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May 20 - 22 , 2009

5/22 - Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent
1-SeaEagleII,5-20-09-bv.jpg (69450 bytes)
Tug Sea Eagle II with barge St. Marys Cement II leaving Toledo Ohio 
2-RSPeirson,5-20-09-bv.jpg (62779 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson leaving Toledo Ohio
3-HLWhite,5-20-09-bv.jpg (69310 bytes)
H. Lee White unloading ore at Torco
4-HLWhite,5-21-09-bv.jpg (63526 bytes)
H. Lee White loading coal for Muskegon Michigan
5-HLWhite,5-21-09-bv.jpg (96230 bytes)
Taking on fuel.

5/22 - Escanaba -
Lee Rowe
JLBlockLR05210913.jpg (85247 bytes)
Joseph L Block unloading stone at the Reiss dock in Escanaba.
JLBlockLR05210942.jpg (77893 bytes)
Backing away.
JLBlockLR05210972.jpg (75709 bytes)
Making her turn.
JLBlockLR05210978.jpg (65797 bytes)
Heading to the ore dock for a split load.

5/22 - Toronto -
Gerry O.
1-THC-50--05-20-09---g.o..jpg (67244 bytes)
T.H.C. 50 and the tug William Rest dredging at the east end of the Turning Basin.
2-C.Straits--.05-20-09---g..jpg (154917 bytes)
Commodore Straits wearing a new coat of paint.
3---Batchawana-05-20-09-g.o.jpg (87062 bytes)
Batchawana on Toronto Drydock
4---Batchawana-05-20-09-g.o.jpg (95887 bytes)
Another view.

5/22 - Hamilton -
Eric Holmes
1-CSLNiagara-05-21-09-eh.jpg (59640 bytes)
CSL Niagara in the Burlington Ship Canal.
2-CSLNiagara-05-21-09-eh.jpg (66725 bytes)
CSL Niagara stern view.

5/22 - St Lawrence Seaway South shore canal -
Kent Malo
RadiumYellowknife5-20-09-km.jpg (98136 bytes)
Norlake Transportation's  Radium Yellowknife and her barge, down bound for Quebec City.
RadiumYellow5-20-09-km.jpg (96335 bytes)
Another view
Canadian-Empress5-20-09-km.jpg (113914 bytes)
St Lawrence Cruise Lines vessel Canadian Empress down bound for Montreal, Quebec.

5/22 - Photos from Puerto Rico.† April 25, 2009 -
Paul Beesley
1-cj-4-25-09-pb.jpg (84839 bytes)
Crown Jade leaving Puerto Rico after dropping her pilot
3-cgoak-4-25-09-pb.jpg (125578 bytes)
USCG station with the Oak and elements of the Brazilian Navy at the dock.  In the background is a Carnival cruise ship complete with a water slide on the upper deck aft.
4-cgoak-4-25-09-pb.jpg (139303 bytes)
Cutter Oak preparing for a trip later in the day.
6-uscg-4-25-09-pb.jpg (94214 bytes)
Another view of the USCG station with Island class patrol boats, US navy landing craft, Brazilian navy.
7-sc1-4-25-09-pb.jpg (82223 bytes)
Sea Dream 1 entering Puerto Rico.  Small cruise company that claims itís Yachting, not Cruising.

5/21 - South Chicago Wednesday - Steve Bauer
1-Sgnw-5-20-09-sb.jpg (108579 bytes)
A seldom seen visitor to South Chicago, the Saginaw is loading coal at the KCBX south
2-Sgnw-5-20-09-sb.jpg (103964 bytes)
View of stern, with the Kindra Lake Towing tug Morgan passing by.


