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May 26, 2009

5/26 - Weekend activity in the Duluth / Superior harbor - Michael Sipper

St Clair & Edward L Ryerson laid up at Fraser Shipyards.
21.jpg (54692 bytes)
Kaye E Barker laid up at Fraser Shipyards. (Bow)
31.jpg (67027 bytes)
41.jpg (78654 bytes)
Mackinaw in drydock at Fraser Shipyards.
51.jpg (66935 bytes)
Algosoo loading at Midwest Energy Terminal.
61.jpg (108359 bytes)
Edward H at her home dock, Superior, Wi.
71.jpg (84291 bytes)
81.jpg (77331 bytes)
USCG Tender in Duluth / Superior harbor.
91.jpg (60481 bytes)
American Spirit at Murphy Fuel dock, Duluth, Mn.
111.jpg (54634 bytes)
John D Leitch loading at Midwest Energy Terminal.
101.jpg (72288 bytes)
Stern view
121.jpg (68211 bytes) 131.jpg (61142 bytes)
St Clair laid up at Fraser Shipyards, Superior, Wi.
141.jpg (69628 bytes)
American Victory laid up at Fraser Shipyards, Superior Wi.
151.jpg (50960 bytes)
American Spirit arriving at CN/DMIR dock Duluth Mn. to load.
161.jpg (63631 bytes)
Stern view
171.jpg (68432 bytes)
Vista King touring the Duluth / Superior harbor.

5/26 - Diamond Belle Boatnerd / Detroit Marine Historical Trip Detroit to Port Huron -
Ron Piskor
1-db-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (101702 bytes)
Our host Bill Hoey and trip narrator and historian Ken Borg {nearest} keep a watchful eye as we approach a downbound ship.
2-ai-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (77722 bytes)
Downbound American Integrity passing the old Marysville power plant.
3-ce-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (71231 bytes)
Captain Erickson retired from many years of service in the Ford  Fleet was one of the notables aboard this trip.
4-jgm-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (90831 bytes)
Passing the downbound John G. Munson near Marysville’
5-sfbf-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (172981 bytes)
The Sarnia boat fishing fleet.
6-bwb-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (138702 bytes)
Passing under the Bluewater Bridges.
7-fgl-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (158153 bytes)
Fort Gratiot Lighthouse and our turn around point in Lake Huron.
8-bp-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (138162 bytes)
A 900 Horsepower U.S. Border Patrol boat passes on our port side.
9-bnwh-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (110011 bytes)
Downbound passing Boatnerd World Headquarters in Port Huron.
10-db-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (140989 bytes)
Passengers pose for pictures before entering the St. Clair Inn for a great dinner.
11-pom-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (170251 bytes)
Pride of Michigan upbound at St. Clair, Michigan.
12-ai-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (71092 bytes)
American Integrity unloading coal at Recor Point.
13-ac-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (81318 bytes)
American Century at anchor below Recor Point.
14-ts-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (117231 bytes)
Tall Ship Denis Sullivan upbound.
15-mcfs-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (93863 bytes)
The Marine City / Sombra carferries meet mid-river.
16-db-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (95332 bytes)
Passengers enjoying the the passage through the St. Clair Flats.
17-scfcg-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (150677 bytes)
Passing the de-commissioned St. Clair Flats Coast Guard Station.
18-db-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (69402 bytes)
Entering Lake St.Clair at sunset.
19-db-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (83366 bytes)
The pilot house crew holding course on the Peche Island range lights.
20-db-5-24-09-rp.jpg.jpg (55910 bytes)
Passengers on the bow enjoying a spectacular sunset.

5/26 - Diamond Jack St. Clair River Cruise -
Mike Nicholls
AMERICANINTEGRITYb02052409m.jpg (38240 bytes)
American Integrity downbound off Marysville.
AMERICANINTEGRITYs03052409m.jpg (41512 bytes) MUNSONJOHNGb06052409mn.jpg (36204 bytes)
John G Munson downbound off Marysville.
MUNSONJOHNGs07052409mn.jpg (39222 bytes) GREATLAKESb10052409mn.jpg (42433 bytes)
Great Lakes - Michigan at Imperial Oil in Sarnia.
MICHIGANs09052409mn.jpg (57997 bytes). SPENCEJOHNs12052409mn.jpg (49825 bytes)
Mc Ashphalt - John Spence in Sarnia
SPENCEJOHNb13052409mn.jpg (48088 bytes) ALGONOVAb28052409mn.jpg (50463 bytes)
Algonova in Sarnia.
ALGONOVAs17052409mn.jpg (45304 bytes)
L&Rb33052409mn.jpg (77779 bytes)
L & R at Purdy's Fisheries in Point Edward.
FtGratiotLight38052409mn.jpg (54706 bytes)
Ft. Gratiot Light.
BoatnerdHqtrs39052409mn.jpg (56485 bytes)
Boatnerd Headquarters.
SPEEREDGARBb41052409mn.jpg (37446 bytes)
Edgar B Speer upbound off Port Huron.
SPEEREDGARBs42052409mn.jpg (39422 bytes)
DIAMONDBELLEb49052409mn.jpg (58117 bytes)
Diamond Belle at the St. Clair Inn.
DIAMONDBELLEb51052409mn.jpg (61302 bytes) DIAMONDBELLEb54052409mn.jpg (67846 bytes) PRIDEOFMICHIGANb56052409mn.jpg (59453 bytes)
Pride of Michigan upbound.
DALDEANb57052409mn.jpg (49449 bytes)
Ferries Daldean and Ontamich.
SULLIVANDENNISb60052409mn.jpg (49689 bytes)
Dennis Sullivan upbound.

