaching the Westcott mailboat station.
10-elr-5-15-09-rp.jpg (81272 bytes)
Westcott head down river to meet the ELR in the rain.
11-elr-5-15-09-rp.jpg (68906 bytes)
Approaching the ELR’s port side.
12-elr-5-15-09-rp.jpg (89544 bytes)
The Edward L. Ryerson heading under the Ambassador Bridge to lay-up in Duluth.
13-fa-5-15-09-rp.jpg (71041 bytes)
Westcott approaches the Federal Agno to do a crew change.
14-fa-5-15-09-rp.jpg (149259 bytes)
A Federal Agno crew member disembarks as a the Westcott crew gets his grip.
15-man-5-15-09-rp.jpg (61114 bytes)
The Westcott approaching the downbound Manistee.
16-man-5-15-09-rp.jpg (87910 bytes)
Manistee about to pass under the Ambassador Bridge.
17-man-5-15-09-rp.jpg (136821 bytes)
Mail being hoisted aboard the Manistee.
18-man-5-15-09-rp.jpg (60643 bytes)
The Westcott’s stern flag waves as the Manistee heads down river into the building rain.

5/17 - Port Huron Weekend -
Dave Wobser

Kaministiqua upbound at St. Clair

Indiana Harbor downbound under the bridges

Kaministiqua approaching the Black River

Kaministiqua meets Indiana Harbor in front of the Great Lakes Maritime Center

Going their separate ways

Clipper Tasmania downbound at St. Clair

Clipper Tasmania stern view

Sten Suomi up bound

Stern view

Capt. Henry Jackman upbound at Port Huron.

Jackman stern view

Cason J. Callaway down bound at St. Clair

Callaway stern view

Mississagi turning at Marysville

Mississagi almost all the way around

Mississagi forward cabins profile

Mississagi backing to the stone dock

Mississagi down bound at St. Clair after unloading

Manistee downbound under the Bluewater Bridges

Manistee head on

Manistee profile

Manistee stern view passing fisherman at Pine Grove Park

Algoway down at St. Clair

Algoway stern view

Algowood down at St. Clair

Algowood stern view

5/17 - Port Huron Traffic 5-15-09 -
Al Endelmann
1-callaway5-15-09-ae.jpg (128365 bytes)
Cason J Callaway downbound Blue Water Bridges
2-clipt5-15-09-ae.jpg (101413 bytes)
Clipper Tasmania downbound Marysville ML

5/17 - Photos from Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal.
May 3, 2009 - Paul Beesley
1-spain-5-03-09-pb.jpg (140692 bytes)
Spanish Navy ship in port for R&R.
2-bon-5-03-09-pb.jpg (152159 bytes)
Bonita da Madeira passing the anchored Hermann Scan outside the port of Funchal.
3-smc-5-03-09-pb.jpg (183884 bytes)
Santa Maria de Colombo, tour vessel, in search of the New World inside Funchal harbour.
4-lobo-5-03-09-pb.jpg (175410 bytes)
Ferry Lobo Marinho leaving the dock in Funchal for a regular trip to one of the out-islands.
5-zaire-5-03-09-pb.jpg (124070 bytes)
Portugese Navy ship N.R.P. Zaire leaving her dock and proceeding outbound.

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