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May 29 , 2009

5/29 - Milwaukee - David Borzymowski
1-gltugs-5-26-09-db.jpg (99674 bytes)
Great Lakes Tugs in Milwaukee
2-innovation-5-26-09-db.jpg (92837 bytes)
 Innovation and Tug Champlain turning towards the La Farge Terminal
4-innovation.cort-5-26-09-d.jpg (101455 bytes)
Bow of the Cort/Bow of Innovation
5-innovation-champaign-5-26.jpg (70890 bytes)
Full view of Innovation and Tug Champlain
6-cortbow-5-26-09-db.jpg (75023 bytes)
Close up of the laid up Stewart J. Cort in Milwaukee
7-innovation-5-26-09-db.jpg (71314 bytes)
Spinning in the Turning Basin

5/29 - INLS Tow from Marinette Marine -
Dick Lund
1-INLS-05-28-09-dl.jpg (75253 bytes)
First out is the Nickelena
2-INLS-05-28-09-dl.jpg (56600 bytes)
The tug and its tow
3-INLS-05-28-09-dl.jpg (93949 bytes)
Next is the Erika Kobasic
4-INLS-05-28-09-dl.jpg (64457 bytes)
The Erika and its tow
5-INLS-05-28-09-dl.jpg (62345 bytes)
The pair reach Menominee North Pier Lighthouse with the Nickelena leading

5/29 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock   -
Bob Vincent
1-HCJackson,5-28-09-bv.jpg (66141 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson waiting to be loaded
2-HCJackson,5-28-09-bv.jpg (82699 bytes)
Deck view of the ship loader
3-HCjackman,5-28-09-bv.jpg (117065 bytes)
Loading for Holland Michigan
4-HCJackson,5-28-09-bv.jpg (94943 bytes)
Coal in the boat
5-HCJackson,5-28-09-bv.jpg (76048 bytes)
A smile from our ship loader Kyle Tyler
6-AValor,5-28-09-bv.jpg (80431 bytes)
American Valor in lay-up

5/29 - Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-amazon-27-05-09-rb.jpg (76023 bytes)
 BBC Amazon approaching the lock at Iroquois.
2-amazon-27-05-09-rb.jpg (67797 bytes)
This is her first trip into the Great Lakes.
3-tuscarora-27-05-09-rb.jpg (74939 bytes)
Tuscarora is sporting a new paint job. She looks great after 23 years of sailing.

5/29 - Jiimaan unloading and loading for another trip to Pelee Island -
Erich Zuschlag
jiimaankvilleb-05-28-09ez.jpg (65005 bytes)        

5/29 - Welland Canal photos May 28, 2009 -
Paul Beesley
1-ent-5-28-09-pb.jpg (217209 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise raised in Lock 3.
4-ann-5-28-09-pb.jpg (57320 bytes)
 Annica approaching the tie-up wall below Lock 3.
5-isle-5-28-09-pb.jpg (88210 bytes)
 Canadian Coast Guard cutter Isle Rouge with police markings below Lock 3.
6-isle-5-28-09-pb.jpg (103039 bytes)
 Coast Guard cutter Isle Rouge with inflatable boat in launch position.
7-apal-5-28-09-pb.jpg (76014 bytes)
 Below Lock 3.
8-apal-5-28-09-pb.jpg (87634 bytes)
 Apalachee, along with CCGC Isle Rouge and yacht Annica waiting below Lock 3 to proceed upbound.
10-apal-5-28-09-pb.jpg (101581 bytes)
 Apalachee wating below Lock 3.
11-amaz-5-28-09-pb.jpg (64664 bytes)
 BBC Amazon approaching the Glendale bridge on a perfectly calm morning.
12-amaz-5-28-09-pb.jpg (131558 bytes)
 BBC Amazon approaching Lock 4 West.

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