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May 27- 28, 2009

5/28 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock  - Bob Vincent
1-ACourage,5-27-09-bv.jpg (81067 bytes)
American Courage schedule to leave at 00:00 Thursday, 5/28/09
2-ACoaurage,5-27-09-bv.jpg (56057 bytes) 3-ACourage,5-27-09-bv.jpg (92773 bytes)    

5/28 - MCM Marine tugs working on the breakwall in Marquette's lower harbor -
Lee Rowe
GaynorMoLr05270906.jpg (32763 bytes)
William Gaynor, Mohawk, Madison
GaynorMohLr05270901.jpg (44420 bytes)
Stern view
GaynorLr05270908.jpg (16976 bytes)
Barges along the breakwall

5/28 - Historical Perspectives  -
E.C. Carlson photos, Collection of Carl Fredericks
WGMather-0ec.jpg (44910 bytes)
William G. Mather entering Duluth, date unknown.
ERBreech-0-ec.jpg (48216 bytes)
Ernest R. Breech entering Duluth, date unknown.
myronctaylor4-01-1973-ec.jpg (84143 bytes)
John G. Munson, spring 1973.

5/27 - Soo Traffic -
Roger Lelievre
Algoisle-52509rl.jpg (42970 bytes)
Algoisle-52509rl-2.jpg (58594 bytes) PML2501-52509rl.jpg (48950 bytes)
AnglianLady52509rl.jpg (55001 bytes)
Anglian Lady
BolandJohnJ-52509rl.jpg (48207 bytes)
John J. Boland
Isa-52509rl.jpg (56568 bytes)
Niagara-Spirit-52509rl.jpg (50096 bytes)
Niagara Spirit
MacKayTony52509rl.jpg (48257 bytes)
Tony MacKay

5/27 - Herbert C. Jackson downbound at the Soo stopping for a company meeting -
Herm Klein
1-HCJack-5-26-09-HJK.jpg (94088 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson approaches the Carbide Dock
2-HCJack-5-26-09-HJK.jpg (83538 bytes)
Bow thruster fires-up
3-HCJack-5-26-09-HJK.jpg (115454 bytes)
Deckhand swings ashore
4-HCJack-5-26-09-HJK.jpg (98255 bytes)
Pulling out the bow wire
5-HCJack-5-26-09-HJK.jpg (88544 bytes)
All secure at the Carbide Dock

5/27 - Duluth/ Superior visitors for Memorial Day Weekend -
Travis Chadwick
1-amspirit5-26-09-tc.jpg (81486 bytes)
American Spirit loading taconite on her first trip of the season.
2-integrity5-26-09tc.jpg (74740 bytes)
G. L. Ostrander/ Integrity unloading cement into J. A. W. Iglehart on a rare trip to Duluth/ Superior.
3-mackinaw-5-26-09tc.jpg (110163 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw in the drydock at Fraser Shipyard- Superior.

5/27 - Duluth, Superior, and Two Harbors Activity -
Rod Burdick
1_mack_5_23_09_rb.jpg (124197 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw at Fraser Shipyards
3_glo_int_5_24_09_rb.jpg (83023 bytes)
G. L. Ostrander/Integrity arriving in Duluth Harbor
4_jdl_5_24_09_rb.jpg (94455 bytes)
John D. Leitch arriving to load coal
2_jjb_5_23_09_rb.jpg (108205 bytes)
John J. Boland in Two Harbors

5/27 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-JGMunson,5-26-09-bv.jpg (55968 bytes)
John G. Munson waiting for the loading crew
2-JGMunson,5-26-09-bv.jpg (80719 bytes)
Loading coal
3-Sandpiper,5-26-09-bv.jpg (72430 bytes)
Harbor Light Cruise Lines Sandpiper on a downriver boat charter
4-JGMunson,5-26-09-bv.jpg (60405 bytes)
Backing out and heading for Escanaba Michigan

5/27 - Hamilton -
Eric Holmes
1-Cdesganges-05-26-09-eh.jpg (71463 bytes)
Catharine Desgagnes entering the Burlington Ship Canal.
2-Cdesgagnes-05-26-09-eh.jpg (73521 bytes) 3-Cdesgagnes-05-26-09-eh.jpg (75229 bytes)
Stern view

5/27 - Hamilton Tuesday -
John van der Doe
MOLLY-NO.-1.jpg (45538 bytes)
Molly No. 1
EVANS-McKEIL.jpg (59818 bytes)
Evans McKeil
FEDERAL-MATANE.jpg (51440 bytes)
Federal Matane unloading steel
Choppy-harbor.jpg (92750 bytes)
Choppy harbor

5/27 - Arthur K. Atkinson at De Tour Village Sunday morning -
Bob Kalal
5-24-09-6;15am-AKA-at-DeTou.jpg (11010 bytes) AKA-1.jpg (28849 bytes) AKA-2.jpg (35842 bytes) AKA-3.jpg (41295 bytes) AKA-4.jpg (31397 bytes)

5/27 - Apalachee in Oswego, N.Y. -
Jon Leivo
2-Apalachee-5-23-09-jl.jpg (107470 bytes)
May 23, 2009 roughly a week before its scheduled trip to Cleveland, Ohio.
1-Apalachee-5-23-09-jl.jpg (102769 bytes)      

5/27 - Historical Perspectives  -
Ray Hillary
01-jthomp-sarnia79rh.jpg (62176 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson out bound in the Huron Cut in Aug 1979
02-jthomp-sarnia79rh.jpg (55204 bytes) 03-jtomp-sarnia79rh.jpg (69923 bytes) 04jtomp-sarnia79rh.jpg (69417 bytes)  

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