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June 2 - 3 , 2009

6/3 - Port of Montreal - Kent Malo
Mary-E-Hannah6-02-09-km.jpg (112806 bytes)
Stern view of the Mary E Hannah, and her barge loaded for B-P Amoco Indiana Harbor, due to depart Montreal sec M4 Thursday morning.
BargeCBC4507-6-02-09-km.jpg (72429 bytes)
Bow view of the barge CBC 4507, with her 760 ton refinery part being secured for the long trip to Indiana Harbor.
Mary-E-Hannah6-02-09-km-b.jpg (111766 bytes)
Close up view of the Mary E Hannah
Zeran6-02-09-km.jpg (86712 bytes)
The Malta flagged Zeran at sec B1 Port of Montreal, she has there for some time. Saltie Jumbo Javelin and the fuel barge Arca in the background,

6/3 - Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-erie-5-29-09-pb.jpg (134127 bytes)
Atlantic Erie upbound toward Lock 2, Welland canal, May 29.
2-kwin-5-31-09-pb.jpg (84365 bytes)
Kwintebank approaching Lock 1, downbound, May 31.
3-kom-6-01-09-pb.jpg (96962 bytes)
Kom upbound at Homer bridge, Welland canal, Jun 1.
4-rl-6-01-09-pb.jpg (79927 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn and A410 downbound at the Homer bridge, Welland canal, Jun 1.
5-tuf-6-01-09-pb.jpg (67241 bytes)
Tufty downbound toward Lock 1, Welland canal, June 1.
8-jws-6-02-09-pb.jpg (58684 bytes)
J W Shelley leaving the Welland canal for Lake Ontario, June 2.

6/3 - American Victory upbound in the locks - Dave Christiansen
1-American-Victory-6-27-08-.jpg (79490 bytes)
Engineer's Day 2008

6/3 - Historical Perspective - Scott Misener below Port Huron - Daniel Krummes
1-ScottMisener-8-83-dsb.jpg (57545 bytes)
Upbound in St. Clair River, August 1983
2-ScottMisener-8-83-dsb.jpg (55196 bytes)

6/2 - Point Edward/Sarnia
- Marc Dease
2-Ihar-5-29-09-md.jpg (55998 bytes)
Indiana Harbor down bound at buoys 1 & 2.
3-fron-5-29-09-md.jpg (76096 bytes)
Frontenac follows the Indiana Harbor down bound.
4-bell-5-29-09-md.jpg (105573 bytes)
Pilot boat Huron Belle alongside the BBC Amazon.
5-bbca-5-29-09-md.jpg (86769 bytes)
BBC Amazon up bound at 1 & 2.
6-rsp-5-29-09-md.jpg (72985 bytes)
Robert S Pierson down bound at 1 & 2.
7-gord-5-30-09-a-md.jpg (71660 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch up bound after refueling at IOL still showing a little Misener blue.
8-gord-5-30-09-b-md.jpg (61815 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
9-wjm-5-30-09-md.jpg (61219 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. loaded with coal for the Recor Coal Dock in St. Clair making the turn at 1 & 2.
10-nia-5-31-09-md.jpg (55741 bytes)
CSL Niagara above 1 & 2 having just met fleetmate Cedarglen
.1-tol-5-17-09-md.jpg (82072 bytes)
Toledo from Spirit Airlines flight 417 out of Detroit, shows the American Courage, American Valor and American Fortitude still in lay-up.

6/2 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock Toledo, Ohio - Bob Vincent
1-DorothyAnn,6-1-09-bv.jpg (151437 bytes)
Dorothy Ann
2-Pathfinder,6-1-09-bv.jpg (91288 bytes)
Plenty of room between the apron and boom in # 19
3-Pathfinder,6-1-09-bv.jpg (65423 bytes)
Loading the Pathfinder
4-Pathfinder,6-1-09-bv.jpg (112998 bytes)
Another view
5-DorAnn,Pathfinder,6-1-09-.jpg (47236 bytes)
Heading for Holland Michigan
6-Frontenac,6-1-09-bv.jpg (57036 bytes)
Frontenac getting a little help from Great Lakes Tug coming into Toledo
7-Frontenac,6-1-09-bv.jpg (79403 bytes)
Under Anderson's "K" grain elevator dock

6/2 - St Lawrence Seaway South shore canal - Kent Malo
Karen-Andrie6-01-09-km-c.jpg (107508 bytes)
Karen Andrie downbound for Les Escoumins pilot station
Bro-Alma6-01-09-km.jpg (81808 bytes)
Bro Alma up bound for Nanticoke, Ont  at Kahnawake June 1.
Catherine-Desgagnes6-01-09-.jpg (79272 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes proceeding downbound for Quebec, City

6/2 - Maritime Trader at the Soo - Herm Klein
1-MTrade-6-1-09-HK.jpg (62981 bytes)
 Maritime Trader up at Mission Point
2-MTrade-6-1-09-HK.jpg (64998 bytes)
3-MTrade-6-1-09-HK.jpg (100651 bytes)

6/2 - Marquette - Lee Rowe
HCJacksonLR06010903.jpg (127234 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson loaded ore on a cold Monday in Marquette. 
HCJacksonLR06010908.jpg (183858 bytes)
Uninterested visitor.

6/2 - Detroit River Sunday morning
canprogoly5-31-09am.jpg (77641 bytes)
Canadian Olympic over taking fleet mate Canadian Progress upbound off Detroit.

6/2 - Calumet upbound Saginaw River - Tom Heritier
Calumet2.jpg (76527 bytes)        

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