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June 4 - 5 , 2009

6/5 - Point Edward and Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-jack-6-03-09-md.jpg (75033 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman heads into Lake Huron.
2-cal-6-03-09-md.jpg (78385 bytes)
Calumet downbound at 1 & 2.
3-sag-6-03-09-md.jpg (80693 bytes)
Saginaw upbound at Vantage Point.
4-ojib-6-03-09-md.jpg (80208 bytes)
Ojibway downbound at 1 & 2
5-cgl-6-04-09-md.jpg (66308 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch down upbound at buoys 1 & 2.
6-prt-6-04-09-md.jpg (79376 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha heads into Lake Huron.

6/5 - St Lawrence Seaway South shore canal - Kent Malo
SidselKnutsen6-04-09-km.jpg (88223 bytes)
Sidsel Knitsen downbound for Quebec City
AV-Kastner6-04-09-km.jpg (98290 bytes)
Saltie A V Kastner up bound on her one time special permit trip to Hamilton, the A V Kastner loaded at Hantsport, Nova Scotia, for deliverey to Hamilton, Ontario
AV-Kastner6-04-09-km-e.jpg (95928 bytes) AV-Kastner6-04-09-km-c.jpg (81032 bytes)
Stern unloading gear of the A V Kastner

6/4 - Lee A. Tregurtha arriving Sturgeon Bay for lay-up - Chris Wesendorf
1-LAT-6-3-09-CW.jpg (116554 bytes)
The Lee A. backing on from the bay past Sherwood Point.
2-LAT-6-03-09-CW.jpg (77372 bytes)
Continuing backing in.
3-LAT-6-3-09-CW.jpg (91139 bytes) 4-LAT-6-3-09-CW.jpg (98958 bytes)
Backing with the shipyard and the Mesabi Miner waiting in the background.
5-LAT-6-3-09-CW.jpg (102526 bytes)
6-LAT-6-3-09-CW.jpg (67270 bytes)
Passing the Miner.

6/4 - Edward L. Ryerson in lay-up at Superior - Rod Burdick
1_elr_5_23_09_rb.jpg (122376 bytes)
Afternoon view at Fraser Shipyards
2_elr_5_24_09_rb.jpg (87489 bytes)
Morning view

6/4 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-Saginaw,6-2-09-bv.jpg (69887 bytes)
Saginaw under the ship loader
2-Frontenac,6-2-09-bv.jpg (62871 bytes)
Frontenac leaving Toledo

6/4 - Montreal - Rene Beauchamp
AVKastner-mtl-rb.jpg (79760 bytes)
A.V. Kastner on Wednesday in Montreal
 Tufty-0909-030609-RBMTL.jpg (68166 bytes)
Tufty leaving the anchorage in Montreal

6/4 - Atlantic Erie tied up at Port Weller - James A. Mitchell
Atlantic-Erie-5-29-09-JM.jpg (58015 bytes)
May 29 the Atlantic Erie was at the west pier at Port Weller. She was up bound and presumably taking on supplies.

6/4 - Muskegon - Roger LeLievre
TownsendPaulL52409-2rl.jpg (64529 bytes)
Paul H. Townsend in layup
TownsendPaulL52409-1rl.jpg (64040 bytes) CaptGeorge52409-1rl.jpg (63538 bytes)
Museum vessels Captain George (foreground) and McLane (former USCG cutter built in 1927).
Silversides52409-1rl.jpg (76192 bytes)
World War II sub Silversides, open for tours at the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum
JacksonWG-52409-2rl.jpg (95120 bytes)
LST393-52409-1rl.jpg (79191 bytes)
LST 393 (formerly the carferry Highway 16) is open as a marine museum
LST393-52409-Pilot-rl.jpg (66354 bytes)
LST393-52409-Engineroom-rl.jpg (80851 bytes)
Engine room telegraph and controls
LST393-52409-Engine-rl.jpg (70190 bytes)
One of two diesel engines

6/4 - Photinia grounding off Milwaukee in May, 1978 - Steve Loreck
Photinia-25-1978.jpg (63934 bytes)
The British cargo ship had anchored off Milwaukee waiting to load gain.
Photinia5-1978b.jpg (51396 bytes)
During high wind and sea conditions she dragged anchor and was unable to start her engine in sufficient time to move away from shore.
Photinia5-1978c.jpg (61760 bytes)
After grounding she was declared a constructive total loss and abandoned to the underwriters.
Scanned-Image-640.jpg (52708 bytes)
 Her crew of 33 were rescued by Coast Guard helicopters
Photinia5-1978.jpg (60529 bytes)
She was towed to Sturgeon Bay and scrapped

6/4 - Vigo, Spain May 6 - P
1-jv-5-6-09-pb.jpg (117155 bytes)
Jules Verne, writer of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, honored in Vigo.
2-mc-5-6-09-pb.jpg (104034 bytes)
Mar de Cangas, one of many small passenger vessels in this harbour.
3-lite-5-6-09-pb.jpg (152938 bytes)
 Light on one of the breakwaters.
4-garr-5-6-09-pb.jpg (123886 bytes)
Garrano, outbound to do some dredging.
5-mp-5-6-09-pb.jpg (111371 bytes)
Search & Rescue vessel Maria Pita.  MSC Lirica in background.
6-pol-5-6-09-pb.jpg (23273 bytes)
If you show up with a camera anywhere it seems someone in authority will check you over.
7-hinl-5-6-09-pb.jpg (105130 bytes)
Hinlopen, very old stern trawler.  I donít know if itís still active.
8-cara-5-6-09-pb.jpg (105148 bytes)
Aida Cara departing Vigo.  We followed her an hour later.
9-swall-5-6-09-pb.jpg (129932 bytes)
Small general cargo ship Swallow inbound.
1-sucar-5-6-09-pb.jpg (131456 bytes)
Sucar Diez inbound Vigo with a tow.
2-vic-5-6-09-pb.jpg (156088 bytes)
Viruca, a small workboat.
3-jul-5-6-09-pb.jpg (126434 bytes)
Julia S on her way outbound to assist the Sucar Diez
4-jul-5-6-09-pb.jpg (131363 bytes)
Julia S on her way outbound to assist the Sucar Diez.
5-cs-5-6-09-pb.jpg (140910 bytes)
Charuca Silveira at her base in Vigo.
6-roqu-5-6-09-pb.jpg (136022 bytes)
Roque S at the base.
7-vald-5-6-09-pb.jpg (135724 bytes)
Valdivia at the base.
8-punt-5-6-09-pb.jpg (106195 bytes)
Puntatorre at the base.
9-msc-5-6-09-pb.jpg (94386 bytes)
MSC Lirica, rescue tug of the Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Maritima and fleet of tugs belonging to Remolcadores Nosa Terra SA.
10-tug-5-6-09-pb.jpg (140577 bytes)
Small harbour workboat.

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