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June 1 , 2009

6/1 - Welland Canal on Saturday - Philip Nash
1-Montrealais-30-05-09-pn.jpg (44544 bytes)
Port Weller, Ontario drydock with the Montrealais and the remains of
the Windoc.
2-Montrealais-30-05-09-pn.jpg (65540 bytes)
Montrealais in the drydock.
3-Windoc-30-05-09-pn.jpg (89716 bytes)
Windoc in the drydock.
4-Barges-30-05-09-pn.jpg (94159 bytes)
Barges at the Shipyard.
5-Algowood-30-05-09-pn.jpg (99554 bytes)
Algowood departing Lock 3 upbound with a load of iron ore from Quebec City, Quebec to Gary, Indiana.
6-Algowood-30-05-09-pn.jpg (63924 bytes)
Algowood approaching Bridge 5.
7-Algowood-30-05-09-pn.jpg (72860 bytes)
Algowood passing under Bridge 5.
8-Blueice-30-05-09-pn.jpg (97793 bytes)
Blueice, 150 foot Palmer Johnson mega-yacht on delivery from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin entering Lock 7 downbound.
13-Algontario-30-05-09-pn.jpg (60687 bytes)
14-Algontario-30-05-09-pn.jpg (68295 bytes)
Bow of the Algontario with the bow thrusters showing.
15-Algontario-30-05-09-pn.jpg (58453 bytes)
Stern of the Algontario.
16-CSLAssinini-30-05-09-pn.jpg (79457 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine clearing Bridge 21 in Port Colborne, Ontario.

6/1 - Welland Canal Saturday - John McCreery
1-BlueFog-5-30-09-jm.jpg (121519 bytes)
Yacht Blue Ice
2-BlueFog-Trader-5-30-09-jm.jpg (98460 bytes)
Blue Ice meeting the up bound Maritime Trader below lock 8
3-Seahound-Trader-5-30-09-j.jpg (128002 bytes)
Seahound and Maritime Trader as the latter clears bridge 21
4-MaritimeTrader-5-30-09-jm.jpg (103939 bytes)
 Stern view of the Maritime Trader passing the salvage yard
5-CanLeader-5-30-09-jm.jpg (157721 bytes)
Canadian Leader
6-CanadianLeader-5-30-09-jm.jpg (134705 bytes)
The Leader passing under Port Colborne's bridge 21
7-CanLeader-5-30-09-jm.jpg (97250 bytes)
Down bound yacht passing the up bound Canadian Leader
8-CanLeader-5-30-09-jm.jpg (154167 bytes)
Canadian Leader headed out to Lake Erie

6/1 - Welland Canal
- Bob Dowson
1.isa-05-31-09-bd.jpg (92348 bytes)
Isa leaving Lock 1
6.isa-05-31-09-bd.jpg (105334 bytes)
Pilot joining the Isa
2.isa-05-31-09-bd.jpg (88578 bytes)
Stern view with pilot boat
3.pineglen-05-31-09-bd.jpg (58986 bytes)
Pineglen upbound at Lock 7
4.pineglen-05-31-09-bd.jpg (80611 bytes)
Stern view
5.algoisle-05-31-09-bd.jpg (100454 bytes)
Algoisle in Lock 7

6/1 - CSX Torco Dock -
Bob Vincent
1-RSPeirson,5-31-09-bv.jpg (97032 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson coming in
2-RSPeirson,5-31-09-bv.jpg (130464 bytes)
Pierson waiting for the Boland to finish
3-RSPeirson,5-31-09-bv.jpg (144292 bytes)
Backing under the coal machine
4-RSPeirson,5-31-09-bv.jpg (81903 bytes)
Loading for the Canadian Soo
1-JJBoland,5-31-09-bv.jpg (93777 bytes)
Bow view of the John J. Boland coming in
2-JJBoland,5-31-09-bv.jpg (98322 bytes)
Loader view of the deck
3-JJBoland,5-31-09-bv.jpg (116552 bytes)
Loading coal
4-JJBoland,5-31-09-bv.jpg (69511 bytes)
Backing out and heading to Zug
1-AtlanticErie,5-30-09-bv.jpg (55835 bytes)
Atlantic Erie from Seven Islands coming in to unload ore

