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May 19 , 2009

5/19 - Soo Locks - Robert McGreevy
1-Mackinaw-05-18-09-RM.jpg (95885 bytes)
Mackinaw upbound MacArthur lock.
2-Mackinaw-05-18-09-RM.jpg (105985 bytes) 3-Mackinaw-05-18-09-RM.jpg (95467 bytes) 1-Jamesrbarker-05-18-09-RM.jpg (125408 bytes)
James R. Barker downbound Poe lock
2-Jamesrbarker-05-18-09-RM.jpg (84652 bytes)
James R. Barker bow
1-canadianleader-05-18-09-r.jpg (106458 bytes)
Canadian Leader downbound MacArthur lock.

5/19 - Welland Canal -
Bob Dowson
1.JWSHelley-05-18-09-bd.jpg (108340 bytes)
J.W. Shelley downbound at Glendale Bridge
2.-JWShelley-05-18-09-bd.jpg (76647 bytes)
Stern view
3.mari-05-18-09bd.jpg (65945 bytes)
Maritime Trader at Lock 7
4.mari-05-18-09-bd.jpg (86318 bytes)
Stern view

5/19 - Saginaw River - 
Todd Shorkey
1-bandrie-5-18-09-ts-a.jpg (70092 bytes)
Barbara Andrie and the A-390 inbound at the Essexville Ranges
2-bandrie-5-18-09-ts-b.jpg (69657 bytes)
Close up of the Barbara Andrie
3-ljkuber-5-18-09-ts-a.jpg (81808 bytes)
Olive L. Moore-Lewis J. Kuber inbound at Cass Avenue
4-ljkuber-5-18-09-ts-b.jpg (84466 bytes)
Stern view

5/19 - Herbert C. Jackson at Marquette's Lower Harbor - 
Rod Burdick
1_hcj_5_16_09_rb.jpg (75273 bytes)
Arriving at the Shiras Dock
2_hcj_5_16_09_rb.jpg (70647 bytes)
Unloading stone
3_hcj_5_16_09_rb.jpg (141150 bytes)
Bow view
4_hcj_5_16_09_rb.jpg (109843 bytes)
Stern view

5/19 - Iroquois Lock - 
Murray Blancher
1-Radium-Yellowknife-18-05-.jpg (88600 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife & Big 549 upbound at Iroquois Lock
2-Glen-18-05-09-MB-.jpg (110993 bytes)
Glen upbound at Iroquois
3-Glen-18-05-09-MB-.jpg (74720 bytes)
Glen up at Iroquois
4-Glen-18-05-09-MB-.jpg (82406 bytes) 5-Algooport-18-05-09-MB-.jpg (89510 bytes)
Algoport downbound at Iroquois
6-Algooport-18-05-09-MB-.jpg (81549 bytes)        

5/19 - Daniel McAllister - 
Kent Malo
Daniel-McAllister5-18-09-km.jpg (91959 bytes)
 This past winter in Montreal the Daniel McAllister underwent a complete repaint in the McAllister colors she bore while under McAllister Towing.
DanielMcAllister5-18-09-km.jpg (93468 bytes)
The Daniel McAllister is jointly owned by the Museum at L'islet on the sea, Quebec and another.
DanielMcAllister5-18-09-km-.jpg (130164 bytes)
Daniel McAllister while she sits in the Lachine Canal above the locks, and the Old Port of Montreal.

5/19 - Roger Blough Tow in late April -
Mike Nicholls
STJOHNJSb01042909mn.jpg (40023 bytes) POINTCOUNTERPOINTIIs5104290.jpg (74838 bytes) POINTCOUNTERPOINTIIb4304290.jpg (47435 bytes) MANITOUb56043009mn.jpg (53177 bytes)
Maintou arrives
MANITOUs64043009mn.jpg (44109 bytes)
BLOUGHROGERb03042909mn.jpg (39472 bytes) MANITOUb04042909mn.jpg (48915 bytes) HOEYPATRICIAb06042909mn.jpg (47698 bytes) HOEYPATRICIAs07042909mn.jpg (50284 bytes) BLOUGHROGERs02043009mn.jpg (32130 bytes)
BLOUGHROGERs04043009mn.jpg (38160 bytes) BLOUGHROGERs13043009mn.jpg (37291 bytes) ConneautHarbor03043009mn.jpg (38487 bytes)
Arriving off Conneaut
ConneautPiers16043009mn.jpg (34643 bytes) ConneautPierLightS68043009m.jpg (57363 bytes)
BLOUGHROGERs23043009mn.jpg (48969 bytes) BLOUGHROGERs26043009mn.jpg (43721 bytes) BLOUGHROGERs19043009mn.jpg (34918 bytes)    
ESB113s1042909mn.jpg (49961 bytes) ESB112s39042909mn.jpg (52234 bytes) CANADIANSAILORb44042909mn.jpg (36524 bytes) AQUABUSIIb45042909mn.jpg (38319 bytes) AQUABUSIb46042909mn.jpg (44775 bytes)

5/19 - Detroit River -
Mike Nicholls
SPENCERSARAHs04050109mn.jpg (49194 bytes)
Jane Ann IV and Sarah Spencer in the old Rouge River. May 1
JANEANNIVs03050109mn.jpg (54093 bytes) BELUGAELEGANCEs05050109mn.jpg (44560 bytes)
Beluga Elegance unloading at Morterm In Windsor. May 1.
CLIPPERTASMANIAb03051409mn.jpg (37171 bytes)
Clipper Tasmania upbound at Grassy Island.
CLIPPERTASMANIAs04051409mn.jpg (38635 bytes)
CANADIANLEADERb07051409mn.jpg (34173 bytes)
Canadian Leader upbound at Grassy Island.
CANADIANLEADERs08051409mn.jpg (32270 bytes)

5/19 - Ryan Barone presents at the MHSD dinner meeting - 
Tony Barone
RYAN_WITH_BOOKS.jpg (78890 bytes)
Ryan with copies of his book
SETTING_UP_IN_ROOM.jpg (82640 bytes)
Setting up at the St. Clair Inn
RYAN_TALKING-3.jpg (63824 bytes)    

5/19 - Dennis Sullivan anchored in Chaumont Bay -
Kirk Aubertine
IMG_5092.jpg (133788 bytes)        

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