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May 18 , 2009

5/18 - Port Huron - Dave Wobser
1-M-Trader-5-17-09-djw.jpg (126633 bytes)
Maritime Trader downbound
2-M-Trader-5-17-09-djw.jpg (77245 bytes)
Maritime Trader stern view
3-Algosoo-5-17-09-djw.jpg (107348 bytes)
Algosoo downbound
4-Algosoo-5-17-09-djw.jpg (90248 bytes)
Algosoo stern view

5/18 - Welland Canal -
Bill Bird
1-Algocape-5-17-09-bb-a.jpg (75509 bytes)
Algocape downbound at Old Bridge Ten
2-Algocape-5-13-09-bb-b.jpg (64068 bytes)
Stern shot
3-Pineglen-5-17-09-a-bb.jpg (72070 bytes)
Pineglen approaching Allanburg
4-Pineglen-5-17-09-b-bb.jpg (83708 bytes)
Stern shot-on her way to Port Robinson
5-CSLNiagara-5-17-09-bb.jpg (66576 bytes)
CSL Niagara clear of Lock
6-JDLeitch-5-17-09-a-bb.jpg (63705 bytes)
 John D Leitch clearing Lock 2
7-JDLeitchsign-5-17-09-bb.jpg (76720 bytes)
Sign on starboard gangway reads "Do not feed the animals."  
8-Leitch-5-17-09-b-bb.jpg (57475 bytes)
Stern shot-passing Algocape
9-GCLeitch5-17-09-a-bb.jpg (58946 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch approaching Lock 2.
10-GCLeitch5-17-09-b-bb.jpg (65036 bytes)
Leitch making the wall below lock-because of bow and stern thrusters she did not have to tie up awaiting traffic. 

5/18 - Saginaw River -
Galen Witham
1.-krl-tug-5-16-09-grw.jpg (190710 bytes)
The Kurt M. Luedtke makes her way outbound with spoils near Cheboyganing Creek.
2.-krl-5-16-09-grw.jpg (271108 bytes)
A Close up of the Kurt M. Luedtke.
3.krl-5-16-09-grw.jpg (165215 bytes)
Heading towards Cheboyganing Creek, the Luedtke pushes on her barges of spoils, heading for the Bay.
4.-calumet-5-16-09-grw.jpg (127398 bytes)
Close up of the Calumet, getting ready to Unload at Wirt in Saginaw.
5.-calumet-5-16-09-grw.jpg (138078 bytes)
And the first stones hits the docks at Wirt, in Saginaw.  She was outbound late that evening
6.rsp-5-17-09-grw.jpg (132543 bytes)
The Robert S. Pierson, makes her approach on the Last public drawbridge in Bay City on 05-17-09.
7.rsp-5-17-09-grw.jpg (218893 bytes)
Pierson gets on her main engines, and pushes through the draw.
8.-rsp-5-17-09-grw.jpg (95724 bytes)
Clearing the bridge, the Pierson heads for the Lakes States Swing Bridge.
9.-rsp-5-17-09-grw.jpg (112430 bytes)
The Robert S. Pierson makes her approach on the Lake States Railway Swing Bridge. 
10.-rsp-5-17-09-grw.jpg (94373 bytes)
A successful approach, the Pierson is shown half way through the swing bridge.
11.-rsp-5-17-09-grw.jpg (111836 bytes)
The Robert S. Pierson, approaching the public boat ramp in Essexville.
12.-rsp-5-17-09-grw.jpg (87545 bytes)
 The Pierson makes the last turn, and heads out into Saginaw Bay.  With winds sustained at over 20 knots, the Master of the Pierson handled this transit with ease. 


5/18 - Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-pierson-5-17-09-ts-a.jpg (80227 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson outbound at Cass Avenue
2-pierson-5-17-09-ts-b.jpg (72328 bytes)
Stern view

5/18 - Saginaw River -
Gordy Garris
1-Calumet-5-16-09-gg1.jpg (83543 bytes)
Calumet unloads at Saginaw Wirt on Saturday
2-Calumet-5-16-09-gg1.jpg (73747 bytes)
Calumet bow profile
3-Calumet-5-16-09-gg1.jpg (94256 bytes)
Calumet stern cabins
4-Kurt-5-16-09-gg1.jpg (77141 bytes)
Kurt Leudtke and barge
5-Kurt-5-16-09-gg1.jpg (99384 bytes)
Kurt Leudtke close up
6-Kurt-5-16-09-gg1.jpg (89540 bytes)
Stern view
7-Pierson-5-17-09-gg1.jpg (57497 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson outbound from Saginaw
8-Pierson-5-17-09-gg1.jpg (76379 bytes)
Stern view headed under I-75 bridge

5/18 - St. Lawrence Seaway South shore canal at Kahnawake -
Kent Malo
Dennis-Sullivan-5-17-09-km.jpg (98762 bytes)
Dennis Sullivan upbound May 15
DennisSullivan-5-17-09-km-c.jpg (106958 bytes) Ojibway-5-17-09-km.jpg (105139 bytes)
Ojibway downbound Sunday
Ojibway5-17-09-km-b.jpg (96103 bytes) Ojibway5-17-09-km-c.jpg (79348 bytes)

5/18 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock Toledo -
Bob Vincent   B
1-CDesgagnes,5-16-09-bv.jpg (77135 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes pumping water before loading
2-CJCallaway,5-17-09-bv.jpg (85740 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway coming under coal loader
3-CJCallaway,5-17-09-bv.jpg (64052 bytes)
Forward House view
4-CJCallaway,5-17-09-bv.jpg (92907 bytes)
Putting a man on the wall
5-CJCallaway,5-17-09-bv.jpg (67326 bytes)
Another view
6-CJCallaway,5-17-09-bv.jpg (131626 bytes)
Loading for Escanaba

5/18 - Photos from Port Everglades, FL.  April 23, 2009 -
Paul Beesley
1-fiesta-4-23-09-pb.jpg (108304 bytes)
Fiesta Mail leaving Port Everglades for Grand Bahama, a 6 hour trip.  It boasts a seating capacity of 600, with additional room for 32 containers and 60 vehicles, also meets the building requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping. 
2-towboat-4-23-09-pb.jpg (177598 bytes) 3-serv-4-23-09-pb.jpg (115813 bytes)
Super Servant 4 with a load of yachts.  The Super Servant class vessels have been converted into yacht carriers dedicated to yacht relocation around the world. Modifications include dock-type sidewalls to safely accommodate large and small sailing and motor yachts during transport.  Main engines2 x 3,128 kW Stork-Werkspoor diesel engines type 6TM410 at 570 rpm driving two variable pitch propellers.  Two bow thrusters of 500 kW each.
4-pilot-4-23-09-pb.jpg (143580 bytes)
Port Everglades pilot boat returning from a job.
5-discsun-4-23-09-pb.jpg (251978 bytes)
Discovery Sun makes daily trips, except Wed, to Grand Bahama Island and return.  She is shown here at her dock in Port Everglades.
6-tour-4-23-09-pb.jpg (161178 bytes)
Riverfront cruise boat passing Port Everglades.
7-greet-4-23-09-pb.jpg (137644 bytes)
Greetsiel & Elka Glory working cargo in Port Everglades.

5/18 - Historical Perspectives -
E.C. Carlson photos.  Collection of Carl Fredericks
Eskimo-0-00-00-ec.jpg (76123 bytes)
Eskimo loading at Duluth.
Eskimo-0-00-00-ecb.jpg (100180 bytes)
Eskimo at Duluth.
Elba-0-00-00-ec.jpg (61157 bytes)
Crane ship Elba at Duluth. 

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