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June 6 , 2009

6/6 - Recent Photos from the Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-bagot-6-3-09-pb.jpg (108258 bytes)
Bagotville downbound toward Lock 1,  Jun 3.
2-hoga-6-4-09-pb.jpg (88426 bytes)
Cuyahoga down from Lock 2, Jun 4.
3-hoga-6-4-09-pb.jpg (76071 bytes)
Cuyahoga down toward Lock 1.  Jun 4.
4-mrsc-6-4-09-pb.jpg (120258 bytes)
Pilot boat Mrs. C. coming through the piers in Pt Weller after a pilot change on Lake Ontario.  Jun 4.
5-kite-6-4-09-pb.jpg (99111 bytes)
 Stolt Kite upbound toward Lock 1, Welland canal.  Jun 4.
6-cape-6-4-09-pb.jpg (62354 bytes)
Algocape upbound toward Lock 2.  Jun 4.

6/6 - Kaministiqua downbound off Hardy Park and Blockhouse Island
- Dave Bessant
1-Kaministiqua-06-05-09-WDB.jpg (66389 bytes)
Passing Brockville Yacht Club in the setting sun
2-Kaministiqua-06-05-09-WDB.jpg (70751 bytes)
Past Blockhouse Island
3-Kaministiqua-06-05-09-WDB.jpg (72541 bytes) 4-Kaministiqua-06-05-09-WDB.jpg (101409 bytes)  

6/6 - Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
1-manitowoc-6-5-09-ts-a.jpg (76250 bytes)
Manitiwoc inbound at the Essroc Dock in Essexville
2-manitowoc-6-5-09-ts-b.jpg (79881 bytes)
Stern view
3-ljkuber-6-5-09-ts-a.jpg (66474 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J, Kuber unloading at Sargent Essexville
4-ljkuber-6-5-09-ts-b.jpg (72556 bytes)
Stern view
5-jlkuber-6-5-09-ts-c.jpg (70278 bytes)
Manitowoc passing the Moore-Kuber at the Sargent dock in Essexville.

6/6 - Muskegon
- Nathan Leindecker
1-Manitowoc-6-3-09-nl.jpg (89702 bytes)
Manitowoc unloading stone at the Mart dock
2-Algoway-6-3-09-nl.jpg (77415 bytes)
Algoway unloading Salt at Verplanks
3-Algoway-6-3-09-nl.jpg (64857 bytes) 4-Algoway-6-3-09-nl.jpg (79179 bytes)
Backing out of Verplanks Slip
5-Algoway-6-3-09-nl.jpg (60693 bytes)
Bow on View
6-Algoway-6-3-09-nl.jpg (80430 bytes)
Passing through the Muskegon Lake Channel
7-Algoway-6-3-09-nl.jpg (59731 bytes)
Heading toward Lake Michigan
8-Algoway-6-3-09-nl.jpg (60729 bytes)
Parting stern view

6/6 - Iroquois Lock and Prescott
- Murray Blancher
1-Alexia-06-05-09-MB-.jpg (79661 bytes)
Alexia upbound at Iroquois Lock
2-Alexia-06-05-09-MB-.jpg (96441 bytes) 3-Alexia-06-05-09-MB-.jpg (111532 bytes) 4-Cuyahoga-06-05-09-MB.jpg (92088 bytes)
Cuyahoga unloading salt at Prescott elevator
5-Cuyahoga-06-50-09-MB-.jpg (80397 bytes)

6/6 - St Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay
- Michael Folsom
1-Alexia-6-5-09-mf.jpg (43201 bytes)
Alexia upbound
2-Alexia-6-5-09-mf.jpg (54339 bytes)
Destined for Thunder Bay with windmill cargo.

6/6 - Karen Andrie and new barge
- Ron Beaupre
1-endevour-05-06-09-rb.jpg (70201 bytes)
Tug Karen Andrie brings the new barge Endevour up the St. Lawrence.
2-endevour-05-06-09-rb.jpg (67168 bytes)
Endevour is the latest addition to the Andrie fleet.

6/6 - Tug Michigan and barge Great Lakes in the Welland Canal
- Brian W.
1-Michigan-6-5-09-BW-JR.jpg (131853 bytes)
Entering Lock 8, downbound on the Welland Canal at 3:30 p.m.
2--Michigan-6-5-09-BW-JR.jpg (111688 bytes)
Close up of the tug in the notch of her barge showing the large raised pilothouse and also the stern structure on the barge.
3--Michigan-6-5-09-BW-JR.jpg (132951 bytes)
The Michigan - Great Lakes is seen exiting Lock 8 and heading down the reach of the canal near the Robin Hood Elevator.

6/6 - Marine Link Explorer
- Tiffany Koerner
100_1942.jpg (88276 bytes)
Moved up the wall by winches in Port Colborne
100_1938.jpg (154615 bytes)      

6/6 - Research vessel Kiyi arrived in Marquette Thursday 
- Lee Rowe
KIYILR06040903.jpg (70285 bytes)
Kiyi tied up
KIYILR06040907.jpg (98661 bytes)
Stern view
KIYILR06040905.jpg (61222 bytes)
KIYILR06040906.jpg (45816 bytes)
Builder plate?

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