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June 7 , 2009

6/7 - Welland Canal - Dan S.
1Enterpriseds6-5-09.jpg (114010 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise downbound entering Lock 3.
2FrontenacDS6-5-09.jpg (63022 bytes)
Frontenac was upbound for Lock 3.
3Hon.PMartinDS6-5-09.jpg (98514 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J Martin headed upbound. The Paul Martin eventually had to tie up below Lock 3 due to the CSL Laurentien being downbound and very near Lock 3.
4GriffonDS6-5-09.jpg (52622 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Griffon
5windocDS6-5-09.jpg (59259 bytes)
Windoc at Port Weller Dry Docks
6EnterpriseDS6-5-09.jpg (87499 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise lowering in Lock 2
7EnterpriseDS-6-5-09.jpg (97552 bytes) 8EnterpriseDS6-5-09.jpg (67475 bytes) 9EnterpriseDS6-5-09.jpg (86499 bytes) 10CSLLaurentienDS6-5-09.jpg (95066 bytes)
CSL Laurentien entering Lock 3 downbound, fleet mate Paul Martin was tied up below awaiting passage.

6/7 - Montreal
- Kent Malo
Ecosse-6-06-09-km.jpg (91313 bytes)
Nadro tug Ecosse, pulling barge CBC 4507 Mary E Hannah on the stern at Kahnawake in the South shore canal.
Barge4507-6-06-09-km.jpg (109318 bytes)
Barge CBC 4507 with cargo, a large refinery vacuum unit for Indiana Harbor
MaryEHannah6-06-09-km.jpg (70040 bytes)
Mary E Hannah, upbound for Indiana Harbor.
Kaministiqua6-06-09-km.jpg (97727 bytes)
Kaministiqua downbound for Sorel, Quebec
JWShelley6-06-09-km.jpg (106160 bytes)
J W Shelley upbound for Thunder Bay, Ontario
JWShelley6-06-09-km-b.jpg (58865 bytes)

6/7 - Montreal
- Rene Beauchamp
BroAlmarb609.jpg (81567 bytes)
Bro Alma on June 1st upbound at St. Lambert.
SednaIV609rb.jpg (92781 bytes)
Expedition ship Sedna IV getting ready to leave Montreal in a few days or weeks for another two years journey to far distant remote places.
CamillaDesgagnes-Aivik-rb60.jpg (80752 bytes)
Camilla Desgagnes and Aivik, soon to load cargo for the northern regions from Seaway ports.
DanielMcAllister-rb-609.jpg (102814 bytes)
Freshly painted preserved tug Daniel McAllister in the Lachine Canal.
DanielMcAllisterb-rb-609.jpg (100101 bytes)
The tug is welded to the bottom, very unusual.
Old-photo-at-the-Old-Port-o.jpg (69790 bytes)
Old photo at the Old Port of Montreal. It says High tide, Port of Montreal. There is no tide in Montreal, that's too far away from the ocean.

6/7 - H. Lee White unloading coal at Marquette's Lower Harbor -
- Rod Burdick
1_hlw_5_29_09_rb.jpg (146782 bytes)
Stern view
2_hlw_5_29_09_rb.jpg (116501 bytes)
Close up

6/7 - Duluth
- Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-Montrealais-6-6-09-GHB.jpg (105309 bytes)
Montrealais loading at the Duluth ore dock under the shiploader. The Algowood is waiting her turn for the same spot. This is a rather rare photo as the Montrealais, for the most part, only calls on Duluth for grain or to bring in cement.

6/7 - Iroquois Lock
- Dave Bessant
1-Leitch-06-06-09-WDB.jpg (63171 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch stern view leaving Iroquois locks
2-Leitch-06-06-09-WDB.jpg (61323 bytes)
Downbound to Cornwall

6/7 - St. Clair River and Detroit River
- Jeff Mast
1-Can-Leader-5-31-09-JTM.jpg (51197 bytes)
Canadian Leader up at Stag Island 5-31-09
2-Maritime-Trader-5-31-09-J.jpg (72897 bytes)
Maritime Trader up at Port Huron 5-31-09
3-GC-Leitch-6-5-09-JTM.jpg (71789 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch down at Windmill Point 6-4-09
4-Leitch-Roman-6-4-09-JTM.jpg (80926 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch pass Stephen B. Roman at Windsor dock 6-4-09
5-Maritime-Trader-6-5-09-JT.jpg (62898 bytes)
Maritime Trader down at Marine City 6-5-09
6-Algocape-6-5-09-JTM.jpg (54159 bytes)
Algocape up at Marine City 6-5-09
7-Can-Navagator-6-5-09-JTM.jpg (69630 bytes)
Canadian Navigator down at St. Clair 6-5-09
8-Maumee-6-5-09-JTM.jpg (70038 bytes)
Maumee bow racing Geese northward at St. 
Clair 6-5-09

6/7 - Detroit River
- Mike Nicholls
DESGAGNESROSAIREAb05060509m.jpg (42453 bytes)
Rosaire A Desgagnes downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.
DESGAGNESROSAIREAs12060509m.jpg (44245 bytes) KOMs03060209mn.jpg (46274 bytes)
Kom (Malta) unloading at Morterm in Windsor.
FEDERALSAGUENAYb03052809mn.jpg (47065 bytes)
Federal Saguenay unloading at Nicholson's Detroit.
FEDERALSAGUENAYs04052809mn.jpg (50334 bytes)
DIAMONDQUEENb08060109mn.jpg (50833 bytes)
Diamond Queen entering Nicholson's Ecorse Slip.
DIAMONDQUEENs09060109mn.jpg (52749 bytes)
Diamond Belle upbound passing Nicholson's Ecorse.
DIAMONDBELLEb04060209mn.jpg (71162 bytes) DIAMONDBELLEs05060209mn.jpg (64197 bytes) JOHNFRANCISb12060109mn.jpg (58333 bytes)
Gradel tug John Francis at Nicholson's Ecorse.
JOHNFRANCISs02060109mn.jpg (72320 bytes) VELER07060209mn.jpg (30099 bytes)
Corps of Engineer barge Veler picking up a large piece of cabin  cruiser above Fighting Island North Light.

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