6/1 - Sarnia May 29
- Terry McCullough
1-Frontenac--5-29-2009-TM.jpg (52494 bytes)
Frontenac downbound at Point Edward.
2-BBC-Amazon-5-29-2009-TM.jpg (77636 bytes)
BBC Amazon upbound with pilot boat at Point Edward.
3-Grand-Mariner-5-29-2009-T.jpg (76738 bytes)
Grand Mariner upbound. Terry McCullough photo.
4-Robert-S-Pierson-May-29-2.jpg (63579 bytes)
Robert S Pierson in the Huron Cut.

6/1 - Duluth Superior  May 29/30 - Travis Chadwick
1-jbarker-5-30-09-tc.jpg (72911 bytes)
James R. Barker departing with coal on Friday evening. 
2-nsaborg-5-30-09-tc.jpg (64212 bytes)
Nassauborg being assisted into General Mills.
3-jmunson-5-30-09-tc.jpg (91304 bytes)
John G. Munson heading to Hallett #8 to unload stone on Saturday afternoon. She then loaded taconite at DMIR on Sunday morning.
6-kam-5-30-09-tc.jpg (67996 bytes)
Kaministiqua waiting to load at CHS 1 in Superior on Saturday evening.

6/1 - Brockville
- Murray Blancher
1-Sidsel-Knutson-31-05-09-M.jpg (58876 bytes)
Sidsel Knutson upbound at Brockville
2-Sidsel-Knutson-31-05-09-M.jpg (67922 bytes) 3-Sidsel-Knutson-31-05-09-M.jpg (97818 bytes)
4-Blue-Ice-31-05-09-Blue-Ic.jpg (87123 bytes)
Blue Ice downbound at Brockville

6/1 - Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
1-calumet-5-31-09-ts-a.jpg (76670 bytes)
Calumet upbound at Smith Park
2-calumet-5-31-09-ts-b.jpg (81693 bytes)
Another view
3-calumet-5-31-09-ts-c.jpg (85808 bytes)
Stern view at the Lake State Railway Bridge

6/1 - Apalachee
- Kent Gurney
053109_0003AX.jpg (52231 bytes)
The USS Apalachee has just arrived in her new home in Cleveland. Docked at the Coast Guard Station
053109_0008AX.jpg (59094 bytes)
The Apalachee will soon become a museum ship.

6/1 - Green Bay - Scott Best
1-conquest-05-30-09-sb.jpg (103551 bytes)
St Marys Conquest and Prentiss Brown remain idle at the St Marys Cement dock.
1-Cuyahoga-05-30-09-sb.jpg (84044 bytes)
Cuyahoga just before making the turn into the FRD slip near the mouth of the Fox River.
1-LJK-05-30-09-sb.jpg (116062 bytes)
Unloading at Western Lime.
2-LJK-05-30-09-sb.jpg (98154 bytes)
Turning around in the East River Basin
1-Acourage-05-30-09-sb.jpg (86381 bytes)
Heading up the Fox River on a sunny evening
2-Acourage-05-30-09-sb.jpg (64504 bytes)
Turning towards Main St Bridge passing the LJ Kuber at Western Lime
3-Acourage-05-30-09-sb.jpg (95832 bytes)
Passing through Walnut St Bridge
4-ACourage-05-30-09-sb.jpg (127179 bytes)
Just about to enter the slip at Georgia Pacific

6/1 - Recent Marquette Activity
- Rod Burdick
1_lat_5_22_09_rb.jpg (88490 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha departing the Upper Harbor after unloading coal
2_hcj_5_25_09_rb.jpg (142746 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson, view from the lakeshore, loading ore at the Upper Harbor
3_wcg_5_25_09_rb.jpg (146935 bytes)
Tug William C. Gaynor at the Lower Harbor

6/1 - Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-kom-31-05-09-rb.jpg (86955 bytes)
Kom passes Mariatown up the river to Windsor.
2-star-31-05-09-rb-001.jpg (59254 bytes)
Emerald Star carries a load up the river past Mariatown.

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