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June 8 , 2009

6/8 - Sarnia / Point Edward - Marc Dease
1-oji-6-05-09-a-md.jpg (72534 bytes)
Ojibway upbound at Vantage Point.
2-oji-6-05-09-b-md.jpg (73985 bytes)
Meeting the Huron Lady II
3-oji-6-05-09-c-md.jpg (85069 bytes)
Passing under the Bluewater Bridges.
4-oji-6-05-09-d-md.jpg (79188 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
5-wjm-6-05-09-md.jpg (59544 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. downbound at 1 & 2.
6-ihar-6-05-09-md.jpg (68088 bytes)
Indian Harbor follows fleetmate McCarthy down.
7-cedr-6-05-09-md.jpg (63747 bytes)
Cedarglen downbound at 1 & 2.
8-mart-6-05-09-md.jpg (55672 bytes)
Maritime Trader downbound at 1 & 2.
9-lead-6-05-09-md.jpg (61609 bytes)
Canadian Leader making the turn at 1 & 2.

6/8 - Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
1-misagi-6-7-09-ts-a.jpg (81077 bytes)
Mississagi coming around the corner near Cass Avenue
2-misagi-6-7-09-ts-b.jpg (76563 bytes)
At Cass Avenue
3-misagi-6-7-09-ts-c.jpg (94237 bytes)
Stern view

6/8 - Iroquois Lock
- Ron Beaupre
1-kastner-07-06-09-rb.jpg (78939 bytes)
A V Kastner in Iroquois Lock.
2-kastner-07-06-09-rb.jpg (67654 bytes)
She delivered gypsum to Hamilton.
1-hanna-07-06-09-rb.jpg (87829 bytes)
Mary E Hannah tows barge CBC 4507 into the Iroquois Lock.
2-cbc4507-07-06-09-rb.jpg (75959 bytes)
The load weighs 850 tons.

6/8 - Prescott
- Murray Blancher
1-Algoeast-06-07-09-MB-.jpg (48594 bytes)
Algoeast downbound at Prescott
2-Algoeast-06-07-09-MB-.jpg (74710 bytes) 3-Mary-E-Hanna-06-07-09-MB-.jpg (53295 bytes)
Mary E Hanna upbound at Prescott
4-CBC-4507-07-06-09-MB-.jpg (60069 bytes)
Barge 5407 with Mary E
5-Ecsse-07-06-09-MB-.jpg (58862 bytes)
Ecosse on the rear of 4507 upbound at Prescott
6-Mary-E-Hanna-4507-Ecosse-.jpg (41567 bytes)        

6/8 - Brockville to Iroquois Sunday - Dave Bessant
1-AVKastner-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (78868 bytes)
A V Kastner downbound at Maitland
2-Unity-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (118214 bytes)
Unity tied up at Iroquois Locks
3-MaryEHannah-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (64961 bytes)
Mary E Hannah at the front, not as in Montreal where she was pushing, approaching Iroquois from the East
4-MaryEHannah-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (99091 bytes)
Mary E Hannah entering the Iroquois Locks pulling the barge
5-MaryEHannah-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (124909 bytes)
6-CBC4507-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (101200 bytes)
Barge CBC 4507 carrying the refinery vacuum unit for Indiana Harbor
7-Ecosse-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (127200 bytes)
Tug Ecosse pushing
8-CBC4507-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (64856 bytes)
750,000 kg as listed on the side of the unit, built in Spain, with another to follow in maybe a month, even larger I am told.
9-MaryEHannah-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (117230 bytes)
All three exiting the Iroquois locks
10-AVKastner-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (120352 bytes)
A V Kastner entering the Iroquois lock
11-AVKastner-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (91337 bytes)
A V Kastner rear end view showing the unloading mechanism.
12-AVKastner-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (81699 bytes)
A V Kastner stern view
13-BarbaraAndrie-06-07-09-W.jpg (110176 bytes)
Tug Barbara Andrie entering Iroquois lock
14-BarbaraAndrie-06-07-09-W.jpg (141833 bytes) 15-BarbaraAndrie-06-07-09-W.jpg (102349 bytes)
Close up wheelhouse
16-MrsFox-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (98921 bytes)
Arrival of a little fox at the lock for her noontime meal, two “Timbits” from the Tim Horton donut shop, supplied by a lock employee onto the bollard
17-MrsFox-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (103423 bytes)
One down one to go, this little fox took her prize back to her home and retuned later for more, it was busy so she went mouse hunting instead and got one too.
18-Unity-MrsFox-06-07-09-WD.jpg (102329 bytes)
Unity passing through with the fox still hanging about
19-Unity-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (126224 bytes)
Unity (from Grosse Pointe Farms MI) leaving the lock with three uniformed crew members at the stern, note the T shirts, sweatshirt and the tape on both sides of the stern.
20-AlgoEast-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (99761 bytes)
Algoeast downbound through the Galop canal
21--RadiumYellowknife-06-07.jpg (83984 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife tied up and boarded up too at the Port of Prescott attached to one of two similar barges
22-RadiumYellowknife-06-07-.jpg (82621 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife of Norlake Transportation – view of bow
23-MaryEHannah-06-07-09-WDB.jpg (54471 bytes)
 Mary E Hannah and friends passing in front of St Lawrence park dive boats at Smith Island, Brockville

6/8 - Canadian Soo Lock accident - June 9, 1909- Roger LeLievre collection
CanLockAccident.jpg (107970 bytes)        

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