5/21 - Paul R. Tregurtha unloading coal in Marquette -
Rod Burdick
1_prt_5_17_09_rb1.jpg (126959 bytes)
View from the lakeshore
2_prt_5_17_09_rb1.jpg (103473 bytes)
Close up

5/21 - Tufty on her maiden voyage into the Great Lakes, built 2009 -
Ron Beaupre
1-tufty-20-05-09-rb.jpg (75905 bytes)        

5/21 - New Flags at the Great Lake Maritime Center Port Huron, Mich. -
Frank Frisk
GLMCFDAA-001-(4992-x-3328).jpg (94819 bytes)
The Great Lakes Maritime Center on the St. Clair River offers world class boatwatching 7 days a week
GLMCFDAA-003-(4992-x-3328).jpg (92568 bytes) GLMCFDAA-040-(4992-x-3328).jpg (91750 bytes) GLMCFDAA-016-(4992-x-3328).jpg (79867 bytes)
The BoatNerd World Headquarters is housed in the Maritime Center.

5/20 - Toledo - Jim Hoffman
DSC_0206.jpg (62825 bytes)
John J. Boland fitting out at Ironhead Shipyard, Toledo, Ohio. Note both bow anchors are now up in the pocket and vessel is being ballasted down.
DSC_0217.jpg (92140 bytes)
View of the Robert S. Pierson unloading grain at the Kraft Foods Elevator Toledo, Ohio.
DSC_0227.jpg (64308 bytes)
View showing the Robert S. Pierson at Kraft Foods Elevator. The tug Sea Eagle II with the barge St. Marys Cement II at the St. Marys Cement Dock. The American Republic and John J. Boland at the old Interlake Iron Dock at Toledo, Ohio.
DSC_0174.jpg (65288 bytes)
Manitowoc inbound Maumee Bay bound for the CSX Coal Docks to load coal.
DSC_0166.jpg (49064 bytes)
CSL Niagara inbound Maumee Bay bound for the Torco Ore Dock to unload ore.

5/20 - Detroit -
Mike Nicholls
LAMBERTSPIRITb01051909mn.jpg (55169 bytes)
Lambert Spirit and Salvor at Detroit Marine Terminals 2.
LAMBERTSPIRITs04051909mn.jpg (44881 bytes) SALVORs03051909mn.jpg (49502 bytes) SALVORb02051909mn.jpg (51098 bytes) SPENCEJOHNb11051909mn.jpg (54217 bytes)
Tug John Spence at Waterfront Petroleum, Mistersky's.
SPENCEJOHNs15051909mn.jpg (59574 bytes)


5/20 - Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-glen-18-05-09-rb.jpg (76976 bytes)
Glen has visited the Great Lakes under four different names.
2-timbuck-19-05-09-rb.jpg (79241 bytes)
Tim Buck passes Mariatown.
3-timbuck-19-05-09-rb.jpg (53505 bytes)
 Tim Buck heads up the river at Mariatown.
4-timbuck-19-05-09-rb.jpg (75318 bytes)
She visited the Great Lakes in the mid 80's.
5-stensuomi-19-05-09-rb.jpg (55444 bytes)
 Sten Suomi is named for the native people of Finland.

5/20 - Toledo -
Bob Vincent
2-CSLNiagara,5-18-09-bv.jpg (77443 bytes)
CSL Niagara finished unload ore at Torco, pulling out
1-CSLNiagara,5-18-09-bv.jpg (48352 bytes)
Another View
3-Manitowoc,5-18-09-bv.jpg (81546 bytes)
Manitowoc under coal loader machine, loading for Saginaw
1-STMarysCementII,5-19-09-b.jpg (75687 bytes)
Tug Sea Eagle II with barge St. Marys Cement II unloading at St. Marys Cement Terminal next to Toledo Shipyard.
2-RSPeirson,5-19-09-bv.jpg (84565 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson unload at Kraft Foods Elevator
3-Boland,Republic,5-19-09-b.jpg (51397 bytes)
American Steamship Co. boats in lay-up, John J. Boland and American Republic

5/20 - Hamilton -
John van der Doe
Hamilton-19-May-09.jpg (103835 bytes)
The McCleary's Spirit enters Hamilton harbor.

5/20 - Historic views -
Jacob Northup
1-EdwinHgott12-25-84-jn.jpg (95532 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott downbound on Christmas Day 1984
2-Conallison-unkown-jn.jpg (105335 bytes)
Conallison on Lake St.Clair 1982
3-AugustZiesinc-unknown-jn.jpg (121534 bytes)
August Ziesing at the Soo Locks

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