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May 30 - 31, 2009

5/31 - Herbert C. Jackson unloading in Holland, Mich. - Greg Barber
1-HCJACKSON-7-30-09-GB.jpg (87348 bytes)
 Herbert C Jackson unloading at the Holland Power Plant.
2-HCJACKSON-5-30-09-GB.jpg (59407 bytes)
Jackson starting to turn around
4-HCJACKSON-5-30-09-GB.jpg (68503 bytes)
Turned and heading for the lake

5/31 - Welland Canal Saturday - Bill Bird
1-CSLAssiniboine-5-30-09-bb.jpg (105790 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine approaching Lock 3
2-CSLAssiniboine-5-30-09-bb.jpg (74597 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine nudging her way into Lock 3
3-MaritimeTrader-5-30-09-bb.jpg (64419 bytes)
Maritime Trader ubpound at Mile Nine
4-MaritimeTrader5-30-09-bb-.jpg (84398 bytes)
Stern shot
5-CanadianLeader5-30-09-bb-.jpg (44899 bytes)
Canadian Leader approaching Allanburg
6-CanadianLeader5-30-09-bb-.jpg (81202 bytes)
Stern shot

5/31 - Welland Canal Saturday - John van der Doe
2ALGOWOOD.jpg (74627 bytes)
Algowood in Lock 1
3ALGOWOOD.jpg (58203 bytes)
Algowood on her way to Lock 2
37CANADIAN-LEADER.jpg (53289 bytes)
Canadian Leader in Lock 6
CANADIAN-LEADER3.jpg (60321 bytes)
Canadian Leader on her way to Lock 7
MARITIME-TRADER.jpg (72517 bytes)
Maritime Trader in Lock 7
MARITIME-TRADER3.jpg (67645 bytes)
Maritime trader on her way to Lock 8
SINTMARYSCEMENT-II.jpg (106181 bytes)
St.Marys Cement II approaching Lock 8
Sea Eagle II


5/31 - Welland Canal Saturday morning - Michel Gosselin
1-nyc-30-05-09-mg-a.jpg (105583 bytes)
NYC Police boat is tied up below lock 1
2-nyc-30-05-09-mg-b.jpg (84780 bytes)
side view
3-csl-30-05-09-mg-a.jpg (77030 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine getting refueled by Hamilton Energy
4-jul-30-05-09-mg.jpg (98765 bytes)
Julleen I in new paint job
5-asi-30-05-09-mg.jpg (122178 bytes)
Asi Clipper and NYC Police boat
6-csl-30-05-09-mg-b.jpg (65315 bytes)
Canadian Leader passing CSL Assiniboine
7-nyc-30-05-09-mg-c.jpg (132567 bytes)
NYC Police boat leaving
8-kar-30-05-0-mg.jpg (67929 bytes)
Karen Andrie just left lock 1

5/31 - Welland Canal photos May 18, 2009 - Paul Beesley
2-sten-5-18-09-pb.jpg (89936 bytes)
Tanker Sten Suomi raised in Lock 3, downbound.
4-sten-5-18-09-pb.jpg (92389 bytes)
Sten Suomi downbound from Lock 3, Welland canal.
1-sten-5-18-09-pb.jpg (113948 bytes)
Sten Suomi passing through the Homer bridge, Welland canal.

5/31 - Marinette, Wisc. - Dick Lund
1-RAD-05-30-09-dl.jpg (57191 bytes)
The Jimmy L leads the Rosaire A. Desgagnes alongside the William H. Donner shortly after midnight
2-RAD-05-30-09-dl.jpg (73757 bytes)
Close-up of the Jimmy L and the stern of the Rosaire A. Desgagnes at Marinette Fuel & Dock
3-RAD-05-30-09-dl.jpg (70763 bytes)
Rosaire A. Desgagnes unloading early in the morning
4-EK-05-30-09-dl.jpg (68588 bytes)
The Erika Kobasic tows a string of 3 INLS craft out of the inner harbor
5-Nik-05-30-09-dl.jpg (85100 bytes)
The Nickelena heads for the Ogden Street Bridge with 3 of its own in tow
6-RAD-05-30-09-dl.jpg (63458 bytes)
Stern view unloading in the early evening on Saturday

5/31 - Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent
1-Laurentien,5-29-09-bv.jpg (72939 bytes)
CSL Laurentien unloading ore at Torco
2-Laurentien,5-29-09-bv.jpg (64538 bytes)
Side View
3-Laurentien,5-29-09-bv.jpg (93636 bytes)
Another view
4-Pathfinder,5-30-09-bv.jpg (68296 bytes)
Pathfinder loaded for both Monroe and Harbor Beach Michigan.

5/31 - Sarnia/Port Huron - Robert Dawe
006.jpg (57585 bytes)
Indiana Harbor downbound
004.jpg (58126 bytes)
BBC Amazon upbound

5/31 - Spirit of Buffalo - Brian W.
Spirit-Of-Buffalo-5-30-09-B.jpg (140653 bytes)
Schooner Spirit Of Buffalo docked at the recently restored Commercial Slip, once the meeting point between the Erie Canal and the Buffalo River. The demolition of Buffalo Memorial Auditorium can be seen in the background. If things go according to plan, the slip will once again join part of the downtown section of a restored piece of the Erie Canal after the Aud. is torn down.

