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May 17 , 2009

5/17 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock in Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-JBAird,5-16-09-bv.jpg (65788 bytes)
John B. Aird coming in, bow of the Pathfinder
2-JBAird,5-16-09-bv.jpg (58259 bytes)
With Great Lakes Tug escort, heading up the Maumee River
3-JBAird,5-16-09-bv.jpg (98689 bytes)
Going under the High Level bridge
4-JBAird,5-16-09-bv.jpg (83280 bytes)
Forward escort tug Nebraska, going through the N & S rail bridge
5-JBAird,5-16-09-bv.jpg (75874 bytes)
Stern view with tug Idaho
6-JBAird,5-16-09-bv.jpg (67627 bytes)
Starting to back under Anderson "E" dock
7-JBAird,5-16-09-bv.jpg (46739 bytes)
Another view
1-Pathfinder,5-16-09-bv.jpg (78300 bytes)
Barge Pathfinder and tug Dorothy Ann coming in.
2-DorothyAnn,5-16-09-bv.jpg (66803 bytes)
A look at tug Dorothy Ann as she turns and backs under
3-DorothyAnn,5-16-09-bv.jpg (71032 bytes)
Another view
4-Pathfinder,5-16-09-bv.jpg (73866 bytes)
 Loading for Harbor Beach
5-Pathfinder,5-16-09-bv.jpg (123401 bytes)
Another view
6-DorothyAnn,5-16-09-bv.jpg (105314 bytes)
Aft tug and unloading boom

5/17 - Port Huron and Windmill Pointe Traffic -
Alex and Max Mager
1-Quebec-5-17-09-AM.jpg (90069 bytes)
Quebecois approaching the Bramble
2-Quebec-5-17-09-AM.jpg (84996 bytes)
Stern View
3-BrambHS-5-17-09-AM.jpg (101740 bytes)
Bramble docked behind the Highlander Sea
4-Mariner-5-17-09-AM.jpg (69050 bytes)
American Mariner
5-Mariner-5-17-09-AM.jpg (87750 bytes)
Stern View
6-McCarth-5-17-09-AM.jpg (88313 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy Jr
7-McCarth-5-17-09-AM.jpg (92800 bytes)
Stern View
8-Ryerson-5-17-09-AM.jpg (73660 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson at Windmill Pointe
9-RyerMar-5-17-09-AM.jpg (97998 bytes)
Passing the American Mariner returning upbound
10-Ryerso-5-17-09-AM.jpg (86937 bytes)
Into the Detroit River
11-Marine-5-17-09-AM.jpg (70172 bytes)
Mariner into Lake St Clair
12-Cress-5-17-09-AM.jpg (68716 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell
13-Cress-5-17-09-AM.jpg (80298 bytes)
Stern View
14-Manist-5-17-09-AM.jpg (93723 bytes)
15-Manist-5-17-09-AM.jpg (79992 bytes)
Stern View

5/17 - Iroquois Lock -
Murray Blancher
1-John-D-Leitch-05-16-09-MB.jpg (53286 bytes)
 John D Leitch upbound at Mariatown
2-John-D-Leitch-05-16-09-MB.jpg (74287 bytes)
3-John-D-Leicth-05-16-09-MB.jpg (80795 bytes)
John D Leitch exiting Iroquois Lock
4-Diamond-Star-05-16-09-MB-.jpg (69126 bytes)
Diamond Star downbound at Maitland


5/17 - Iroquois Lock  -
Ron Beaupre
1-orchid-16-05-09-rb.jpg (92686 bytes)
Oriental Orchid takes Iroquois Lock "on the fly."
2-orchid-16-05-09-rb.jpg (66025 bytes)
She is bound for Clarkson with her cargo.

5/17 - Iroquois Lock -
Cameron Steele
isa-5-15-09-cs.jpg (74435 bytes)
The Cypriot registered Isa arrived at the Iroquois Lock heading upbound
diam-star-5-15-09-cs.jpg (66328 bytes)
Diamond Star heading downbound towards the Eisenhower Locks.

5/17 - Welland Canal -
ob Dowson
1.Clippertas-05-16-09-bd.jpg (87877 bytes)
Clipper Tasmania downbound at Lock 7
2.Clippertas-05-16-09-bd.jpg (71884 bytes)
Stern view

5/17 - Munson in South Chicago -
Patrick Long
David&Jaidin;First-sail-045.jpg (91188 bytes)
 Backing into the Calsag just W. of the 95th street bridge next to Crowley's yacht yard.

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