5/26 - Windmill Pointe Traffic -
Alex and Max Mager
1-Leitch-5-26-09-AM.jpg (69117 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch upbound
2-Leitch-5-26-09-AM.jpg (51084 bytes)
Making its return trip downbound
3-Leitch-5-26-09-AM.jpg (57124 bytes)
Into the Detroit River
4-Pathfin-5-26-09-AM.jpg (76501 bytes)
5-Pathfin-5-26-09-AM.jpg (94933 bytes)
Stern View
6-Leader-5-26-09-AM.jpg (66465 bytes)
Canadian Leader
7-Leader-5-26-09-AM.jpg (86375 bytes)
Stern View
8-Speer-5-26-09-AM.jpg (64069 bytes)
Edgar B Speer
9-Speer-5-26-09-AM.jpg (82445 bytes)
Full steam ahead into Lake St Clair
10-CaptHJ-5-26-09-AM.jpg (97877 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman
11-CaptHJ-5-26-09-AM.jpg (71673 bytes)
Stern View
12-Fronte-5-26-09-AM.jpg (94281 bytes)
13-Fronte-5-26-09-AM.jpg (69699 bytes)
Stern View
14-Quebec-5-26-09-AM.jpg (79531 bytes)
15-Quebec-5-26-09-AM.jpg (83366 bytes)
Stern View

5/26 - Recent Marquette Upper Harbor Activity - Rod Burdick
1_hlw_5_18_09_rb.jpg (111568 bytes)
H. Lee White at anchor off the Upper Harbor
2_prt_5_18_09_rb.jpg (96415 bytes)
Stern view, Paul R. Tregurtha departing
3_prt_5_18_09_rb.jpg (105754 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha clearing the Upper Harbor
4_hlw_5_18_09_rb.jpg (121683 bytes)
H. Lee White arriving to load ore

5/26 - Straits of Mackinac -
Lee Rowe
DAnnPathfinderLR05240902.jpg (61361 bytes)
DorothyAnn/Pathfinder coming from under the Mackinaw Bridge.
DAnnPathfinderLR05240904.jpg (45679 bytes)
Heading out (taken from on the bridge)

5/26 - Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-arafura-25-05-09-rb.jpg (81479 bytes)
Arafura Wind entering Iroquois Lock.
2-arafura-25-05-09-rb.jpg (84104 bytes)
Her first trip on the Lakes, 1997 as Chavchavadze.
3-mattawa-24-05-09-rb.jpg (85140 bytes)
Federal Mattawa approaching Iroquois Lock.
4-hugh-24-05-09-rb.jpg (66381 bytes)
Sea Robin with barge Hugh passes Mariatown.
1-cbc4507-24-05-09-rb.jpg (115678 bytes)
Mary E Hannah pushes CBC 4507 into Iroquois Lock.
2-mary-24-05-09-rb.jpg (105373 bytes) 
Mary E Hannah entering Iroquois Lock.

5/26 - Crossover Island - Murray Blancher
1-Pineglen-25-05-09-MB-.jpg (95894 bytes)
Pineglen downbound at crossover island
2-Gordon-C-Leicth-25-05-09-.jpg (109961 bytes)
Gordon C Leicth downbound at crossover island
3-Arafura-Wind-25-05-09-MB-.jpg (109429 bytes)
Arafura Wind upbound at crossover island
4-Arafura-Wind-25-05-09-.jpg (94964 bytes)
Arafura Wind at crossover island upbound
5-Arafura-Wind-&-Gordon-C-2.jpg (75890 bytes)
Gordon C & Arafura Wind pass at crossover island

5/26 - St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, New York -
Michael Folsom
1-Diamond-Star-5-25-09-mf.jpg (90984 bytes)
Diamond Star passes Boldt Castle Powerhouse
2-Diamond-Star-5-25-09-mf.jpg (113155 bytes)
Diamond Star exits the American Narrows
3-Algowood-5-25-09-mf.jpg (92797 bytes)
Captain Anders Rasmussen comes out to wave
4-Algowood-5-25-09-mf.jpg (111846 bytes)
Algowood in the American Narrows
5-Algowood-5-25-09-mf.jpg (74389 bytes)

5/26 - Historical Perspectives -
Terry McCullough
1-Sylvania-08-73-TM.jpg (61573 bytes)
Sylvania August 1973 at Detroit
3-Sylvania-TM.jpg (58683 bytes)
Sylvania-Upbound at Point Edward


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