5/31 - Crossover Island - Murray Blancher
1-Federal-Matane-30-05-09-N.jpg (78422 bytes)
Federal Matane downbound at Crossover Island
2-Federal-Matane-30-05-09-M.jpg (76851 bytes) 3-Salvor-30-05-09-MB-.jpg (101725 bytes)
Salvor & barge upbound

5/31 - Brockville, May 28 - 29 - Dave Bessant
1-GordonCLeitch-05-28-09-WD.jpg (64167 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch May 28th
2-GordonCLeitch-05-28-09-WD.jpg (57328 bytes) 3-GordonCLeitch-05028-09-WD.jpg (80207 bytes) 4-GiovanniDP-05-28-09-WDB1.jpg (81908 bytes)
Giovanni DP
5-GiovanniDP-05-28-09-WDB1.jpg (83363 bytes)
Bulbuls bow
6-GiovanniDP-05-28-09-WDB1.jpg (83130 bytes) 7-JacquesCartier-05-28-09-W.jpg (109905 bytes)
Jacques Cartier moored at Brockville awaiting 5 busloads of Tourists from Quebec
8-Umiavut-05-28-09-WDB1.jpg (53162 bytes)
9-Umiavut-05-28-09-WDB1.jpg (84182 bytes)
Umiavut sailing between sailboats 5 blasts
10-ArafuraWind-05-28-09-WDB.jpg (84410 bytes)
Arafura Wind east of Brockville
11-CSLAssiniboine-05-29-09-.jpg (65735 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine westbound May 29t
12-CaribouIsle-05-29-09-WDB.jpg (72382 bytes)
Caribou Isle Canadian Coast Guard
13-MaritimeTrader-05-29-09-.jpg (65441 bytes)
Maritime Trader
14-MaritimeTrader-LagunaD-0.jpg (93571 bytes)
Maritime Trader meeting Laguna D west of Brockville
15-LagunaD-05-29-09-WDB1.jpg (108273 bytes)
Laguna D
16-LagunaD-05-29-09-WDB1.jpg (69722 bytes) 17-CanadianProspector-05-29.jpg (82377 bytes)
Canadian Prospector eastbound
18-CanadianProspector-05-29.jpg (80223 bytes) 19-CanadianProspector-05-29.jpg (31326 bytes)
Canadian Prospector at the end of a rainbow

5/30 - John J. Boland loading at Stoneport Friday -
Ben & Chanda McClain
JBoland-5-29-09-01.jpg (75635 bytes)
At the dock
JBoland-5-29-09-02.jpg (84437 bytes)
Departing the dock
JBoland-5-29-09-03.jpg (60706 bytes)
Close up
JBoland-5-29-09-04.jpg (69952 bytes)
JBoland-5-29-09-05.jpg (55158 bytes)
Heading out on Lake Huron

5/30 - Duluth/Superior vessel traffic for Wednesday and Thursday -
Travis Chadwick
1-hlwhite-5-28-09-tc.jpg (63545 bytes)
H. Lee White loading coal at SMET Thursday morning.
2-pm41-5-28-09-tc.jpg (94761 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41/ Undaunted loading taconite rock Thursday afternoon.
3-amcentury5-28-09tc.jpg (101950 bytes)
American Century loading coal at SMET Thursday afternoon.
4-algoisle-5-28-09tc.jpg (127929 bytes)
Algoisle loading taconite at DMIR on Wed.
5kwintebank5-28-09tc.jpg (77161 bytes)
Saltie Kwintebank loading at Peavey grain elevator on Wed. with American Victory in lay-up in the background.

5/30 - Cresswell loading salt in  Fairport Harbor on May 23 -
Martin F. McGuan
1-Cresswell-5-23-09-MFM1.jpg (97537 bytes)
Cresswell loading salt.
2-Cresswell-Stack-5-23-09-M.jpg (54791 bytes)
Algoma Central Marine stack detail.
3-CresswellPaint-5-23-09-MF.jpg (97562 bytes)
Close-up of the bow.  The crew is in the process of painting the broad white stripe across the bow.  Note the unfinished painting and the scaffolding being hoisted over the bow.

5/30 - BBC Amazon passing the Sorel-Tracy area on Tuesday -
Rene Beauchamp
Sorel-Tracy-26-0509-RBMTL.jpg (49996 bytes)
Amazon passing the Sorel-Tracy area on Tuesday and followed by S.Venus.
BBCAmazon09-265RBMTL.jpg (48995 bytes)
BBC Amazon anchored in Montreal later the same day. She departed Montreal in the evening after Seaway inspection, destination for Burns Harbor.

5/30 - Tugs/Barges waiting on weather at Marquette's Lower Harbor -
Rod Burdick
2_tugsmqt_5_25_09_rb.jpg (113767 bytes)
William C. Gaynor, Mohawk, Madison
1_tugsmqt_5_25_09_rb.jpg (126858 bytes)
Docked at Mattson Park

5/30 - Welland Canal -
Michel Gosselin
GiovanniDP-509-mg.jpg (371760 bytes)
Giovanni DP is about to enter lock 3

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